On a Quincy

Note: Much more important than the frivolity of this post, keep in mind those most closely affected by the recent school shooting in Connecticut.



Not only is Mr. Magoo one of my all-time favorites, TV Guide selected him as #29 on their all-time favorites – and the idea came to me last week that this is the perfect time to honor him.

Quincy Magoo – a wealthy, nearsighted, crotchety (but lovable) retiree

Graduate of Rutgers University, class of 1903

First appearance, The Ragtime Bear (1949)

Created by John Hubley and UPA Animation Studio

UPA created 54 shorts

Most-notably voiced by character-actor Jim Backus

Nominated for four Oscars, but won two: When Magoo Flew (1955) and Magoo’s Puddle Jumper (1956)

Most Famous Catchphrase: “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”

Release an album, Magoo (1957)

Here’s some clips of Mcgoo, followed by more info!

Other Characters (a partial list)
Waldo (nephew) (voiced by Casey Kasem in the 1970s)
Charlie (houseboy)
Bowser (Siamese cat that Mcgoo thought was a dog)
Wheeler and Dealer (children he occasionally babysat)
Mother Magoo (first voiced by Henny Backus)
McBarker (nearsighted dog in the 1970s)
Worchestershire (Tycoon Mcgoo’s butler)

Had three TV series

Helped advertise General Electric products in the 1950s and 1960s

Appeared in this ad for Stag Beer


Mr. Magoo is a perfect honoree for the season because his one-hour portrayal of Scrooge in Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol – a holiday classic from the 1960s. To me, the commercial of Santa on a Norelco sleigh started the Christmas season, and Mcgoo’s version of the Charles Dickens’ classic was a must-watch event – in which he sang this song: Ringle, Ringle


Holiday cheers to Quincy Mcgoo, and for those needing to see Mr. Mcgoo’s Christmas Carol in its entirety, here it is.

52 thoughts on “On a Quincy

  1. Mr. Magoo is really a great character – and I used to love watching him, but I must admit it’s long time ago now. Thanks for bringing out some smiles in these strained times, Frank.


  2. Ah, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol!! I fell in permanent love with the story from watching that every year! A Christmas Carol is still one of my all time favorite stories! Personal redemption — one of the great themes! And there are so many wonder versions!


    • WyrdSmythe,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and cheers to another who appreciates Magoo’s Christmas Carol! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Hope you can stop by my holiday party, which is in progress and will last several days.


  3. Magoo’s Christmas Carol is my all time favorite. I bought on DVD so I can watch it every year. Enjoying the Archives sir 🙂


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