On Gifts 2012

interfaithlogoYes, I believe in Santa Claus, and the reason is simple – Santa Claus is a spirit of giving and kindness that transcends all cultures.

This post is for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, secular humanists, Atheists, agnostics, and all other belief systems because this my way of saying thank you with hopes that it brings a smile and warms your heart.

To me, there is no other day like Christmas Eve as it brings a sense of calmness. I smile when driving by closed stores with empty parking lots. Traffic is light as we pass houses with outdoor holiday lights. Listening to calm, classic music of the season adds to the sense of calmness.

In the spirit of Santa Claus, here are my gifts to you – my visitors – for I owe you for the many joys you’ve given me here and throughout WordPress.  So, go under the tree, not only take your pick, but you also get as many as you like. In addition, you can make more than one trip and invite your friends. The only condition is that everyone tells me your gifts of choice. Afterwards, head to the buffet and bar for bountiful treats! … and feel free to mingle with the good people here.

Whether Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, cheers and thanks to all!



Enjoy the trailer to the classic movie, Holiday Inn


Smile with Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on a Glass Harp


Laugh and sing with the Aussies to Six White Boomers


Dance to the Christmas Waltz as it provides great background for classic holiday movie scenes


Tap along with rousing bells of a large choir playing vigorous, joyous holiday song


Be awed by the universe through the Hubble Telescope and Oh Holy Night


Observe the beauty Aurora Borealis to one of my favorite Mannheim Steamroller tunes: Silent Night


Take in the joys of George Winston’s piano and to images of snow


Marvel at one playing all the cello parts


Laugh with Bob Hope as he entertains troops in Vietnam (1966)


Be in awe of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with this Nigerian carol


Wonder about the naughty Santa

Interfaith graphic by Justice St. Rain (Bahá’í Community) of Interfaith Resources

321 thoughts on “On Gifts 2012

  1. Merry Christmas to you too, Frank. The only requests I have, are good health and lots of happiness for my family and friends, and if at all possible, ‘Peace on Earth’. Not too much to ask, is it? :;)

    • Paradise,
      I think this means you safely arrived at your destination. Wonderful! Good wishes for sure, and greetings to your family reuniting on this holiday. But I noticed you left without a gift. :( … Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Um … don’t suppose you have a strut tower mounting for a 1996 Buick Century, or a heater core for a 1987 Cavalier? (Yeah – I figured not.) ;)
    Other than those, all I ask is that everyone who sent me birthday greetings yesterday knows that I was truly amazed and thankful for all the wonderful posts and comments. It was really a knockout! Thanks, everybody!
    And to you, Frank, and all your readers, the very Merriest of (insert holiday of choice here). :)

      • Oh, man, you mean all those birthday greetings weren’t enough? Well, I gotta go with The Visible Universe for two reasons – first, it’s space stuff, and second, because “O Holy Night” has a kick-butt tenor line (for choirs), and the last few times I sang it in a group, the other tenors were weak, so I had to bust a LUNG to get the line heard! But it was fun, sung in a 4-story tall rotunda lined with stone and stainless steel – you could hear yourself echoing back from the end of the two open galleries! AWESOME! :D

        • John,
          The trials and tribulations for having a birthday right before a Christmas party … but hey – good choice and with a story to boot! Gotta love singing in a rotunda!!!

  3. Too many keepers here, Cincy. I’m guessing, of course, that was your idea . . . the something for everyone. Holiday Inn is one of my favorite places to be come a crisp movie night.And Tchaikovsky has hops when I’m listening. The Christmas Waltz on movie moments was fun. O’ Holy Night? Inviting the Cosmos into things? I can relate, actually. Silent Night is a heavenly gift, as is Joey Heatherton. So….I guess I’ll end this by saying, I’ll be Bach.
    Merry Christmas.

    • Cayman,
      Welcome Dolphins fan … and if I recall, they won today!

      Ah ha … I have no problem with anyone taking one of all the gifts. It’s my pleasure! Merry Christmas to you and yours … and thanks for visiting.

  4. Hi,
    Happy Xmas Eve, Wow I am early for a change. :lol:
    Love the Xmas tree and the music, but of course I will go with “Six White Boomers.” as my favourite, who wouldn’t love the fantastic beat to that Chrissy Carol.

