On a Blog Reflection: 2012

In lieu of Friday’s typical Opinions in the Shorts, here’s a look back at 2012. Besides, I still feel a bit overwhelmed from the hectic nature of the past few days.

From the blogging perspective, 2012 was a successful year.

  • Except when on vacation, I maintained my 5-6 posts per week
  • December was already on pace to be the best month ever, but with Freshly Pressed, this month may stand a while
  • Visits for the year improved over 40% from 2011
  • Reached the 100,000 mark for visits
  • 20,000th comment will be soon – and who will get the fireworks display
  • Freshly Pressed on December 24
  • Being added to Le Clown’s blogroll
  • My 1000th post party was very special
  • I continue to enjoy posting and interacting with my visitors

By reviewing my 2012 posts, I selected one post from each month to feature the variety of topics that I embrace. From politics to religion to science to travel to ballroom dance and more, here is my look back at 2012. This collection also gives new readers a chance to learn about me and this blog – which could either encourage them to return or drive them away!

For your comments, which did you read? To my long-time visitors, do you have any memorable posts that I didn’t include?

January: My story of living with a night of blame for 40+ years

February: A tribute to Pi – yep, 3.141592653, including a link of Pi to a million digits

March: On a spectacular place – the universe

April: Looking at the difficult topic of free will

May: Political gridlock remains valid today … and probably tomorrow

June: Faith and science are compatible

July: A mistaken view about global warming

August: I enjoy college football, so look at some of my favorite college football traditions

September: Time for a cruise – Start in Amsterdam, and then follow the link at the bottom of the post to the next port

October: Learn about and enjoy tango

November: I enjoy classic cartoons, so it’s all about Taz

December: How many people can play one instrument at the same time

To send you into the weekend, enjoy Disco Santa, which makes me laugh … and yep, sure sounds like the Village People. Have a safe weekend, and hopefully I can get a play-toy post together for your Saturday.

62 thoughts on “On a Blog Reflection: 2012

    • Teeny,
      You made my day. We heard it for the first time the other day while in the car, and were laughing – so I’m thrilled to have found this video. Thanks for visiting and the accolades … and I will return to your posts as soon as I can catch up!


  1. Frank, what a great thing to do to look back and see all that you’ve accomplished. Congratulations on a successful year! I’ll have a look at some of your highlighted posts since I haven’t been with you that long. Hope you’re weathering the storm okay.


    • Bumble,
      Hope you find something of interest, but it is a what a do – a potpourri. … and you will notice that fiction is not there – thus I leave it to others as yourself and Rich. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. What a year, Frank. I’m so glad to have shared it with you. My favo of the posts you mentioned was the June post on faith and science. So well done.

    Happy New Year Frank. See you around the ‘sphere in 2013!


  3. Hilarious, Disco Santa! Thanks again, for the warm smiles here. And Congratulations on a most awesome year, Frank! I’m looking forward to your posts in 2013, too. Glad you made the “Feature” list, above; I see quite a few which grab my interest.


    • Victoria,
      Cheers to another who enjoys Disco Santa!!! As you can tell, my posts cover a wide range of topics. Heck, look at the Categories in the sidebar! Glad you appreciated this, and I look forward to future interactions. Meanwhile, I asked for your patience because I reciprocate … unfortunately, right now I’m swamped. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  4. That is a very impressive year for a blogger, especially in an overcrowded blogosphere. You should be proud of yourself. I think your bell choir should play a song in your honor. I’ll hum along at home. 🙂


  5. First…LOVE THE VIDEO!!….Second, you are definitely an over-achiever!!….Way to go Frank, everything you do is fascinating…and the FP honor is absolutely very deserved….looking forward to 2013 with high hopes !!


  6. I’m amazed that you ere able to narrow down each month to just one post, Frank. You have an incredible body of writing here, and I look forward to every new post.

    Loved the video, and looking forward to another insightful, delightful, eclectic year of reading!


  7. Disco Santa is the best!!!!

    I think I could not have narrowed down your work to one post per month, I would still be reading and picking. Eventually I would throw my hands up in horror, how to pick woe is me.

    Can’t wait for the new year and all you will bring.


  8. Hi,
    Wow, congrats on being Freshly Pressed, that is just fantastic, I haven’t been on the net for the last couple of days, so that was a lovely surprise to find out about. 😀
    Loved the Santa video, well done.


  9. Yep – still cleaning up! Sorry, I can’t vote for a favourite post you missed listing due to conflict of interest. But it was DEFINITELY on the 22nd of December. 😉
    Here’s to a great 2013 – let’s see if we can bust those December stats, FP status be hanged!


    • John,
      The 22 Dec post was fun … and to think you are linked to Coco the gorilla. Amazing!

      The Dec stats were not quite double from the previous high … so I imagine it will stand for some time. But thanks for your optimism. Thanks for trying to catch up!


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