On Satire Bits: Vol. 38

Mid-week has brought a change in Cincinnati weather. Then again, it’s still mild.   And yes – I delivered the report to the client on time!  But now, I have to get caught up on some housework.

Let’s get on to the mid-week dose of satire. Any favorites?

Obese Salmon Unable to Swim Upstream to Spawn

Wild Fall-Break Parties Pose Risks for College Students

Back of Library Smells Like Weed

Nation did not see Mark Walberg’s Sex Change Coming

Dripping Wet 7-year-old boards Hotel Elevator

Thousands of Americans Trapped in Animal Horders Marathon

Co-workers Girlfriend not as Pretty as Expected

Everyone in Improv Troupe Balding

Report: Majority of Americans Stopped Paying Attention Several Words Ago

Personal Trainer Makes Area Man do Humiliating Little Show for Entire Gym

Music Album: The 25 Most Popular Restroom Sing-a-Long Songs


51 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 38

  1. Generally entertaining, but no grabber for me.
    (Though I will embarrassedly admit that I did google to see if Marky Mark actually did get a sex change.)
    (And all Google hits referenced The Onion.)


  2. Ooo, the “back of the library” one brings up memories of a certain stairwell in college – I think you could’ve gotten high just walking through there, even with a gas mask on! But I gotta go with the report that stopped listening. Kinda reflects my viewpoints on SO many things these days – politics, economics, most of the dreck on TV, ….. 😀
    Yeah, we got a couple of cold days coming, then a deja-vu like return to our “Sandy’s near miss” weather – 50s and drippy, for like 5 days. Ya know, ME weather, namely grey, mildly irritating, and occasionally utterly depressing! 😉
    Happy Hump Day!


    • John,
      Washington really has encouraged everyone to stop listening … even themselves! Meanwhile, tonight’s weather talked about how mucho rain is on the way. Then again, that’s subject to change. As I mentioned not long ago, my corner of the state could use some rain! … Have a good rest of the week and thanks for sharing your wit.


    • Renee,
      🙂 … I wonder how long libraries will last … then again, the ones close to me are bustling with activity … Nonetheless, a popular choice for the day. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Good morning Frank! Unlike Guapo, I found several ‘grabbers’.

    Obese Salmon Unable to Swim Upstream to Spawn answers a lot of questions for me, and I seriously mean a lot.

    I’ve actually experienced Co-workers Girlfriend not as Pretty as Expected, more than once! It always kinda raises my opinion of him.

    And I’ll also go along with the popular Back of Library Smells Like Weed. There’s also a section which smells like Doritos, for afterwards….


    • Paradise,
      Finally … and thank you for enjoying the Restroom Sing-a-longs headline. OK … it’s our musical side that enjoys it. Meanwhile, the obese salmon is a popular pick today. Thanks for sharing your favs!


    • Bumble,
      Just so you know, I do this feature on many Wednesdays. After all, there’s always something that will bring a chuckle to most people. … So … I wonder if your a gym person who has seen this event. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


    • Mudge,
      That is fabulous … actually, you’re the second one I’ve received today, which is two more than ever! We may be onto something!!! Thanks for sharing the idea … and the chuckle!


      • I have been both a wet kid AND a wet adult in the hotel (not-so-luxurious, granted), so I’ve seen it happen. Best one I inflicted, though, was when I was working at Road America, a race track in central Wisconsin. There was a big race, I managed to get the weekend off at the last minute, and the closest accommodation was a business hotel in Milwaukee. So as all the suits, IN suits, are gathered at the hotel bar, I walk right past them to the front desk, dressed in a sweaty white T-shirt, dirty white jeans, and no doubt smelling to high heaven! Sci-fi fans just make “mundanes” do a double-take – I managed to get wrinkled noses! 😀


  4. I would love to see an obese salmon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an obese fish. And thanks for saying you’d love me to be your neighbour! That would be wonderful. Maybe you could teach me to dance! xx


  5. I like several of them but I particularly like “Co-worker’s Girlfriend not as Pretty as Expected” because I’ve enjoyed many gossip sessions at work discussing this sort of thing. Also, I discovered the joys of Grater’s ice cream this past weekend—a store near me started selling it in pints—and I’m having a wonderful time!


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