    Today here in Oz we have had Santa’s on the beach Oh yes with the lovely lady’s in their bikinis of course, we also had Santa feeding sharks the other day, he gets around old Santa. :D
    I have photos of it all, will keep them for (hopefully) a Xmas post next year.

    • Mags!
      I have to have 6 White Boomers for my Aussie friends! Meanwhile, why wait until next Christmas for Santa on the Beach with lady in bikinis. It could be a return post for you to show us what we’ve missed. Meanwhile, your Christmas Eve activities will hit full stride throughout the day … .so thanks for working some time in to stop by here. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

    • Lynn,
      Ah ha …. too many joys for your musical side! … which to me, is a good thing. Meanwhile, tomorrow evening we get the peace we look forward to. Peace to you and yours! … and thanks for stopping by.

  5. I have to have Six White Boomers, it made me laugh so much when I was young…and still does. I would also like Christmas Waltz, Bob Hope and Naughty Santa…is that being greedy?
    Have a great day…and thank you!

    • Debra,
      Oh no … never too greedy!!!! I had to include Six White Boomers for you and the other Aussies here. And cheers for another thumbs up to Naughty Santa! Thanks for stopping by and a holiday cheers to you!

  6. Dear Frank, thanks for the gifts. I’m going to open them slowly, though. This time, I opened up Bob Hope. What a wonderful man he was. And not just because he reminded me exactly who Joey Heatherton is/was, either.

    I will be back to sample some of the others, work, mother-in-law and gift-wrapping willing.

    Happy Christmas, Frank. Thanks for being such a great blogging buddy.

    • Elyse,
      No problem … slow enjoyment is a noble approach … and I encourage it because there are many here to enjoy. Besides, I don’t plan posting for a few days because party hosting is energy draining … but fun. Happy Christmas to you and your family as well … and I look forward to see what treat you will pick next. :D

  7. Thank you Frank and Merry Christmas. The Hubbard telescope – I am in awe.. I always pictured space as lonley and devoid of – anything as the star trek portrayal – funny what we dont let go of from being kids – and it warms my heart to find another believer who knows exactly why Santa is real – I wrote about him earlier today too – I am more than a little behind on reading and a bit behind on commenting so I am paying catch up – I sure would like to start the new year ahead of the game – set a precedent…

    Happy Holidays to you and youts.

    • Lizzie!
      Alright … my new friend was able to attend! I join you in standing in awe of deep space. What a creation!!! Meanwhile, I’m running behind myself, but will stop by for your Santa post. Happy Holidays to you and everyone in your life!

  8. Woohoo, presents! And I’m taking two!! I’ll let you guess which two. I’ll give you a hint, one of them has galaxies! :D Thank you Frank …and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the very brightest of new years. Now…I KNOW there HAS to be some cold Shiner somewhere around here…..

    • Charlie … oh Spiced!
      What! An Aussie who didn’t select Six White Boomers?????!!!! Just kidding …. Oh Holy Night is a wonderful and I love that video. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Frank, what a feast! Trust you.
    You had me at the glasses (I was delighted!) but had to add Silent Night and the amazing lights (I hope I see them for real one day) as it’s one of my favourite carols. I grew up with The Mormon Tabernacle and, of course, Six White Boomers. Thank you for the fun of anticipation and the pleasure of viewing. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • Cuttlefish,
      Hey hey … you made it! Glad you found several gifts here to meet your delight. Isn’t the Mormon tabernacle Choir wonderful! I’ve attended two performances, and this song is absolutely my favorite – and one fitting for the season. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Thanks for Naughty Santa” – can you tell me which corner he are standing. *smile
    I really enjoyed George Winston piano playing to the images of snow – thanks for bringing beauty and humor into my Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you and everybody around you.

  11. Frank – such a fun range of choices :) I can never resist O Holy Night, but I might have to come back for a sprinkling of holiday Inn
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    • Speccy,
      Alright … the lady from Belfest made it! As a first-timer, a special welcome to you. Glad you were able to find a delight in this assortment, and by all means, take your time to enjoy the feast – thus you can have more! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  12. Thank you Frank for who you are, for your writings and for the abundance of musical pieces here. A gift indeed. And the plethora of choices, my oh my!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family filled with love and peace.

