On a Monday for Tuesday

With yesterday being Martin Luther King Day, I thought it was more appropriate to post about something related to the holiday instead of my traditional Monday Morning Entertainment.

How was your weekend? Did you have good weather to enjoy? Cincinnati weather was good, but a cold blast has a grip on us now.

Yes, it was a 3-day weekend for us. We were able to spend time on the ballroom floor on two occasions, went to the theater for Anna Karenina, and our church wine group had another successful event with a Wine and Music theme. Hmmmm … I guess I’ll have to turn that into a post.

Although yesterday’s post wasn’t a typical Monday, let’s make this post a typical Monday for Tuesday! After all, for those that had a day off, this will start your week. For those that had a normal Monday, here’s a perk for your Tuesday.

This song from my youth reached #8 on the Billboard charts in April 1969 (#10 in May 1969 for my Canadian friends) … and I imagine it’s been sometime since you thought for this one. Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable Ray Stevens! …. and I can hear John Erickson singing along all the way down here.