On a Joyous Possum

As the holiday season has many running around in a state of crazed madness, it is also a time to find good news – especially in light of the horrific, devastating news about the Connecticut school shooting.

As news organizations deliver us information about global conflicts, U.S. politics, Wall Street, violence, and more, this time of the year also allows these same newsrooms to give us positive stories – stories about the human spirit – stories of sharing and goodness.

I’ve never heard of Possum Trot, Texas – a small, incorporated town near the Louisiana border that is financially poor – but through love, sacrifice, patience, commitment, and genuineness, the members of this community demonstrate their huge heart of gold that serves a role model for humanity.

Follow the link to watch and see a proud side of humanity.


48 thoughts on “On a Joyous Possum

    • Carrie,
      Yep – this is a good story. In general, evening news broadcasts seems to do good stories as the last segment on Friday evening. Then again, at is a small sliver of their weekly time. Thanks for commenting.


  1. I’ve always hated that recently, “news” has come to mean “all the bad things that happened today”. This also shows something I learned first hand – that those with the least, appreciate it (and will give) the most.
    And I like the snazzy new “le Blog” sign! (Far too classy for my little hovel.) 😀


    • John,
      I wonder if news hasn’t always been bad news. For instance, would something no happening be news? Well, except for when we expect it to happen, and it doesn’t

      I’ve had the le Blog badge for a few months, but it just came to me to display it. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hi,
    A fantastic video, it was so great to see a big company come to the party so to speak and give all those wonderful things not only to the children but the community as well, very enjoyable.


    • Doggy,
      So why are you chopping onion? Better yet, what if you didn’t hang around onion choppers? 😉 …. But in the end, nothing like onion symbolism to show appreciation. Thanks for commenting with wit.


    • Spiced,
      We both know there are many examples of goodness, but it’s still good to highlight them.

      By the way, we do have the North American possum (spelled opossum) … our only native marsupial. … but they are quite ugly. …. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. You know Frank, there is just something SO right when good things happen to good people. And it happens much more than we think, all we have to do is look for it, search for it, thanks for making that search a little bit easier this morning.

    This definitely falls into the category of…things I love!


  4. Wonderful .. that’s what I believe in – people that makes a difference to those that really needs it.
    Fantastic – a real Christmas story. Thanks for sharing.
    Also heard on the news yesterday that US biggest weapon retailer will not sell to private customers anymore. A step in right direction.


    • Fasab,
      Now matter how big or small, graciousness is a genuine gift for humanity by humanity. Many things happen all the time .. then again, the opposite side is the clueless of many. Nonetheless, this is a great story focusing on the good. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Oh my goodness. I need to get out the door in a minute and I’m a blubbery mess! This was the PERFECT blessing on my day, Frank. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is “on my plate” for the day. The people in this amazing little town have just given me the boost I needed. Wow! I’m so glad you shared it.


    • H.E.,
      Amazing how those with so little and about to give so much … and much more than just tossing money at something. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for stopping by. …. and I hope you stop by my holiday party currently in progress … and for a couple of days.


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