    • Rachel!
      Oh my … I’m touched that you stopped by for the festive occasion. I treated Shimon to some wonder Kentucky Bourbon, so I know he’s over at the bar. ;) Meanwhile, take your time on the choices and take as many as you want. Thank you for the greetings and I hope the lights brightened your world.

    • Hey hey hey .. the acclaimed H.E. is in the house! … and I am so much honored! You are very welcome for Naughty Santa as it will fit your theme. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Christmas eve is when the kids open the presents. I got mine from my wife early–a remote start for the car. Because it came for Christmas it carries no guilt even though some might accuse me of warming the car and the planet all at the same time.

    • Randel,
      All the way from the land that recently got a blast of winter snow … Wisconsin. I’ve got the feeling you are enjoying the gift from your wife. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

      • Yes. Used it today. Remotes are very nice.

        I see a storm is heading your way, and we have strong north winds here feeding it. Looks like America had a pretty big white Christmas across the land.

        Again Happy Holidays and nice graphic at top. I like it better than the bumper sticker which uses the symbols to spell out Coexist.

  14. Merry Christmas Frank. Nice selection of videos here, I think like the Glass Harp Tchaikovsky piece the best although it’s a close call. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  15. awww…I opened mine and found a new camera! You shouldn’t have, but thanks so much! I’m going to go find Alex and share a beer with her – Merry Christmas, Frank! I hope you and your wife have a wonderful holiday!

  16. Hi Frank…..Merry Christmas! Thought I’d stop by since you invited me to do so after we “met” thru Leo. It’s tough to choose from those wonderful gifts you have under your tree but I have to confess a fondness for “Holiday Inn” (which we watched last night) and “Silent Night” by Mannheim….LOVE both. Mostly though I’d like to wish you and yours the merriest of holidays. No matter how old I get, I still get all goosepimply over Christmas…..can’t help it – I’m truly the eternal optimist (and child).

    Happy Holiday…………..Pam (and Sammy too of course)

    • Sammy … and you brought Mom along too!

      Oh, don’t worry … you get both Silent Night and Holiday Inn! Thanks for taking time to remember the invite and thanks for sharing the optimism. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  17. Oh, so many great things to see and listen to today. My favorite is the Glass Harp Sugarplum. That was spectacular! Amazing. Next, is the Cello. I love all the music. And, I loved the Holiday Inn. “It’s not my watch you’re holding, it’s my heart!” Got to love that! Thanks for all the gifts. Merry Christmas, Frank!

  18. Frank,
    I have truly enjoyed The Cello Song… I have watched it with my son, and he did have a few “Oh… Papa!!”… So this is pretty much the best blogging XMAS gift I have received.

    Here’s mine. It’s not really Christmassy, but I am feeling peaceful with my son this afternoon, and this one conveys the feeling… I used to be very much into ECM jazz… By what you’ve been posting, I imagined this to be to your liking. Happy holidays, my friend.


    • Eric,
      Many, many thanks for this, but for me, Christmas is in this video! Nonetheless, the best is knowing that the cellos got a positive reaction from your son as that made me smile too! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  19. Hi Frank! These were all so delightful. I was amazed at the Glass Harp Sugarplum–unbelieveable! My next favorite is Silent Night for God’s light show. . .a truly worshipful experience. Thank you, my friend. God bless and a very Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. A. and a very prosperous New Year!

  20. My gosh you are thoughtful Frank. Thanks so much. The Glass Harp music blew my socks off. How on earth did they do that? I also enjoyed watching the Mormon tabernacle choir (all those people), and of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without The six white boomers. :-)

    Merry Christmas greetings over to you and yours dear Frank.

  21. Frankie!
    NOW what are you going to do? Fresh Pressed! Absolutely fantastic!
    And so deserved! This post really makes my entire Christmas and you being fresh pressed is the icing on the cake!
    Congrats Frank, enjoy the double edged sword.
    I wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday!

