Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 166

The new header that is fitting for the season – the Aurora Borealis – and with hope I may see the glorious lights someday.

On Politics
Republican leaders are having a summit to discuss what went wrong in their election bid. Thanks to the Rick Perry (R-TX) counting system, I’ll offer two tidbits: Using blatant distortions, obvious flip-flopping, allowing Super PACs to make their own ads, and questioning the collective poll-taking profession.

I appreciate this quote: “What if we could trust that our candidates would tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? As a nation could we really handle the truth?” (Kiran Chetry, journalist)

That quote goes well with this one from former senator and last man on the moon, Harrison Schmitt (R-NM): “Anyone going to Washington to do what is right will not get re-elected.” (Paraphrased, but close, as I heard it in person)

Here’s an interesting thought about the fiscal cliff negotiations between President Obama and Speaker Boehner (R-OH). If they agree, the Speaker Boehner will have to deliver enough votes from his divided caucus, and Minority Leader Pelosi will have to deliver her share of votes from her caucus.

I appreciate PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year because it happened in my state (Ohio) with less than two weeks before the election.

The Onion has these plans for solving the fiscal cliff.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Area man to make greatest contribution to world in 70 million years as fossil fuel
  • Family has no idea where dad gets shirts
  • Tokyo adds 100-story toadstool to skyline
  • Oscar Meyer unveils new wiener drone
  • Supreme Court to hear cases determining whether human beings deserve equal rights
  • The Hobbit to feature 53-minute-long scene of Bilbo Baggins trying to figure out what to pack

Interesting Reads
Debra’s post about giving
The long-term budget challenge by one of my favorite economists
Telescope at the bottom of the sea
History of AOL as told through NY Times crossword puzzle
Love this about seeds
Did this battle decide WW II? 

With a Holiday Twist
Photo gallery of Christmas cats

The Onion’s Gift Guides are below:

Oh my! I just saw my first moustache pacifier!

On Potpourri
Stats Review: Last week may have been the best week ever. Well, I’m sure much, and understandably so, was due to Guapo’s birthday. Thanks Guap! Plus, 20,oooth comment may happen before 2012 closes.

I met Buddhakat at Guapo’s birthday bash, and wow – checkout out her art creations!

Parties? I’m planning a holiday party to start no later than December 24th, so put it on your calendar to stop by for gifts – plus tell and bring your friend

Another party! With the world ending on December 21st, Aqua Tom is throwing a party. See his post to learn more.

For those enjoying photography, Otto is collecting recommendations of the best photo blogs on this post.

A Saturday morning classic cartoon post returns this week – and one perfect for the season.

Let’s go into the weekend with a laugh. Do you recall this holiday classic? Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


80 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 166

  1. So many parties! And reading about what happens in Washington is enough to give me a migraine. So much unnecessary conflict. As for the Onion headers, they’re all keepers but I like the first one about the area man as fossil fuel best.


    • Weebs,
      Tis the season for parties! … but I hope you get a chance to stop by mine! Meanwhile, gotta love the fossil fuel contribution. Thanks for being the first to comment on this post. 🙂


  2. Frank, your blog always has something surprising. Love the new header (I’d love to see the Aurora, too). But your link gave me a hard to come by book for my husband — thanks!


  3. Oh, man, the infamous Jeep ad by Romney! PERFECT! Enough BS in that one to power most of Cincy for a year, and probably Fresno, too! 😉
    Nomonhan? Absolutely. If Japan had been able to attack Russia’s East coast during late 1941, when Stalin stripped the East coast of forces to protect Moscow, the Panzers may very well have rolled into the Soviet capitol either in the winter of 1941-42, or the summer of ’42. Would that have ended the Eastern front? Probably not. Would it have kept Stalingrad and Kursk from happening? VERY likely. Great find, my friend. One of those TRULY important, yet unknown, battles of WW2.
    Headlines? The extra 53 minutes of the Hobbit. Just what we Tolkien fiends LIVE for! 😀
    Happy Friday, Frank. And get ready for the 68th anniversary Sunday. Of what? Tune in and find out. 😉


    • John,
      The Romney quote just shy of Election Day was one thing – but the fact that he double-downed on it was the real kicker … then again, he followed that pattern before.

      When I saw the article about the Soviet-Japanese battle, I immediately thought of you – and you didn’t disappoint! Well done! … and as for the 68th anniversary – I know – but won’t ruin your surprise. :D. Thanks for sharing!


    • oh I forgot! the header is beautiful and perfect! I saw the lights once from an airplane.. and once delivering a truck way up north one winter but not – that was barely – I imagine if you are where they are most prominebt it is amazing – where is that anyways?


      • Lizzie,
        The volume number on this post tells you that this is a long-time tradition here – and OITS is always a wide-range of thoughts. Glad the bells and mummies caused a laugh. Oh … I envy the thought that you’ve seen the northern lights … hopefully someday for me … so thanks for enjoying the new header. Meanwhile, I’m in Cincinnati … about 30 minutes from Ginger Snaap. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Joe … one of this blogs Pioneers!
      The overwhelming voice of approval all the way from LA can be easily heard in Cincinnati … and hey readers – that’s Lower Arkansas. Thanks for commenting and I hope all is well.


