Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 168

On Politics
After wasting most of the year, cheers to the US Congress for doing what they continually say what they would never do – play kick the can. Sure the passed a small deal, but they avoided the tough decisions. You are a pathetic lot! A new Congress starts, thus a new opportunity for diddly-squat. After all, one side can still say It’s their fault, while the other side says It’s not my fault.

A tip-of-the-hat to Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) for his comments about the way Congress has handled Hurricane Sandy relief. Well said, Governor!

With Secretary of State Clinton in the hospital with the blood clot, I keep thinking about the partisan jackwagons claiming she was faking an injury to avoid testifying to a Congressional committee regarding the attacks at the Benghazi embassy.

From Donald Trump to 9-9-9 to binders full of women, Republican presidential campaign provided countless dorkian moments … (and I’m a registered Republican) Therefore, I will not post the 2012 Dorks of the Year because politicians dominated the list – and yes, The Nincompoop would have made the list. After all, she did talk.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Study: Red meat takes years off cow’s life
TGI Friday’s reveals new Jeff Daniel’s barbeque sauce
Depressed Ralph Lauren releases new wrinkled dress shirts with marinara stain
Department of Corruption denies wrongdoing
McDonald’s to print calorie count on meat
Area father beginning to suspect 3-year old is a real ding-dong

Interesting Reads
Kathleen Parker’s column about JFK photos
Decoding the science of sleep
Learn about auroras on my header Auroras from this wonderful post  America’s 2012 as told through charts – well, at least the ones the author chose
Gallop’s Top World News Findings of 2012

On Potpourri
In March 2012, I published this post about a wave – but not just any wave, but a wave one climbs. That post included outstanding pictures by a long-time friend, who recently published a photobook that I will gladly promote, so click here to see. Here’s Steve’s online studio, LightWave Images

During the Freshly Pressed avalanche, I discovered these interesting pics.

I never knew that recently deceased General Norman Schwartzkopf’s father was the head of the New Jersey State Police at the time of the Lindberg baby kidnapping. I say this because earlier this week was the anniversary of the start of Bruno Hauptmann’s trial.

I will have a Saturday post, but sorry – no Saturday morning classic cartoon character post this week because I need to catch my breath. Just using it to clear some bookmarks for you to enjoy.

Enjoy this short video featuring Aurora Borealis. Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

73 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 168

  1. Well, here’s my Onion favorite (only because I resemble this remark) Depressed Ralph Lauren releases new wrinkled dress shirts with marinara stain

    But about Christie. Yes, since Sandy came ashore, Gov. Christie has done and said everything right. But before that? No. He was the same GOP cut, cut, cut, through grandma out, kill all social programs. Etc. Etc. I’m hoping he has learned to have a heart the hard way. Really hopeful.


  2. Thank you for the aurora! I lived in a small mining town in northern Manitoba Canada when I was growing up. The winters were bitterly cold (-45) but the northern lights, as we called them, were spectacular. Sunrise was about 10 and sunset at 3 in the afternoon. But the aurora lit up the darkness and made up for the loss of sunshine hours.


  3. Liking the Ralph Lauren routine. That would make SO much of my wardrobe into designer fashion!
    I was intrigued to hear about Gen. Schwarzkopf’s father, as well. Intriguing bit of information about the great man’s background.
    Oh, and you might want to head over to Elyse’s blog, and see what other glaring failure the GOP committed. Oops, sorry, Her Majesty, Our Most Beloved Queen Elyse’s blog. A thousand apologies for my oversight, my liege! 😉
    And yes, I’ll be back to cleaning up my backlog tomorrow. This is one knight who’s had a long day. 😀


    • John,
      Wow … I’m impressed with the fact that I tossed something out there about a general that you didn’t know. Kudos to me! 😉 I read the queen’s post about the fourth character from the Wizard of Oz that producers cut from the script – the one without a brain. Maybe Santa 2013 will deliver your wrinkled, marinara-stained, Ralph Lauren shirt. Good luck with the backlog!


  4. Your ‘On Politics’ was feisty – if I were American your response seems justified. As for Donald Trump, is it just me, is his hair shrinking or is head getting large.

    Ah you can’t beat a good Aurora as Clanmother pointed out. Incidentally, my nephew’s daughter is named Aurora and having spent a Christmas gathering with her I know why. Her name is a apt one.