  22. How wonderful, Frank. Your message is superb, and I just want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy the way you share your reading, knowledge and personal thoughts on both faith and science. I don’t have anyone in my daily ilfe who really does that, and I look forward to what you provide for good reading and thought.

    For the present under the tree, I’m sure there are going to be many that I would like to listen to soon, but I went right to the enormous bell choir and their rendition of Now the Greenblade Riseth. Goodness that’s talent and precision. Just beautiful.

    I completely share your sense of wonder and calm with Christmas Eve. I’m often just a little overwhelmed emotionally, but it’s a good overwhelmed. My firstborn was also born on this day…so I’m right now in the middle of planning for her evening birthday party. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. I hope we can really hold onto and savor the beauty of the season, and carry it forward into the new year. It’s a tall order, I think. But we can work together to try!

    Blessings, Debra

    • Debra,
      Given Christmas Eve and a birthday party, I’m impressed that you even found the time to stop by – which to me, makes it a bit more special.

      Glad you enjoyed the mass choir. If you noticed, they are all youth! We played that song (I think) last year .. but for Easter … it was a fun arrangement to play.

      Meanwhile, many thanks for the kind words about what I’ve done with the religion & science posts. It’s my way of sharing a learning journey … and I know I’m out in front of the majority of everyday people on this topic.

      Oh well … Blessings to you and your family on this day. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    • Wyrd,
      Many thanks for stopping by the party .. and George Winston is a great choice! Congratulations on your achievement … and to think I linked that post here a few days ago! The best of holidays wishes to you!

  23. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad duty to inform all of you that our beloved leader, Frank, has been dealt a most grievous blow. Yes, our most hallowed leader has been … (gasp) … (sob) … Freshly Pressed! I ask all of you, and indeed the entire Angle nation, to pray for our leader in this terrible time. I join you in hoping and praying that we may once again bask in the light of our one true leader. Until then, I have humbly offered my services as leader pro tem – a post I will happily and willingly surrender once Frank has been restored to us all.
    Until then, I wish you all, good night, and good luck.
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

    • John,
      Just letting you know that my helicopter safely landed in a new land that I do not know … but I can say that seeing familiar faces is a good start. But the watching lights of a nation fade away on Christmas Eve is a moment that I will never forget.

      Because of I had to exit in haste, many thanks for your communique to the people.

    • At last! A management decision we can agree with!
      And to think, we knew him way back when the knowledge that he was a great blogger and guy was limited to a lucky few!

      Fortunately, his generosity of spirit means that there is more than enough to go around.

      And sorry,who is this John E person again? ;)

  24. Frank,

    I haven’t had time to sample all your wonderful gifts yet (but I will be back asap to do so I promise!) but wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! And congrats on being Freshly Pressed … I know you don’t consider it a true honor, but hey bask in the glory anyway. You definitely deserve it! *hugs*

    • D-Fae!
      What a special surprise this is! … .and I insist you return because I know you will love some of these gifts.

      Actually, I feel good about the FP. One – it was a total surprise (and with little notice). I always looked at it as a snub because I knew I had posts worthy, but I still gracious in acceptance.

      I hope you had a peaceful Winter Solstice, and holiday greetings to you and your family …. and don’t forget to return for the gifts.

  25. My dear Frank. John just told me the news — Freshly Pressed! What a great Christmas gift for the guy who was giving us all of these wonderful Christmas scenes.


    You know, I normally don’t think that the FP gods choose the best, I think that this time they chose a wonderful post of yours — it captures the giving, sharing spirit that you and your blog exude.

    Merry Christmas, My friend.

  26. You’re so right – Santa Claus IS that spirit of giving & joyous wishes that transcends all faiths. That’s great. I believe in Santa Claus too, now.

    Frank! Freshly pressed! How awesome :) That’s just wonderful!!

    I loved your article, but of the videos, I’m afraid I loved the ‘ooooh yeahhhh, smokin’…’ Santa – what a great collection of entertainment : thank you :)


    • Eyes,
      Glad you are able to take time from your holiday festivities to visit. …. and no shame need, cheers to Naughty Santa!

