On a Hippety

A young kangaroo character in Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoon

Antagonist to Sylvester the Cat and Sylvester Junior

Hippety Hopper is not to be confused with Hoppity Hooper

Common storyline:

  • Hippety escaping from somewhere (zoo, circus, etc)
  • Hippety is mistaken as a giant mouse
  • Hippety takes Sylvester’s attempt to capture prey as playful horseplay, thus playfully beats, batters, and bruises Sylvester

Mother is Mrs. Hopper, who calls him Junior

Created by Robert McKimson

First appearance – Hop, Look, and Listen (1948); last – Freudy Cat (1964)

Appear in 13 shorts 1948-1964

Enjoy Hop, Look, and Listen

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38 thoughts on “On a Hippety

  1. These are so CUTE!!!! I love them 🙂 ‘that’s it pop… he wouldn’ let his son down’…. etc Just so CUTE 🙂

    Do you remember Little Lotta and Little Audrey in comics at all? I used to read those comics, loved them.


    • Eyes,
      Glad you enjoyed the relationship between Sylvester and Jr. 🙂 … Sorry to say that I wasn’t (and remain so) not a big comic reader … so I’m not much help there. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I always wondered if Hippety was the same kangaroo that gave Tom so much trouble in the Tom & Jerry toons. Maybe a cross-over? 😉
    And you might not want to plug Doggy’s attempt TOO hard, buddy, unless you’re willing to let him crash on your couch for the next year or two! Boy’s in SERIOUS danger of going bankrupt! 😀 (But I know you will plug it anyway, and bravo to you – and him – for it!)


    • John,
      I doubt if Hippety is the same one as on Tom & Jerry as I don’t think studios did that make in the day. Meanwhile, Doggy has given me the thumbs up for the plugs. Meanwhile, if he needs the couch, no problem … I will also put him to work in the kitchen. Thanks for commenting.


  3. always liked that thing. i like when the little cat got stuck between hippety and flypaper, and sylvester thought hippety had eaten the cat. in fact, i saw that last week.


  4. I remember watching this when I was little and then again not too long ago.
    Thanks fot the extra push, so far you are the biggest contributor, we have already reached and passed the 100 mark, things are looking better than what I expected.
    Thank you!


  5. I remember these cartoons, Frank. They came to mind when my husband and I performed in Australia. We spent some time on Kangaroo Island and got to pet and feed baby kangaroos – joey’s – which were sweet and to which my husband was allergic! Here is a copy of the sign which always cracked me up, a variation on the deer crossing signs in PA: http://www.artfuzz.com/art-Kangaroo-crossing-sign-Australia-50505757545654?gclid=CNzfkpzd27MCFcyf4AodtW0AuA


    • Lynn,
      Bummer that your husband turned out to be allergic to them. Meanwhile, the sign reminds me of the mouse ones in Alaska or the Elk signs in northern Arizona. Glad you enjoyed the cartoon tribute, and thanks for sharing.


  6. I don’t remember Hippety, Frank, but I do think he looks like a giant mouse. I’ve always been rather fond of Sylvester. I once had an assistant with a hair trigger temper that reminded me very much of him, hard working, frequently flabbergasted and always finding original ways to screw up.


    • Lame,
      Bummer … although many remember him but didn’t know his name. Sylvester is a trooper for taking a beating in front of his son! At least I have Michigan J Frog on my list. Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well.


      • Odds are good that I knew Hippety in my long lost youth, but he wasn’t as distinct to me as other Warner Bros. character, plus he didn’t really talk so that probably contributed to why the impression was not a lasting one. Michigan blew me away the second I saw him. I loved that cartoon so much, it will probably flash before my eyes on my death bed.


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