On Copenhagen

A new day and the final new port of our Baltic Sea cruise – Copenhagen, Denmark.

This day gave us the most beautiful weather day since our pre-cruise days in Amsterdam – and we awakened to this view from our room of Trekroner Søfort (Three Crowns Sea Fortress) that guarded Copenhagen’s harbor for 200 years.


Our special treat was spending the day with a delightful young man from our church, who happens to be on an experience of a lifetime. He graduated from college last spring and received a funded, personal-growth journey in Europe for one year. Oddly enough, our one day in Copenhagen coincided with his 3 days. Thanks Aaron for the company!

Because we had a good experience with the free walking tour organization in Amsterdam, we decided to try it in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, the meeting place was quite the hike from the ship’s dock, but we like to walk, so we saw extra sights.

Copenhagen provided quite the variety of steeples and spires


Frederik’s Church (Marble Church) from the square at Amalienborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace is now home to the Danish Parliament
Nyhavn (New Harbor) is a trendy rejuvenated, sailor’s district with a WW II memorial anchor
The most photographed person in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid
… but look who found the nearby Big Mermaid
Here are few more tours for you of this beautiful city. Take your pick of any or all – like this 3+ minute guided tour

.. or this 2-minute slideshow

… or a 2-minute tour from the water to a beautiful waltz

We took this cruise to celebrate our 35th Anniversary (actually April). Our 15-day trip is just a blip in our life journey, and I’ve had a wonderful and loving travel partner. Meanwhile, the Celebrity Constellation and its wonderful crew returned us where we boarded – Amsterdam. So others can enjoy our trip, all the posts are linked, so start here.

65 thoughts on “On Copenhagen

    • Guapo,
      It’s a beauty. We had already walked a lot at that point, and had a long walk back to the ship – so we didn’t go climb the steps. … but our young friend did. He said the outer steps got narrower closer to the top – and then just ended. He took a 360 video, and then showed us when he got back down. Well, I was unsuccessful at uploading another imagine of this for you. :( … but I tried. Thanks for commenting and traveling along.

  1. Copenhagen has always conjured up thoughts of old world and history in my mind… lovely photos showing me what I expected to see… Thanks Frank this has been a wonderful trip with you…

    • Bulldog,
      I imagine the cities here are not as old as the Europe in the Mediterranean region, but compared to me in the US, it’s still old! All of these stops were beautiful and still reflect (in their own way) the Old World – probably one of the reasons we enjoy it! Thanks for travelling along and sharing your thoughts.

  2. I love Copenhagen, Frank – it is a great city for walking and biking. I was privileged to stay there for a few days many years ago while on a music tour. At high summer, the streets are filled with people at night and it was not unusual to have dinner at midnight. A clean beautiful city with great food and gracious people. Thanks for sharing – I need to catch up on my reading and follow the rest of your travel posts :-)

    • Lynn,
      One of the downsides of cruising is that travelers don’t get multiple days in a port (most of the time) – thus don’t really get to experience life there … so many thanks for your endorsement because it sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathy,
      Put a Baltic cruise on your to-do list! … and glad you watched one of the videos. As you mentioned, the combination of sights and music adds to the journey.

      Working inside today, but hope to be outside tomorrow when it should be warmer. Hope all is well in Lexington … and thanks for commenting.

  3. I have been following your Baltic cruise and noticed that several of the stops were somewhat overcast but Copenhagen was sunny and warm. Just the opposite of a cruise I took years ago. St. Petersburg, Talinn, Helsinki were sunny but, when we got to Copenhagen, it starrted to drizzle (though it cleared up just as we were leaving). Thanks for providing some sunny reminders of Copenhagen.

    • Mudge,
      Absolutely correct … most of our days were cloudy, most rainy in Stockholm, and occasional in Warnemunde … and Copenhagen weather was delightful, so glad I was spark some memories for you. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Such wonderful scenery – I just love that older architecture! And I see your reputation as a “lady’s man” remains intact, finding that lovely mermaid. ;) :D
    Thanks for sharing your trip. What a voyage!

    • John E,
      The architecture in both Copenhagen and Stockholm were interesting. Wish I knew more about it other than I like it! LOL … glad you enjoyed the Big Mermaid. Thanks for going along our trip and for commenting.

    • Christine,
      Absolutely. To help you convince your husband, the posts on this tour are linked to each other (usually at the end). We started in Amsterdam, so show his the posts … and watch the videos. Cruising is a way to get a taste of some cities in a short time … but you don’t get the depth. Thanks for visiting.

  5. What a beautiful city. I’m sure I’ve seen images of that little mermaid before. The city seems to have so much history and I love all the old buildings; just beautiful. I’m glad you had a wonderful two weeks celebrating such a great milestone xx

    • Spiced,
      A beautiful region … and a wonderful place to vacation … and I recommend cruising to give a small taste of many places. Hope you make it someday, and thanks for commenting.

    • Karen,
      It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend it! Thanks for pointing out that last photo because that was my intent. As I said in the post, the posts about each port are linked. Thanks for commenting.

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  7. Great photos again, Frank. The architecture is wonderful. I assume you put in that video with the flight from South Africa, just for me. :) I enjoyed them all, and your sky photo is so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

    • Paradise,
      As I was looking for videos, I did think of you when I found that one! Meanwhile, you can sure tell what a beautiful day it was! Glad you enjoyed these and thanks for visiting … and watching a video!

  8. Hmm, I *think* I know which photo you’re referring to. Is that you posing with her? Lookin’ good, sir! She has quite a nice rack. I’m impressed. ;)

    I’ve always wanted to visit Denmark, more than the other Scandinavian countries. I don’t know why, I think it started when I had a massive crush on a Danish T.A. when I was in college. But I’ve always heard that Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia. That church steeple with the gold spire (the photo above the one of Fredrik’s Church) is gorgeous. Thanks for the tours, they’ll have to hold me over until I get there myself!

    • Weebs,
      LOL … see … I remembered something from your posts!

      The steeple with the gold you are mentioning is Church of Our Savior … gorgeous. We didn’t go to the top, but our friend did … quite the climb for quite the view. Thanks for stopping by. …. and yes, yours truly.

    • Lyla,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Although short, our time in Copenhagen was outstanding! Which video (of the 3) were you referring to? … then others will know which to watch! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

      • Although I enjoyed all three, it was the guided tour (3 mins) that really captured me. I wish I was even close to that brilliant with a video camera, but I’ll have to stick to my photos.
        Would you mind if I linked to this post in one of my next ones on Copenhagen? I would be honored, it really is quite captivating!

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