      Glad you appreciated my view of Santa … and thanks for the FP congrats. My first, and yes, quite the surprise. Actually, I’m still a bit in shock. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  27. I’m disappointed I missed the full gathering, but I must say, you sure know how to throw a party and gift your attendees into peaceful musical oblivion!!! Most impressed with the collection, though O holy night w/universe, then the lights of Norway,, and… OH MY… I’m just beside myself with peace and joy right now, Frank! And, I’m so sorry to hear of the untimely award of being FP’d… But it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, except, mayhap LeClown, but he did get his too, so, it is definitely your turn!! …and I loved LeClown’s contribution the the aural aura of your party. Merry holidays, Frank, et al. May warmth and peace brighten your soul and make your heart happy, now and forever, amen!!!

    • Buddahkat!
      You made it … but you are not late as I planned this for a three-day event … after all, there is a lot of other holiday stuff people have to attend.

      The universe and the lights are two of my favorites as I’m one who stands in awe of those scenes.

      Regarding Le Clown, the line from his son is priceless, thus made me smile!

      About this FP thing, this is new to me, so I have to wade through it … and I must say, the announcement stunned me then, and I’m still a bit stunned.

      Many thanks for the kind words and peace to you during this holiday season!

  28. FRANK—greetings, you FRESHLY PRESSED Wonder!!!! I reblogged before I got down to “Naughty Santa”…Hope he’s not too naughty, I’ve a reputation to keep. If you’d like to read some Christmas-related poetry from a mostly Christian perspective…come visit! Merry Christmas to you, sir! —Jonathan Caswell…bythemightymumford.wordpress.com.

    • Jonathan,
      Naught Santa is fine … just a bit of humor – after all, I’m pretty darn clean here. Thanks for the scoop on your blog, and yes, I will check it out once the I tame the flurry.

      By the way, which was your favorite video(s)?

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  30. Frank, my good man. . .I just saw the great news: Freshly Pressed!! Now what are you going to do? You won’t be able to give them the raspberries anymore! All kidding aside, I couldn’t be happier for you and it couldn’t have happened to a more generous blogger. Congratulations!

    • E-Tom,
      I’m still in shock and a bit overwhelmed. We have the same mantra of wanting to reply to all visitors … and all I can say is Oh boy! But, I’m taking care of my regulars first. Thanks your kind words, and once again, Merry Christmas to you, WW, and the rest of your family!

  31. It is just after 1am and I just finished putting Santa’s empty cookie plate off to the side of the tree. I unwound from this hectic but lovely day listening to Oh Holy Night while viewing spectacular scenes through the Hubble Telescope! What a thoughtful gift. Thank you & Merry Christmas!

    • Karen,
      Welcome … and thanks for stopping by and letting me know the gift of your choice. Hubble images are special to me, thus usually occupy my header (See Past Headers page) … thus I love that video as well. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and thanks for taking the time to make a thoughtful comment.

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    • Otto,
      Merry Christmas to you … and hopefully you had a celebratory Christmas Eve in Norway. Hopefully you can get back to tell him which of the gifts you enjoyed the most. :) … well, if time is available.

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  34. Season’s Greetings Frank and thank you for the wonderful Christmas Waltz. That song is special to me from childhood and it was a wonderful backdrop for all the classic clips. I confess I feasted at the buffet and took in the glass harp also. Such a wonderful gift. Much appreciation. Peace!

    • Speed,
      Welcome … and Peace to you on this day. Many thanks for sharing your story behind choosing the Christmas Waltz. Oh — no problem on the glass harp because visitors get as many as they want. Thanks for commenting.

  35. Merry Christmas, and Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours, Mr. Frank!!
    Congratulations on Freshly Pressed, too!

    George Winston, always my favourite, but I had to go for two more of my faves: the Piano and the Universe-Oh Holy Night. So glad I checked-in today!

    • Victoria,
      Welcome! Thanks not only for visiting, but for also watching the videos and letting me know you favorites. Those are two great choices. Holiday cheers to you and those you love!

