On 12 Flurries of Christmas

Welcome back! To my Christmas-celebrating friends, I hope you had a DSC01561wonderful holiday. To those not celebrating, hope the day delivered joy and peace to you.

Because I encountered some unexpected flurries, these pics from an outdoor holiday lights display we visit several weeks ago will accompany the story.

Flurry #1: We decided on a cross-state drive to visit my sister for the weekend. The visit went well, but Saturday was John Erickson’s birthday, thus I was disappointed to miss the festivities.

Flurry #2: Upon returning home, I replied to the comments on John’s tribute post, and then raced through the other tributes. I enjoyed them, but a day late just wasn’t the same as being there.

Flurry #3: Besides catching up on the John tributes, Sunday was also the start of my holiday post. I published it at the planned time, which meant comments were on the way.

Flurry #4: I started Christmas Eve with replying to comments. Throughout the day, in between errands, cleaning, and cooking dinner, I tried to make holiday wishes to the blogs I frequent.

Flurry #5: I receive an honor from highly acclaimed H.E.Ellis because this Naughty Santa video from my Gifts 2012 post inspired this post by her.


Flurry #6: We just finished dinner, and I returned to blogs to answer comments on the gifts post. Through my emails, I see a Like for someone I don’t know … followed by a subscribe notice … following by a comment from Society Red in Seattle, and one I ordered not long ago to shred his citizenship papers: NOW what are you going to do? Freshly Pressed!

Flurry #7: Society Red’s comment created an oh-crap moment, so I scanned the Inbox – and there it was – the notification – and it was already live! … She (the editor) picked DSC01559her favorite video (Hubble to Oh Holy Night), and included this closing statement: Sorry to have to make you remove your “never been Freshly Pressed” badge. Consider it our gift to you.

Flurry #8: I was totally surprised that post #1,082 made it, so I hastily notified a few. After all, time was short and I knew had to abdicate the throne of the country I formed. I summoned a chopper for making my escape into the dark skies to avoid the potential hysteria.

Flurry #9: From the chopper, I contacted John Erickson, who spread the news. Yet, on this Christmas Eve night, the night known for celebrating joy and peace, I looked at the sparkling lights from the people below with pride and sadness … and as the last light faded away, the a tear hits the floor.

Flurry #10: Now in a new location I realized I had get to church for the handbell choir’s final rehearsal. After participating in two services, I returned home to more messages.

Flurry #11: Christmas Day – Dealing with 800+ visitors on this day, plus comments, and maintaining a personal philosophy of interacting with visitors DSC01560was a challenge. My in-laws visited in the afternoon and we had enjoyed dinner. In the evening, I finally slayed the last comment … and then I saw this tribute from rarasaur.

Flurry #12: Besides managing comments, the day after Christmas delivered a winter storm dividing Cincinnati in two – snow and wind for blizzard conditions on the west side to rain-sheet-ice-snow mix for those of us on the east side. Fortunately, I was on the good side of the storm.

I safely landed on the other side of NonFP Nation., and warmly greeted by my friends here … and those in my former homeland cheered as well. Suddenly and unexpectedly receiving the never-envisioned was interesting – but it sure made Christmas 2012 was a bit different. I weathered the storm of 2,100+ visits over 3 days – but I also look forward to returning back to my normal routine. Thanks everyone!

PS: To add the pleasure, the FP post about Santa (the one beside mine in the FP image below)  I listed in last Friday’s Interesting Reads section of Opinions in the Shorts. Yep, I noted it before WordPress.


72 thoughts on “On 12 Flurries of Christmas

    • Spiced,
      Well … in terms of the weather, I didn’t leave the house yesterday. It’s the early morning right now, and the trees are beautiful! But yes – the important thing is all is well. Thanks for commenting.


  1. I sorta envy the FP thing but I also fear it, I saw all the comments you had, well deserved. I would go crazier if I had to take care of that many comments, I still remember the Movember thing, it had me on the verge, I have nothing to worry about tho, trashing Oprah and WP will never get me there. You are really good at getting back to people, I’m usually a day behind.
    I can still brag about being friends with a lot of FP bloggers.


    • Doggy,
      Well beware … I never thought I’d be there as well … and then, not only does it happen, but on a holiday! Both of us see replying to comments as important, but keep in mind that I currently have time to spare. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Frank, I was delighted to see you were FP’d. It was way overdue, but I agree with the WP gods that it was a gift for you. I hope it found you many more appreciative readers.


    • Elyse,
      Well … you know the drill, so time will tell if any real gains come from it. But it was also fun visiting the sites of visitors as well, thus I have bookmarked a few! Nonetheless, thanks for your support!


  3. HEAVENS!! You had the most amazing Holiday!! You have to have superhuman strength to have navigated all of the things you needed to attend to over these few short days….SUPERMAN FRANK…TA-DA!! So exciting!!


  4. Big congrats on getting Freshly Pressed! I was inactive over Christmas, so I didn’t realize you received this honor. Well deserved. And you described it perfectly. A ‘flurry’ is definitely what it is. 🙂


    • Carrie,
      Many thanks for the kind words. I noticed that you were inactive, so a belated holiday greeting of your choice to you and your family. Hey – stop by the Gifts 2012 (previous post) for your gifts! Thanks again!


  5. Those “embarrassment of riches” moments can be quite a stretch! Of all the days, this must have been a very big challenge, but fun, too. It sounds like you had an exciting time and now you’ll have to find another challenge for the new year! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Fun, challenging, overwhelming, appreciative are a few of the descriptors … and it feels that each day I start in a pit covered with soil. Oh well … because I respond to comments & publish again, I guess part of it is self-induced. 🙂 Many thanks for your faithful support.


  6. As they say “Better late than never”. Congratulations for a well deserved award and recognition. As a new follower, I can’t believe it took so long. How lovely that it happened on Xmas. Sorry that I’ve just now realized it and my congrats are late as well.
    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer man.


    • Rachel,
      Many thanks … you were at the post before it happened. It took awhile, and to be honest, I didn’t think it would ever happened as I figured I didn’t write to their brand – therefore FP surprised me. Thanks for the kind words!


  7. What a great Christmas gift from FP. I love that they said:
    ” Sorry to have to make you remove your “never been Freshly Pressed” badge. Consider it our gift to you.”

    How did you take the picture of the FP page?


    • Rosie,
      Because you were at the Gifts 2012 page before the flurry, I thought you would appreciate this post – so thanks for visiting. The email had a combination of personal elements and form-letter stuff, which is something I didn’t expect.

      As far as the image, if you have a Windows 7 computer, there is a great little tool called Snipping Tool. It is incredibly simple. Without it, I could have captured with Paint and then cropped in PowerPoint. If you are on Mac, I’m clueless on what to say. 😉


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