Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 164

On Politics
Cheers to this comment by Bruce at Moe’s: It would be nice if the anti-Obama right would settle on if the President is a flaming secularist, or a hidden Muslim. At least he can’t be both.

With the movie Lincoln getting much press, here are two interesting reads relating Lincoln to the current situation: from a University of Cincinnati professor and columnist Ruth Marcus.

For continued buffoonery in Washington, take your pick: comments about Ambassador Rice or comments about the fiscal cliff. Love the ones saying everything is on the table – then followed with a string of “but” qualifiers.

Two interesting reads about the fiscal cliff:
Economist Bruce Bartlett (with a great opening pic)
Confessions for a deficit denier

Regarding government spending, here is something that neither party can boast: The best time to cut spending and reduce debt is during periods of strong revenue.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Turkey Pardon Mishap Results in Accidental Release of Serial Rapist
20,000 Sacrificed in Annual Blood Offering to Corporate America
BP CEO: “We deeply regret the tragic loss of $4.5 million.”
Nation’s Moms Demand Christmas List
US Government to Save Billions by Cutting Wasteful Senator Program

Interesting Reads
Atheism and Science (the conclusion is interesting)
A sequel to the movie Casablanca?
A success of the unorthodox Finnish educational system
Historical infographic of financial deregulation in the US 
Laughing and your health
Seinfeld and double dipping

On Potpourri
Sad to report that I didn’t win the huge Powerball drawing – but I enjoyed this pre-drawing report about lottery officials losing the balls.

Congratulations to Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani on winning Dancing with the Stars. Especially for pro Tony, who has toiled every season (14) to finally triumph.

As one who appreciates wine, here are two reads from the Wall Street Journal: Tips from a master sommelier and wine-food pairing.

Speaking of wine, Wine Enthusiast just released their Top 100 wines – and #41 is a $9 red wine – Folonari Chianti 2010.

Started by a candle maker and a soap maker who married sisters, Cincinnati-based, consumer-product giant Procter & Gamble celebrated its 175th anniversary in early November. Here is a page with some than a few interesting articles about P&G, including this fun product quiz.

This answers why the chicken crossed the road!

Something to ponder: Would a claustrophobic barophobe be willing to serve on the international space station?

I planned a Saturday morning classic cartoon post for the weekend, but then I realized something very important to me. In other words, there will be a post, but not about cartoons.

Our handbell choir will play for the Sunday school teachers, students, and parents – and I think this version of Fum Fum Fum will create a few smiles. Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


38 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 164

  1. Thanks For the interesting reads, Frank. I am glad t know that my laughing at everything is responsible for my good health. And I want my Christmas list too.

    Looking forward to Saturday’s post.


  2. Excellent chicken acting! Fun video Frank! These are the Onion headlines that resonated most with me — Turkey Pardon Mishap Results in Accidental Release of Serial Rapist, US Government to Save Billions by Cutting Wasteful Senator Program. No Saturday morning cartoon post! Not that I read those posts that often on Saturday … But still, those are often very fun posts.


    • Lame,
      Glad someone watched the chicken video …. what a hoot! Meanwhile, both of those Onion headlines got good chuckles at this end. Regarding Saturday, I had one ready, then something came to mind, which prompted the change. At least the next one is ready! Nonetheless, it was important to make the switch. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. BP CEO: “We deeply regret the tragic loss of $4.5 million.”–i’m so angry at BP, this is perfect! I am going to be away for the weekend with a lot of time to read…potentially any way. I will expect to read some of your links. And I need some Folonari Chianti 2010!


  4. I hadn’t heard about the Lincoln movie. The movies arrive in the UK much later and all of a sudden I feel far from home. He was one of my favorite presidents and I can’t wait for the movie to hop across the pond.


  5. it feels wrong to laugh at a headline about a serial rapist, but we can’t help what we laugh at. also, brooke is on early today, hair looks different. no complaints though.


  6. The thing that frustrates me about the conservatives in this country is that they seem to be drowning out their own intellectuals. I will never be confused for someone who leans to the right, but for goodness sakes can we at least return to intelligent debate of large problems?


  7. A tie between the BP CEO and the 20,000 blood sacrifice. As to that poor astronaut, I would hesitate to say he probably wouldn’t be in a position to get to the ISS, because his training would have put him in situations a LOT more claustrophobic than the relatively-spacious ISS.
    I’m intrigued to see what tomorrow will bring from you, post-wise. Stay tuned tonight, there WILL be a post from the Windy City Wonderer – a bit more serious than my usual wild and wacky writings.
    Have a good Friday!


    • John,
      Good Onion choices. Now about that astronaut, but the other side of claustrophobic is the benefit of being relatively gravity free. BTW – Tomorrow’s post will be on the serious side …. and it may trigger a memory. Thanks for commenting … and I probably be stop by in the morning.


    • Mouse,
      For whatever reason, I struggle with that one … I’m coordinated, but that routine plays on my brain for some reason. Therefore, I have my music at home and use this video to practice! Thanks for stopping by … btw … tomorrow’s post will include a beautiful handbell piece.


  8. These Onion headlines are so good, I can’t choose a favorite. I’m going to search my local shops to see if they have the Folonari Chianti. I don’t think I realized Tony Dovolani hadn’t won before. My favorite was always Cheryl Burke. And Happy Birthday P&G! They were one of my company’s clients for many years, so I got a lot of free Crest stuff. Too bad I had already switched to Colgate at the time. Looking forward to tomorrow’s cartoon-free post!


    • Weebs,
      Ah ha … I didn’t realize you were a DWTS watcher. Like Tony, Cheryl is one of the pro personalities that I think many people enjoy – thus a positive influence on getting votes. Let me know if you find the Folonari, but I’ve got the feeling it will be hard to find. Thanks for sharing your P&G story – after all, Cincinnati is a P&G town! Have a good weekend.


  9. I’m a day late (and probably a dollar short too) but here goes:
    Onions winner is “US Government to Save Billions by Cutting Wasteful Senator Program” no need to explain why.
    Looking forward to seeing the Lincoln movie, everything Spielberg has a hand in is worth watching, but I cringe at the thought of a Casablanca sequel/remake. They are almost always a disappointment and they should leave classics alone – if it ain’t broke,,,,,,
    The Bruce Bartlet article is a good read, the Defecit Dernier is, well, bollox. Economic comparisons of the US and Britain post WWII are a nonsense, both countries had wealth producing industries then, now we buy crap from China and rely on the idiot gamblers on Wall Street for the wealth and look where that has gotten us.
    But eggs and bacon (crispy) YUM!


    • Fasab,
      As an economist who takes a bit our of both parties, Barlett is one of my favorite reads. Some times I pick articles because they are interesting to ponder, but not necessarily for agreement. Gotta love that Onion pick – which is an example of good satire seeming very real. No need to apologize for late …. things happen that get in the way of blogging. 😉 Thanks for commenting.


    • Randel,
      The relationship between these two disciplines is interesting … models of conflict, respectful separation, overlap, and fusion. I say this because many tend to look at this “issue” within a narrow wide of assumptions while forgetting the wide range of religious, non-religious spiritual, and nonspiritual thoughts. I’ve read enough that neither of those two quotes surprised me. Glad you read it and thanks for stopping by.


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