  36. I found you via freshly pressed and now I am only hoping it had happened earlier.
    I loved the way you opened your post and thanks for the rest of it too.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Frank ( as that’s what I understand your name to be)! :-)

    • Gull,
      Welcome to my little corner of the world … and yes, I’m Frank. Although some won’t always agree with what I say, my regulars will say that I aim to respect all. Yes, as a Christian, I see Christmas as a religious holiday. Then again, I can’t ignore other themes that is common throughout humanity that are also important messages for the season … so in that sense, Christmas is a holiday for all regardless of religion. thank you for the best wishes and I wish you many joys for your holiday season! Thanks for taking time to comment.

      • I am in agreement with what you say about its being a holiday and a time for celebration for all. what could be better then making people smile via a gift or a kindly sent message.
        Its heart warming to become a part of your world Frank, for till now it seems beautiful. Hence, let me say, the pleasure is all mine!! :-)

      • Frank–I had to come back when I had time to shake all of the packages. Since I DID make a return trip, I helped myself to TWO gifts, one from the Musical Instuments category (the Glass Harp) and one from the Beauty Accompanied by Music category (the Hubble Telescope one). Thank you for your gift(s).

  37. Merry Christmas, Frank! Thank you so much for the wide range of gifts to choose from. I decided to dance to the Christmas Waltz and I’m so glad I did. It seemed to have a little bit of everything. I’ll be back for more. :)

    A big CONGRATULATIONS to you on being Freshly Pressed. Yay, Frank!

    • Robin,
      Merry Christmas my northern Ohio friend. That Christmas Waltz video is awesome as I love the classic movie scenes. Many thanks on the FP congrats, but more important to me, I happy that you took time on the holiday to stop by.

  38. Hi Sweetie….I pick the Christmas Waltz which you know is my favorite dance. I can picture us twirling around the floor together.

  39. Frank, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and enjoying your company over the last year.
    The music above is excellent and diverse, nothing less than what I’d expect from you. I’m going to go with the glass harp for its beauty, and six white boomers for the story.
    And now I’m going to head over to the bar to make sure Alex and Whitelady don’t finish all the beer.
    Until I can help them.

    Hope the FP is only the start of a fantastic wrap up to your year!

  40. Frank, I am back. This time I enjoyed the Christmas Boomers. Hilarious!

    BTW, my husband is delighted with your book recommendation on the Japanese/Soviet battle! Thanks a million!

    • Elyse,
      Alright … an American jumping into the Six White Boomers. Oh wow … I recall you mentioning the book for hubby … as you well know, it’s always good to hear a recommendation come through. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day!

        • Definitely added to the holiday crazies … especially, as you know, I do interact with being who take the time to comment. Then again, being the holidays, I think it’s slowed down traffic. Thanks again for the support … and yes, I was surprised … I was totally caught off guard.

  41. This post was my favorite this year! Christmas is what you make it and I am blessed to have family and friends to spend it with ! Sending you joy + happiness this Christmas love and shine courtstar

    • Currently, the line is projected to be right through Cincinnati. Good news is that I’m on the good side of town … well at least at the moment. Thanks again for the support through it all!

    • Nicole,
      Welcome first-timer … and congrats again on being honored by Le Clown. Thanks for sharing the news of your wonderful Christmas, but I have a question (as a fellow wine lover) – was your gift red or white? Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return. Cheers.

  42. May I have a 50% discount after Christmas deal? I’ll take The Cello Song. My daughter is an aspiring cellist and I am a former, wannabe, muscian having played the bass, drums and piano. I’m always impressed with muscians that can do it all. Thank you for keeping the store open…

  43. I loved all the gifts! And appreciate the little gift you received of being freshly pressed. Your blog deserves the exposure. If there were a quality standard that determines FPed blogs yours would have been named eons ago. Terrific as usual!

    • Patti,
      Thanks for the kind words. Although I was perplexed when certain posts didn’t make it, I never changed what I was doing – thus actually resigned to the fact that it probably wouldn’t happen … then Pow … and out of the clear blue! … and Christmas Eve to boot.

    • Tony,
      Welcome …. and many thanks. My little corner respects visitors while attempting to stimulate the brain in a variety of way. Many thanks for visiting … but I noticed you didn’t pick a gift. :( … so please feel free to return.