    • Hudson,
      I try to be respectful with tempered responses, but I can accept feisty. … Maybe someday I can see an aurora … and cheers to your nephew’s daughter! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I am totes crushing on Chris Christie. I really liked the way he acted during Sandy, too. I love Hills but I’m not 100% sure it was really a medical problem. I’d have to see X-rays that are real and not “doctored” or whatev. It just seems all so convenient and now she’s on her way back to work?? Hmmm. The aurora b is awesome. thanks for a great post. Again.!


    • Seashells,
      The governor stepped up to the plate on the disaster. Sorry to let you know that Secretory Clinton is not back to work. Glad you enjoyed the aurora video! Thanks for commenting.


  6. I love the word jackwagon. We use it a lot in our household. Politicians–I just don’t understand how they get paid to do nothing. No wait, they make things worse by ignoring. Incompetent, selfish, and a waste of space. Sorry this comment is not very positive. Let me wish you a happy Friday!


  7. Love that video and the music – from the “The Gladiator” by Hans Zimmer …
    Northern Light – never seen it myself .. even if I live in the country of it. Stunning. Was Bruno Hauptmann really guilty ?????


  8. What really, really distressed me was finding out what other crap was thrown into that bill in the form of pork. Almost 50 million bucks went to Nascar. I was so disgusted. I’d like to personally escort the entire lot of do nothings and waste-of-space out the door. Ugh.


  9. Re politics, sure they’re kicking the can down the road, but is it in the middle or to the left or the right??? As for Hilary you’d think after all these years she’d be used to having bother with a clot.

    Re the Onions, good selection. The winner is between “Area father beginning to suspect 3-year old is a real ding-dong” and “Depressed Ralf….” but as for “Study: Red meat takes years off cow’s life” all I can say is bullocks!

    As for your tempered responses, all I can say is stay angry, man!!! 🙂


  10. Too many great “onions”, but I loved Ralph Lauren and “the ding-dong”….and Chris Christie…I mean AWESOME……such a great post Frank..THANK YOU!! Enjoy your “breather”!.


  11. I completely agree with paragraphs 2, 3, and 4, of your “On Politics.” Paragraph one, however, sounds like you yearn for a return to the days of bipartisanship where members of Congress and Presidents got together in smoke filled rooms, and on land line telephones, and “compromised” by horse trading earmarks, pork, and campaign funds, for votes, while members of the media kept the lid on the details with their adherence to an “off the record” code based upon the need to keep their jobs.

    Today, “off the record” doesn’t work because there’s little or no job penalty, and much financial reward, for members of the media to spill the beans on what they know or suspect political leaders are up to, in front of a worldwide 24 hour news cycle audience. The result is that politicians hold their cards close to the vest until the last second before announcing a settlement, as we witnessed in the New Year’s Eve/Day “Fiscal Cliff” deal.

    For the solution, I again say “follow the money.” Political leaders will never do what’s right for the country as long as they need such unbelievable amounts of money to get elected, or re-elected. Change the need for political funding, and the power of the media to make politicians perform like Clowns and Cowards will be greatly reduced.


    • Tim,
      Let me get right to the point. Yearning for smoke-filled rooms and backroom deals were words that rung in your head, and certainly not in this post. Besides, I don’t care for the earmark system. Stuff is either budgeted or not … with a few exceptions, as disasters.

      I do yearn for productivity, which is something that the 112th Congress severely lacked – so the current new batch doesn’t have to do that much to be better. If the Biden-McConnell connection leads to more productivity, amen.

      On the other hand (and as you know), I have professed for a long time that the primary interest of our elected officials is not our country, nor even the people the serve … and common mention of that by them is generally a falsehood … so yes, follow the money on both sides of the aisle, which is another long-time belief of mine – thus why I’ve had Open Secrets listed in my Resources for a long time.

      Is there a solution? I doubt it – but we can still vote the bums out. Then when the new one arrives, the chant of getting them out starts on day 1. After several cycles, maybe they will get the message … then again, I don’t think the institution gets it.

      Thanks for your thoughts and support here.


  12. You’re certainly in fine form Frank. I do appreciate it when you tell it like it is about our elected leaders — is that an oxymoron, or is that an eight-sided idiot? LOVED all those headlines from The Onion. I don’t have sound here at The Grind’s computer and I forgot to pack my headphones so I didn’t watch the video. Yes, I know I can watch the video when I’m back in my casa, but that would also require remembering to watch the video, something that’s more miss than hit considering that my head has more holes than however many can fill the Albert Hall. Yes, a direct Beatles’ reference. I was thinking about that ghastly cartoon show that featured them back in the day (hint, hint, hint). Even though the plot lines were insipid and the animation deplorable, the music of the Fab Four was the real deal. Therefore, this lifelong Beatle addict watched it religiously since I always appreciate a fix of those guys.


