On Satire Bits: Thanksgiving Edition (v36)

Thursday is a national holiday in the USA – Thanksgiving – and family day of bountiful meals, the Macy’s parade, football, and more. Before advancing to the frivolities of this post, I want to say a special thank you to all those who bestow their presence upon my little corner of the world.

Yes – I am very thankful for you and your blogs as well. No matter if you are in America or elsewhere across the world, best wishes to you and your family in the spirit of our holiday that touches all humanity.

FYI: I won’t be posting Thursday, but I can’t pass up the day after.

For the spirit of the day, I dove into The Onion’s archives for these gems regarding Thanksgiving. Any favorites?

PETA Applauds New Butterball Line of Turkeys Killed only by Suicide

Area Couple Wonders Why They are Hosting Thanksgiving

Despite Bad Press, Calorie Industry Projects Record-Breaking Day

Pilgrims Depart for America to Escape Oppression to Soccer

Millionaire Vows to do for America what he did for Turkey Ranches

Video Game Character feels Healthier after Eating Turkey Leg off Ground

Turkey Gobbles Just as Man on Hunting Trip Tells Father He is Gay

Dominos Introduces Thanksgiving Feast Pizza

Al-Qaeda Marching Band to Join Macy’s Parade after Incredible Audition

President Obama Outlines Moral, Philosophical Justification for Turkey Pardon

Cowboys Win to Cause Nation to Vomit Dinners

Emotionally Distant Family Spends Holiday Watching Touching Family Dramas Together

Thousands Gather for Stuffing of Giant Turkey


Once again, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and enjoy this Thanksgiving classic (Simple Gifts) from Allison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma.

71 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Thanksgiving Edition (v36)

  1. I could truly see a giant turkey being stuffed as quite the fan favourite! But what’s this – no shopping on your list? HEATHEN! Thou shalt shop thy FANNY off on this day that the Lords Target and Wal-Mart have given thee! Repent of your savings, and hasten thee to a retail outlet, oh fowl disbeliever! 😉
    And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and the missus. And be grateful for the little things – like your house still standing! 😉 😀


    • John E,
      I love that pic … and Rockefeller Plaza is the perfect place for it! Meanwhile, I will try to avoid all shopping areas Friday through Sunday … including grocery store after 12 noon Wednesday. Meanwhile, I saved this one for you. Enjoy … and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tamy in my state.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hug your family members and travel safely. And laugh a lot–that’s one reason I like Frank’s blog so much, thoughtful laughter at our crazy world. For the record, I especially like the headlines about the turkey pardon and the emotionally distant family.


  3. Turkey Gobbles Just as Man on Hunting Trip Tells Father He is Gay–couldn’t resist this one! It’s just too funny, and so strange! They were all good! I was tempted to choose “Area Couple Wonders Why They are Hosting Thanksgiving,” but it hits close to home! We do tend to wonder why we are the ones year in and year out! LOL! Have a great day, Frank. I, too, am thankful for many things, but among them, for the pure enjoyment of visiting with you and others on a regular basis. I think the blogosphere has opened up the world in such a lovely way! 🙂


  4. Have a wonderful holiday Frank. Some of our American friends in London invited us over for dinner so it will be a nice way to feel like we are at “home”–and enjoy the football for me!


  5. After laughing myself onto the floor at ALL of your Onion headlines today (“Al-Qaeda marching Band to Join Macy’s Parade after Incredible Audition” and “Turkey Gobbles Just as Man on Hunting Trip Tells Father He is Gay” topped the list), I’m nominating you for the 2012 Blogger Headline Selector Of The Year Award.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving – I think the turkey look like a massive fat chicken *smile Quite happy about it being a chicken – because as you know .. turkey scares me.
    Love you choice of video and song – a of Irish tune to it.


  7. Frank, Happy Turkey Day to you. I’m so, well, thankful, to know you here in cyberspace.

    And as I try to make sure I am making enough dishes to feed my sister-in-law, the militant (PETA) vegan vegetarian bird-lover tomorrow, I must go with this Onion headline: PETA Applauds New Butterball Line of Turkeys Killed only by Suicide. Perfect, Frank. I will be thinking of this every time I want to kill my SIL!


  8. What a feast you gave me over two blog posts, Frank. “Simple Gifts” (sweet contemplation), “Finlandia” (a moment of reverence needed in my hectic day and I took it), and “Cincinnati WKRP” (RTFLOL, bang my head against the desk hysterics in remembrance of one of my favorite shows). Fabulous pictures as well. You’ve convinced me–I want to take this cruise.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. A from me and WW!


    • E-Tom,
      Glad I was able to provide a bountiful feast of various emotions while also motivating you to take that cruise. Two more stops to come! Thanks for the holiday wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you, WW, and the rest of the family!!!


  9. Hey Frank, I thought these three really rock: PETA Applauds New Butterball Line of Turkeys Killed only by Suicide, Turkey Gobbles Just as Man on Hunting Trip Tells Father He is Gay, Al-Qaeda Marching Band to Join Macy’s Parade after Incredible Audition. Thanks for sharing and have a great Turkey Day!


  10. Onions go well with turkey. Good selections and for the humor prize I’d like to nominate “Turkey Gobbles Just as Man on Hunting Trip Tells Father He is Gay”

    But for the overall winner I think this one has it, if only because there’s more than a ring of truth about it for some, “Emotionally Distant Family Spends Holiday Watching Touching Family Dramas Together”.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Eat and drink, but please don’t be Mary!


    • Fasab,
      The gobbling turkey is a big hit in this list … and others also liked the emotionally distant family. Good choices. Thanks for the holiday greetings and right back at ya about not being Mary. Cheers!


  11. Frank, you floored me with Simple Gifts. I’ve never heard that version, even though I am a fan of both artists. So a big thank you for your gift of songs shared, your witty and thoughtful blog, and your generosity as a fellow blogger. Have a great holiday!


  12. I like the PETA-Suicidal Turkeys headline….funny. As for football, it’s a throwback Thanksgiving for Detroit, as they languish in last place once again after that silly phase they went through last year where they were competitive. Eh, I’m just a bitter Dolphins fan so don’t mind me.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Cayman,
      Glad the PETA turkey brought a chuckle. Meanwhile, the Lions sure let it get away from them. I can recall the days that Thanksgiving Day was a great way for them to deliver a good upset. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving … and thanks for visiting.


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