  44. Frank, I’m new here, but I see why you were Freshly Pressed. What a great Christmas article, and just when I’d given up on the whole idea.

    Thank you for my gift: A letter, in the mail, accepting publication for a very special friend of mine.


  45. “Yes, I believe in Santa Claus, and the reason is simple – Santa Claus is a spirit of giving and kindness that transcends all cultures” – Vey true wise and inspiring :)

  46. Hello
    Thank you! And congratulations on being freshly pressed. I received with thanks: Christmas Waltz and Silent Night with Aurora Borealis. Wish you all joy during the festive season and a wonderful 2013.

  47. Merry Christmas, aFrankAngle. What a fun gift to you and thank you for all of yours. Love the cello song and Bob Hope, back to back. I invite you to my site for an ounce of virtual limoncello. Enjoy the holidays.

  48. Beautiful post, thank you so much. I picked two, one for each of my brothers. the first was Bob Hope, I was 11 years old in ’66, two years later my older brother was in Nam. Spent his year there with the Marines, wounded but came home safe.
    The second one was Silent Night, one of my favorite songs and I’ve been late to work many times because I stopped to watch the aurora borealis in the sky. Silent Night was sung at a memorial service for my younger brother when he died of cancer several years ago.
    Thanks for such beautiful choices.

    • Critters,
      Welcome … and not only thanks for letting me know your choices, but also for sharing your reasons. Touching … and FYI – we grew up in the same era. Thanks for commenting.

  49. What a delightful post! It really made me smile. I only regret that I didn’t see it before Christmas but it was still such a joy to read. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and here’s to a very Happy New Year as well :-)

    • CoffeeDiva,
      Welcome … it was a fun post to put together for my regulars, but wow … getting FP simply expanded the gift list! Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for the kind words. Merry Christmas to you and hope you have a wonderful 2013;

  50. Frank, congratulations on being Freshly Pressed pal! What a great Xmas gift to a great guy! I tried to access this post while on holiday but it kept crashing on the iPod Touch my boss gave me. I chose Six White Boomers. Great post!

    • Lame,
      Many thanks … and my regulars have been thrilled … and also patient because I’ve been working hard … the price I pay for being in reply to all … and reciprocating.

      Six White Boomers is a great choice … and one that many of us here don’t know! Thanks for the congrats!

  51. I loved the glass harp. Anyways, this Christmas, I didn’t want anything material, as I had already bought meself the two video games I wanted. So for Christmas, I would like my new project to be successful in 2013. It’s a Spanish version of It Gets Better.

  52. Being an Aussie ex pat I should probably have gone for Six White Boomers but not being greedy the glass harp was my choice. Wonderful post. Thank you and Merry Christmas if somewhat belated. Hoping 2013 brings much peace, joy and happiness to one and all. :)

    • Floating,
      Welcome – and Merry Christmas to you! But why not the boomers AND the glass harp? Consider it done! Thanks for the best wishes, and may 2013 bring you many more ups than downs. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  53. I started off well, Frank, but ran out of time. You know how it is! Many congrats on FP. Glad I found you first. Think I’m going for Aurora Borealis. Good job I haven’t started drinking yet. I’d never spell that. Happy New Year and cheers!

    • Cyclist,
      Many thanks … it’s been a whirlwind, and the fact of the time of year has amplified the effects. Oh well … at least it happened after posts numbering four digits. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Wallaus,
      Welcome – With a few Aussies as my regulars, I tend to keep them in mind. Thanks for the link … and give me time, and I’ll check it out. Thanks for commenting.

  54. Pingback: The Reconciliation Theme | Celia Wong

    • Toni,
      Welcome … and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. The Piano Guys are incredible, and they make some interesting videos! Thanks for commenting and the kind words.

  55. Pingback: An overdue Christmas message | Celia Wong

  56. Now here’s a late thought on christmas. We insist on reinforcing the Santa myth to our children/grandchildren, ad infinitum, in the belief that it’s magical. Then those same children around age seven lose the magic when they discover it’s all a sham. Why would they ever believe us again? Then we propagate another myth of the grey haired and bearded who will feature large in an afterlife. It is family and friend time without the myths and thats whats cool. Happy new year

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