On Cheering the Dog

Cincinnati’s Saturday weather was more like a warm, spring day than the normal cold for the middle of January.  But Sunday brought us rain and cooler temps with some cold on the way.

How was your weekend? My wife wasn’t feeling well, so no ballroom dance for us – so we took it easy watching movies on a free access weekend to various movie channels; plus, I had a ‘chance to start redesigning my blogroll. Notice anything?

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, this one makes me laugh.

59 thoughts on “On Cheering the Dog

  1. Wow, Frank, your blogrolls are on steroids. You are the king of inclusion. Thanks for continuing to include me! I hope your wife makes a quick recovery and I also hope you don’t catch what’s ailing her. There are a lot of germs out there these days.


  2. Thank you for this lovely Monday touches, it was so funny and lovely… But reminded me son, when he was a little boy and I was working and he was in the kinder garden. One day one of his teachers told me that he made all tissues like that while nobody were watching him. He was a little naughty boy. Have a nice day and week, dear Frank, love, nia


  3. Sorry to hear your wife’s not feeling well, and I hope she feels better soon Frank! My weekend was VERY busy, but nice…and we’re getting some rather cold and windy weather down here. Loved the video!


  4. I couldn’t get the video clip to load (I’ll try again later – I bet it was funny)…I hope your wife is feeling better, too…and gosh, you added me to your faces? I’m speechless and flattered (I really am) thank you!!


  5. You’re gonna have to teach me how them blogroll thingies work one of these days – cause I’ve got to do the exact same thing! Weekend wasn’t bad, when the Internet wasn’t spontaneously vanishing and re-appearing. Fun, fun, fun! 😀
    Hope your week is going well – I’m almost current!


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