On Four-Leaf Clover Monday

Another weekend completed, so how did you use your time?

Cincinnati had a warm, but damp weekend. With friends from Texas in town, we passed the ballroom floor to spend an evening with them and others. We stayed home on Saturday – thus didn’t attend the 22nd annual Reindeer Dog Parade (click for photo gallery) – so I worked on picture book of our Baltic cruise because my wife suddenly passed that responsibility onto me. Our handbell choir played Sunday morning, and then we spent Sunday afternoon with friends at our first holiday party of the season.

Have you ever looked for a four-leaf clover? Successful? Well now, today is your lucky day because here’s one I found in an unconventional place – a convenient store! Then again, keep in mind that it’s Philadelphia. But hey – why not sing along! Enjoy and have a good week!

39 thoughts on “On Four-Leaf Clover Monday

    • Guapo,
      You obviously missed the Mummers on your trip to Philly for the cheesesteak lunch. Mummers are a string band – usually banjos, accordions, and saxophones … oh … and outlandish costumes. Here’s one to the same song, which is my favorite Mummers song. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Frank, Frank, Frank. I am very Irish and therefore 4-leaf clovers are no stranger to me. I have found dozens of them — they tend to grow together — if you find one you can find many.

    But I expected some more info from you, Frank. What do they mean? Are they lucky or are you lucky to find one?


    • Elyse … the master of the 4-Leaf Clover!
      I don’t think I’ve ever found one … then again … I’m not Irish. Regarding the expected information, nope – not on Monday Morning Entertainment posts. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by.


    • Debra,
      Social and R&R combo made for a nice weekend. Being on the west coast, you may not know that the Mummers are a Philadelphia tradition – and host a New Years Day parade. Mummer bands can be large, and their outfits (uniforms) are always elaborate. Gotta love ’em. Here’s one for you … thanks for visiting.


  2. To find a four leaf clover today over here is totally impossible. We have full snow storm and 6inc of snow. As a child I always looked for them …. Can’t remember if I ever found one or not.
    Great video – anything for a good parade – over there. We don’t have any parades as such except when me demonstrate on 1th of May or our Sankta Lucia … about her you can read 13th of December, the Queen of the light. I bet you had some job to do with all your holiday shots … still working on mine from Chicago.
    My weekend was prep of all Christmas cards and wrapping of 4 presents … plus laundry and more laundry, laundry and more laundry.


    • VIveka,
      Your snows have arrived … and I imagine not the first. Meanwhile, the Mummers enjoy themselves and are a Philadelphia tradition. Very elaborate, and of course, deliver a unique sound. Oh …. thanks for the reminder to get my cards going! Thanks for commenting.


      • The first snow arrived while I was in Dublin … but for me is this the first snow for the season .. but I like when winter is winter – so summer can be summer.
        I wrote most of my cards during me travel today .. on the bus to my mums. No trains- too much snow on the tracks.
        Same story every year. *smile
        Good luck with the card writting.


  3. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend Frank.

    I volunteer ushered two off-Broadway plays this weekend. One called “A Civil War Christmas” is being staged right now at New York Theater Workshop. It was terrific — beautifully produced, directed and performed by a very talented ten member ensemble playing multiple roles. The songs were all from 1864, and the history lesson about what this country was like on Christmas Eve during the civil war was very moving. I don’t normally like Chirstmas stories, but this one was exceptional. It was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Paula Vogel.

    The other play I worked, which will remain un-named, was pretentious, quirky dysfunctional family one act drivel, just the type of insipid sitcom-style drek that is an insult to the art of theater.

    I have never looked for a four leaf clover, but every so often I do find cash on the street here in NYC — that pleases me even if the origins were very likely drug deal-related — as well as seeing off-Broadway plays for free, even if on occasion they suck.


    • Lame,
      I recall replying, but I don’t see it … so I’ll try again.

      A play about a dysfunction family sounds like a novel idea! πŸ˜‰ Meanwhile, the one about the Civil War Christmas had to involve much research! … So hey, I would rather find money than a four-leaf clover. Thanks for sharing your weekend … and we like plays too!


    • Bumble,
      Being on the west coast, don’t know much you know about Philadelphia and their Mummer Bands. I don’t know much (being in Ohio), but recall watching their big parade on New Years Day. Plus, their musical sound is unique! Oh well … happy shopping and glad this was able to start your week — which is my intent with my Monday posts! Thanks for visiting.


  4. I did once find a 7-leaf clover! Really! Haven’t looked around here, despite a wealth of clover, usually too busy with other stuff.
    Not such a great weekend, first dealing with me sick, then the wife, and earlier today, our water-well pump started eating its’ own bearings. Always something. (Sigh.)
    Hoping you have a better week than I’m having so far!


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