On Turkey Week Monday

For my international readers, this week is an abnormal one in America with Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebration followed by Friday’s shopping craze. This also means a change in my normal posting schedule. Time will tell how the week unfolds.

How was your weekend? We hit the ballroom dance floor Friday and Saturday, but not dancing for two weeks means we were a bit rusty. My nephew visited us on Saturday as he and I went to historic Nippert Stadium for a college football game, which didn’t yield good results for the home team. Nonetheless, he got a check on his bucket list. It’s also possible that Sunday was the last day dealing with the seasonal leaves. But I only said it is possible.

Although turkey is the primary menu item for the traditional Thanksgiving meal, an animated pig is going to occupy the Monday Morning Entertainment menu. Enjoy, have a good week, and for those traveling – a safe journey ahead for all.