Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 170

In the recent election, the Republicans lost their White House bid, lost more elections in the House than won, and were overwhelmingly thumped in the Senate races. Dear GOP: What do you mean when you say Americans have spoken or America wants?

With all the talk about the debt ceiling, it’s obvious that politicians value it more than economists.

As the House read the Constitution this past Tuesday morning, if wonder if they understood the part that Congress is responsible for spending and the federal government can operate at a deficit.

With many having received their first paycheck of the 2013, I’m amused by those blaming President Obama and his voters for more taxes withheld.

  • In 2011, President Obama proposed a temporary reduction in the withholding tax with hopes that people would increase spending. Congress passed the temporary suggestion, and the president signed the bill.
  • For 2012, Congress passed extending the temporary holiday, and the president signed the bill.
  • For 2013, Congress passed a bill allowing the tax holiday to expire, and the president signed the bill – thus taxes returned to 2011 levels prior to the president’s proposal. At least readers here know the events.

You may have heard the poll results comparing the favorability of the US Congress to cockroaches. Here are the study results to enjoy.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Gorilla sales skyrocket after latest gorilla attack
  • Area woman decides not to post Facebook status that would tip gun control debate
  • Air Force One pilot invites excited Obama into cockpit
  • Procrastinating surgeon putting off coronary bypass by cleaning entire hospital
  • Deadly virus found to be “real squiggly”
  • Only difficult pistachios left in bag
  • Hidden Valley Ranch bombed by balsamic extremist

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
This is NOT from The Onion, but from the Call them Sherlock files: Taxpayer Advocate Says Taxes are Too Complicated

My week was a busier than normal, thus I didn’t get around as much as I normally do.

During the Freshly Pressed craze, I discovered Ray – an Australian radiologist and artist who transforms X-Rays into art. Check him out, and if you comment, tell him I sent you.

Ever since the Freshly Pressed stats rush, it has been interesting to watch the daily stair-step downward.

This is picture is awesome, so click here to see it.

Good news – Saturday will provide a classic cartoon post.

To send you into the weekend, here is (thanks to El Guapo) a wonderful explanation and humorous look at the European debt crisis – thus worth 3 minutes.


Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

50 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 170

  1. “Procrastinating surgeon putting off coronary bypass by cleaning entire hospital”—Could you let me know when he gets to the pediatric wing? I’ve been cleaning that floor for years, and I’d really like a break… 😉


  2. Sorry, all I can come up with is “Bombed Air Force One Pilot Invite Excited Gorilla Into Cockpit”. More fun than a barrel of monkeys! 😀
    X-ray art, eh? Sounds quite revealing. :p
    Happy Friday! (A tad early.)


    • John,
      It’s Friday morning for me, so not early … and when you made the comment, it was Friday somewhere. In terms of that headline, you had to be picturing a feature Chewbacca in the making. On that revealing comment, get over there and use that line! Enjoy the no shoveling weekend.


  3. “Only difficult pistachios left in bag” — I remember fondly an interview from 40 years ago (give or take) with Jerry Garcia. When asked how fame had changed him he responded: “You know those pistacios without the crack? I don’t bother with them any more..”


  4. My fav is “Only difficult pistachios left in bag,” because I’m sure this is what would happen to me. Once again, many interesting reads here, Frank. I hope I can get to some of them. I’d like to check out the x-ray art. That sounds intriguing. Have a great weekend!


  5. I like “Deadly virus found to be ‘real squiggly,'” I think that’s funny. It never ceases to amaze me how obtuse the Republicans can be. As for those poll results, it’s pretty enlightening. If Congress is less popular than all those things, something is really really really wrong. Have a good weekend, Frank!


  6. Thanks for the good reads to my Friday online doorstep. My favorite was the interview with Wynton Marsalis (Question: Given your recent posts from the jazz world, is it possible that you’ve been pausing at the jazz station on your satellite radio?). Also enjoyed the Who’s on first – European debt interview, and I will plan to check out Nolabels.org. to see what they come up with. I also look forward to you further explaining:

    “As the House read the Constitution this past Tuesday morning, if wonder if they understood the part that Congress is responsible for spending and the federal government can operate at a deficit.”


    • Tim,
      I haven’t visited No Labels in some time, guess I should stop by. Hope you visit the x-ray art! Meanwhile, the Constitution clearly states Congresses responsibility for the budget and permission to operate a deficit. ,,, sorry to say, nope, I haven’t wondered onto the jazz stations.


  7. Hahaha….I know all about those “difficult pistachios” and wish they wouldn’t put them in the bag in the first place. I’ve damaged more nails than enough, trying to prise them open. Have a great weekend, Frank. 🙂


  8. Frank,
    Love the poll results! Lice, colonoscopies and root canals favored over congress, hilarious!
    At first I thought you made a spelling error when you said “I’m abused by those blaming President Obama and his voters…”. I was wrong.
    Have a great weekend!


  9. Oh gosh I couldn’t choose one Onion fave. They’re all magnificent! I like Elyse’s quote re Jerry Garcia and pistachios.

    what are your thoughts after being FP? Is it better not to be “chosen” so you don’t have to watch the daily stair-step downward or is the fame and fortune of those few days worth it?


    • Rosie,
      I’m with you as the comment Elyse shared is a good one. Regarding Freshly Pressed, you asked a good question. Although I may write about it, bottom line is that it’s nice – but think about more like the 15-minutes of fame.


  10. Wonderful video – LOVE it .. about nobody can afford to pay everybody back. And that US are owned by China .. brilliant … here you found the truth. The best video … for a long time. I didn’t smile … I laugh and I watched it 3 times.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Watch that stair-step, Frank, when you get your new bifocals… you know how they can confuse the brain!!!
    mmmmm… pistachios, MMMMMM… Jerry Garcia!!!
    xray art = techiecool!
    biggest lol for taxlaw complicated!?!?!? NOWAY!!! According to a tax preparer TV ad, the new Affordable Health Care Act is 900 pages long, all by itself! Methinks it’s a tad bit bigger than your typical 5×7 paperback!
    Hope your weekend rocks, papers or scissors, whichever you prefer!!



    • Kat,
      The pistachios headline is both a yummy reminder and a chuckle … and why am I not surprised that you enjoyed the X-ray art! BTW – I’ve worn bifocals for some time, so I’m quite used to them, thus able to get a fairly clear view of the world. … gotta love a rock, paper, scissors weekend. 🙂


  12. I have a complete inability to pick this week. They all crack me up.

    Your analysis of the political landscape is spot on, we are a strange nation are we not? Strange politicians strange people.

    Loved your links this week Frank, all of them! some I might get to as I wait for things to happen in seattle, venturing out without specific plans is not going to happen.


  13. Great Onions, with an honorable mention for the pistachios left in bag, but my stand out winner has to be “Hidden Valley Ranch bombed by balsamic extremist” – I think they would be followers of Saladin!

    Euro debt crisis video is a classic!


    • Fasab,
      Finally … finally someone who cheered for the Hidden Valley Ranch headline … and for whatever reason, I’m not surprised that you are the one. The Euro debt video is so tongue and cheek … so mild mannered … which is what makes it for me!


    • Guapo,
      I think our current mood, situation, etc affects how satire effects us … in other words, given different circumstances, a different mood would strike us the most. Nonetheless, I liked that one too! As for the politics, I’m sure that being partisan and nasty has been around for sometime – but their selfish nature at the moment is wearing thin on many.


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