    • Lame,
      For the record, I added Fab Four’s cartoon to my list. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Love the idea of an oxymoron being equivalent to an eight-sided idiot, which is fitting for our elected officials. Yep – they cause my of shake my head enough it’s almost continuous. Oh well …. the sun will come out … tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.


  13. You’re right about my mis-wording and I stand corrected that what you in fact yearn for, is productivity, which I agree the 112th Congress lacked. But, and maybe I’m sounding like a one-trick pony, I still believe that it’s not so much Liberals, Conservatives, Tea Parties, Progressives, and NRA’s, that are keeping us from working together as Americans, it’s “The Money.” And from what I read and understand (and I apologize if I’m naive, wrong, or both), the other developed countries in the world somehow are handling “The Money” in political funding (and gun control) better than the U.S.

    And thanks again for the amount of time, hard work, and thought you put into making aFrankAngle a great forum for learning, thinking, and sharing.


    • TIm,
      There’s no question that their quips are greatly influenced by the interests of the funders. Let us not forget that once they leave office, some go to high paying jobs at either the lobbiess or the industry itself. As for the solution, it may be beyond control.

      Thanks for the perspective and your support.


  14. Hi Frank! I too like the Ralph Lauren depressed shirt best. Chris Christie is good at the whole bloviating thing, and I respect how he called out the government during their handling of Hurricane Sandy, but unfortunately, on other things that matter, he’s on the wrong side….he continually votes against gay marriage rights, etc. It’s sad. I did actually know about Schwartzkopf’s father, only because I saw a documentary about the kidnapping years ago and I thought, “That can’t be a coincidence, they must be related.” So I looked it up and sure enough, it was his dad!


    • Weebs,
      .. .and another support for the shirt!

      I give props to Gov Christie for his action without influence of his other stances … ok, that’s my off-beat side.

      Wow … congrats on knowing about Stormin’ Norman’s dad … it sure surprised me, and heck, even Erickson didn’t seem to know that one. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Frank, I hope you can catch your breath. For some reason, I feel like I’m starting the new year out of breath, too. Now that’s not right, is it? I loved “Depressed Ralph Lauren releases new wrinkled dress shirts with marinara stain.” So funny!! I look forward to lots of the reading material you provided! Have a great, restful weekend.


    • Amy,
      Yep … I need to catch myself, but I know I determine a plan. Meanwhile, the shirt is a good choice … and a popular one too! I must say, I got a chuckle from it myself. Thanks for stopping by.


  16. Hi, (with respect), we watch American politics with bemusement – but hey! Maybe that’s because we don’t understand what’s going on. Do you?
    What did I do on NY Eve? It was a really hot day, so we were all a tad scratchy, dare I say grumpy? When it started to cool down about 6.00 pm the family gathered out on our back deck, determined to stay up no longer than 9.00 pm and go to bed early. A glass of champagne, and a good meal (braised steak) and the mood dissolved, the company was good and it was suddenly 12.00 mn. So we saw New Year in after all, and it was gemütlich. Tony


    • Hey X-Ray Tony,
      You obvious have a sense of humor. Given than, and the fact that it was hot on NY Eve. I’m guessing Australia. Correct?

      Our politics is confusing to many here to, so I can’t imagine what it must be like to an outsider. I can say this … I will give you an honest assessment as I don’t favor either party.

      Thanks for stopping by an I hope you return.


    • Binky,
      Glad you looked at the wave pics because I’m with you … an incredible place that I’ve never seen. Thanks for letting me know because I wish others would have seen this … and thanks for stopping by.


  17. Depressed Ralph Lauren releases new wrinkled dress shirts with marinara stain–loved this! Thanks for more Nincompoop material. It never gets old! 🙂 I have to chuckle a little at myself realizing my age when I consider how interested I’ve always been in the Lindberg baby kidnapping. I wonder how many people under 40 know anything at all. And I didn’t know until I read your post about Schwartkopf’s father’s association with that historical incident! Interesting! Have a good weekend, Frank.


    • Debra,
      Lauren’s shirt is an overwhelming winning today! Meanwhile, Nincompoop makes it too easy to never get old. 🙂

      Great point about the Lindberg baby kidnapping about people under 40. Interestingly, in 20 years those same people will have an event and wonder the same thing. Thanks for visiting.


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