On One Smart Bear

Sing along with his best known theme song. For those that don’t know the words, here ya go.

Yogi Bear is smarter than the average bear,
Yogi Bear is always in the ranger’s hair.
At a picnic table you will find him there
Stuffing down more goodies than the average bear.

He will sleep till noon but before it’s dark,
He’ll have every picnic basket that’s in Jellystone Park.

Yogi has it better than a millionaire
That’s because he’s smarter than the average bear.

Many may not know that the above wasn’t original theme song … but this one is

Yogi Bear is #36 on TV Guide’s Greatest Cartoon Characters of All-Time (Personally, he should be higher)

Created by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Ed Benedict

First voiced by Daws Butler

Yogi Bear featured in 10 shows, 13 films and specials, 10 video games, 88 comic books, and, comic strip (1961-19880 created by Gene Hazelton

He made his debut in 1958 as a supporting character in The Huckleberry Hound Show

Three years later (January 1961), The Yogi Bear Show debuts, which included segments Snagglepuss, Fibber Fox, Yakky Doodle and Chopper

Lives in Jellystone Park

Characters include Boo-Boo Bear (best friend), Ranger Smith (rival/friend), and Cindy Bear (girlfriend)

First appearance in his own show: watch Yogi Bear’s Big Break

Yogi’s personality and mannerisms were based on Art Carney’s Ed Norton character on The Honeymooners

A musical animated feature film, Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear!, produced in 1964.

Yogi by the Ivy Three (1960), sung in a voice mimicking Yogi Bear, and reached reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 (must have been a slow music period)

Often speaks in rhyme

Often uses puns in his speech

Has a habit of pronouncing large words with a long vocal flourish


  • pic-a-nic baskets
  • Pic-a-nic baskets may be delicious on the lips, but they’re a lifetime on the hips.
  • I’m smarter than the av-er-age bear!
  • Hello, Mr. Ranger, sir!
  • Hey there, Boo Boo!
  • I’m so smart that it hurts.
  • What do we do, Boo-Boo?
  • A genius never questions his instincts, Boo-Boo. When you have a mind like mine, you can’t blink or you’ll put a kink in your think!
  • I’m hungrier than the average bear. I wish I could find a bush that tasted like birthday cake!

Yogi Bear: [On the Ranger’s phone] Hello? Hello? Is this the White House?
Ranger Smith: Yogi!
Yogi Bear: Hey, the President knows my name.

Ranger Smith: [showing a “Do Not Feed The Bears” sign to Yogi] Read this sign.
Yogi Bear: [deliberately reading incorrectly] Uh, “No Smoking In The Forest”?

Here are two tributes to Yogi Bear



Meanwhile, it’s time for me to take a break. See you in a few … and hopefully not too long. Be safe, be well, do good work, and hope to see you soon.

47 thoughts on “On One Smart Bear

  1. “Boo boo, get me that pic-a-nic basket!” If you could hear me say that you would be (marginally) impressed, because I like to think I do a pretty mean Yogi voice. You’ll just have to take my word for it…


  2. Yogi Bear, he is a very cool bear …. That last video is great – if you don’t get feed … you fix it yourself. Ages since I saw Yogi Bear, we have a yoghurt called Yogi over here, don’t think it got its name after Yogi – because he are not that well-known over here. Thanks for bringing back .. feeling good moments.


  3. One of the classics and one of my favs. Yogi always impressed me, not so much Boo-Boo. Although I guess we have have our Boo-Boos, in fact I’ve been known to say that line more than a few time – “What are we gonna do, Boo-Boo”.
    Interesting about The Honeymooners connection. It’s a sad day you don’t learn something!


  4. Once again, an excellent cartoon post, Frank. I never heard of the Ivy Three, either, and feel like a better woman for that. That truly was a slow music period. Good thing that the Beatles came to the rescue a few years later. Considering that Hanna Barbera’s style of animation was so low budget, especially as I reflect on their overuse of the looping scenery technique, I think the reason why I enjoyed their cartoons so much as a kid was the storylines. As a youngster I loved Yogi, and I thought Boo Boo was cute. Now, as an oldster, I still feel a tad nostalgic about those characters. Are you aware of this brilliant CG parody of Boo Boo killing Yogi? I’m not going to embed the YouTube link on your gentlemanly site, but I am embedding a link where you can read the backstory and access the link to the film. Trust me, it’s brilliant.


    Have a good break, buddy. I look forward to your return.


    • Lame,
      I would say that people are attracted to characters and story lines – thus the animation quality is secondary – although I acknowledge it can be in reverse for some.

      Meanwhile, I never knew about the parody you mentioned – then again, I never saw the movie. It is brilliant – but a tad sad.


  5. Definitely a favourite for a LONG time. Hope all goes well, and hurry back, ’cause your absence will be hard to bear! “Will he be back soon, Yogi? Of course, Boo-Boo boy, ’cause he’s smarter than the av-er-age Frank!” 😀


  6. I loved reading the other comments. I think we all really liked Yogi and Boo-Boo. I am sure if asked to name a few favorite cartoons Yogi would be among the top. The song by the Ivy Three is so funny. I never heard that before! I enjoyed singing the song, too. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Yogi is very likely, thus loved by many – contrary to Olive Oyl last week as some weren’t fond of her. Meanwhile, as neither one of us heard of the Ivy Three song, our buddy Hansi still has the 45!!!


      • I am so sorry to hear that Olive Oyl wasn’t universally popular. I so loved her. Maybe it was her whining and worrying that many men don’t take to! 🙂 But Hansi having the 45 is so fabulous. I would love to know what possessed him to buy it in the first place and then to hold on to it? I’m really amused by this! Thank you for telling me!


  7. Who didn’t like trying to talk like Yogi and saying, “Boo-Boo!” We probably drove our parents nuts with all five of us kids making cartoon noises at the same time. 🙂 Thanks for another great post.


  8. I like this Pop Quiz. What is Yogi Bear smarter than? Something that rhymes with Air! I don’t know, is Yogi Bear smarter than the average Asparagus? Does Asparagus rhyme with air? What are the lyrics to the song again?


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