  4. Thank you for posting the links to The Onion’s Gift guides. I particularly liked their suggestion to get Eddie Bauer Thigh-High Suede Slippers for the person who has everything.

    Looking forward to Saturday’s cartoon post!

    Hey, I’m going to spend Xmas on the West Coast, and I’m not going to shlep my laptop. I’ll try to check in, but my sister is not happy with me when I spend hours on the computer so I might be missing most of the parties.


  5. Glad you met BuddhaKat, Frank. I love her Fractal posts.
    Have to go with Useful in 70 mil. years for the headline.

    I wonder if way over the top ads will come to be referred to as “the jeep ad” of the cycle…


    • Doggy,
      Glad to finally see a response to the video. When I first saw it (I think last year), I just lost it. Somehow, it popped back into my mind I thought – perfect for Friday! Meanwhile, being in Ohio, gotta love the Romney quote. To me, he had a chance to get out of it – but then he doubled down on the comment … and it really hurt him in this key state. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Love the onions plan to resolve the fiscal cliff. Great stuff as always. My plan for the fiscal cliff is
    1. Jump
    2. Bounce
    3. On the way up bounce – land back on the ledge and call it progress
    4. ignore the fact that we’re still on the same ledge before we jumped

    Oh wait’s that’s what the politicians are going to do anyway. 🙂


    • Alex,
      Thanks on the cheers for the new header. It’s a good one for the winter, but I imagine I’ll return to deep space! Meanwhile, had the mummies got you by surprise. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Frank, it must be difficult to live in Ohio with all those politics. My favorite headline in your Onion news is the one about the Hobbit! That’s one way to stretch out the story. I hear this movie is making people sick due to the filming, it’s the latest and greatest in film technology. It’s too real!! Thanks for the all the party updates! It helps me get into the holiday spirit.


    • Bumble,
      Here in Ohio, we had constant political ads more February through Election Day. Oh what fun. Believe me, the MUTE button is a wonderful feature … and watching shows through DVR also helpful. We limited ourselves watching local news, thus had classic radio station on during dinner.

      Meanwhile, it tis the party season, so keep me in mind on the 24th! Thanks for commenting and sharing your Onion favorite.


  8. Oh my word. I adore the mummies. That is hilarious! And I know just who to send it to…now. I think a toadstool in Tokyo is a brilliant idea. Some of their architecture is extremely cool. Some of it is beginning to get the feel of the skyscrapers in Sri Lanka, which are excellent places to see from the top.


  9. Re politics, well I for one would like a politician to try the truth, just once. I know it probably wouldn’t do any good for him/her, but it would be nice to hear it all the same. (I’m already feeling nauseous about tomorrow’s predictable nonsense headlines about that moron in Connecticut).

    On a lighter note, re the Onions, my winner is “Family has no idea where dad gets shirts”.

    And as for the shocker video, well I’ve never seen so many men standing in a row with the clap

    pers. (Whoops, leaning on the space bar 😉


  10. Enjoyed the Christmas Cats …. Cute, but I feel a bit sorry for them – because they didn’t look too comfortable in their outfits, great pictures. Miss my 2 cats now, Whiskey & Zoda.


    • Viveka,
      As you know, cats generally don’t do well with outfits, but some of the pics are just too cute. …. and we miss ours too … Cheers to Whiskey and Zoda memories. Thanks for commenting.


  11. OMG the video of the mummies was outrageous! I got my Mr F to watch it with me. And then I took him to your post explaining how to ring the bells and he watched all the videos and was impressed.

    Did you take the picture on your header? Fantastic.


    • Rosie,
      Ha ha … glad the mummies achieved outrageous status! Not quite the same bell ringing as the other post. Nonetheless, thanks for taking Mr. F to the handbell post and glad he appreciated the art. If he wants more, visit Category > Handbells in the sidebar.

      No chance of me taking that pic of the Northern Lights because I’ve never seen them. Unfortunately, I can’t recall where I got it, thus no credit (which it actually needs). Thanks for stopping by.


  12. So many thoughts, so many items to think of. I should get the moustach pacifier!

    I stopped believing that politicians were honest in my 20’s. I guess that qualifies me as a “True Cynic”?


  13. about our politicians telling the truth… I think they really can’t always tell the truth, because of issues of privacy of individuals and the security of the state… but the problem seems to be that they’ve lost sight of what their role really is. There’s something really tragic about it all, and I wonder if it will ever be put right without some sort of cataclysmic disaster.


    • Shimon,
      Absolutely correct about national security issues … as well as it should be. I’m not convinced that their lying nature hasn’t always been that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  14. 😆 at Rick Perry’s counting system. And your assessments were spot on, even though there were more than two tidbits 😉

    And this cracked me up, even though it’s a little “dark:”
    Oscar Meyer unveils new wiener drone


    • Spinny,
      More than 2 tidbits? Oh – that’s the Rick Perry counting system! 😉 … As a person who has always want to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, the weinerdrone caught my attention .. and of course The Onion had a pic. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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