On a Time to Play

In lieu of a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoon post, here is a wonderful interactive site for you to enjoy – and probably learn something. Special thanks to Alex for finding this gem earlier this year.

A couple of notes for you before you get to play. The image below is what you probably will see first after clicking the link. Notice the following on the image:

  • The Scroll bar, which located at the bottom of the interactive field (at within as shown), is for zooming in and out
  • Click any image to learn more
  • It may take time to load, and the Start button will display the loading status
  • Once loaded, click Start



The universe is a wonderful place, so enjoy and savor. To start your exploration, click here.

71 thoughts on “On a Time to Play

  1. Watching this makes you really understand the size of the universe we live in. Still it’s really hard to wrap your hear around it. Our minds simply can’t imagine that there is some many aspects that we can’t see with our naked eyes.


    • Sharkwave,
      First of all … welcome!

      Great perspective. Many people definitely limit their perspective. As I like to ask, is an elephant big? Well, the answer is as compared to what! Yes, to a mouse, but No to a mountain. … but the same can be said of both the mouse and the mountain …. and the analogy continues.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts … and hope you return again.


  2. This really is amazing. Thanks for sharing this. I am both humbled and mystified at the wonder of creation and what is known so far. It’s hard to imagine what is yet to come. Have a great weekend Frank.


    • Mobius,
      The two of us have very similar views of creation. Yes, we stand in awe of what is difficult to image. Thanks for stopping by … sorry I haven’t been by in a few days – but I shall return.


  3. Thanks for this Frank. I’ve seen it before — and even had all the scientist in my office playing with it for days — it is so very very cool.

    Now I won’t get anything done. But at least I can put it into perspective!


  4. Wow Frank I had nearly forgot about this! Thanks for reminding me. I can, and will, get totally lost with it. It’s completely addictive. I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! 😀


    • James,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Not only educational, but educational for most ages! I am interested to hear about what elementary & middle school kids learn from it. Thanks for commenting … and please come again.


  5. Frank, you have been a busy blogger and it looks like 2013 is going to be even more busy – congratulations????!!!!
    That video is priceless … and whoever the singer is – he is brilliant – great voice. I’m not surprised that Santa he flips and goes a bit nuts. Probably overworked and under paid. Thanks for some minutes great entertainment.


  6. Frank, this is the first post I’ve read since returning to NYC from my vacation. I was initially disappointed that it was not a cartoon post, but I checked out the link and I must say, my disappointment instantly evaporated. Super cool! It brought to mind the film, “Powers of Ten” by Charles and Ray Eames. Are you familiar with it?


    • Hey hey Lame … yippee to your safe return.

      I recall the first time I saw Power of Ten … actually in a picture book, long ago in a building in ironically … Chicago! I also recall a similar video I used here starting in Venus.

      Thanks for this video and glad I was able to overcome your disappointment from the lack of a cartoon. 🙂 …

      While you were gone, did you see what happened to me? Look at the first badge on the sidebar.

      Welcome back and thanks for visiting.


  7. Loved this, Frank! A great reminder for starting a new year, keeps everything in perspective 🙂 I wonder which direction people go when they start with it; I went out to the universe first, then down to the Planck length. I see Tom did the opposite. I have a feeling I’m going to be playing with this for the next few days.


    • Lynn,
      Wow … love you philosophical perspective on this interactive. Awesome!

      Meanwhile, glad you enjoy this one … and yes, it’s one worth a bookmark and return visits. As for your question, I can see that I did it Tom’s way. Thanks for visiting.


    • Zannyro,
      I didn’t think about the perspective angle, which would be perfect going into the new year … but you are the second person to mention it … so I wish I would have thought of it. … Nonetheless, glad you enjoyed it … and it’s worth a bookmark. Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Very nice addition to your educational repertoire, Frank. I can always count on you to provide something stimulating and at the same time playful! Very fun. And happy new year, Frank. I start each year fully expecting only the best for myself and my friends! 🙂


  9. I just go with the great line from the movie version of “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. “Space is big. Really big.” So nice and clean and simple.
    Then again, I’m old enough to remember doing scales in the play yard of the school, with the Sun as a basketball and Neptune somewhere at the other end of the whole bloody property!
    Gonna have to go have some fun, once I get back to current Emails!


    • John,
      Agree … scale is very important … and both very large and very small is difficult for most of us to comprehend. Meanwhile, when you get the time, I think you will have fun with this interactive. Thanks for commenting … and remember your goal!


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