On Party Onion Dip

I know, I know … I said I was taking a break, and I really am – BUT, with the Super Bowl this coming weekend, I couldn’t resist dipping into The Onion’s archives for some related headlines – or as I like to think – here’s some Onion Dip for your Super Bowl party.

For my non-US readers, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events as many people gather for parties – thus the prices for commercials are quite expensive. Actually, the commercials will get considerable discussion – thus the inclusion of a video.

The game itself will be the first ever Super Bowl involving each team (San Francisco and Baltimore) coached by two brothers. Will you be attending a Super Bowl party?

No need to combine any headlines, so do you have a favorite from the list below? Meanwhile, this time for sure, no more new posts from me during my break … but I’ll reply here … well, for a little …. and I really do mean it this time – I’m taking a break.

NFL coaches admit having to punt sucks

ESPN shows family film of young Harbaugh brothers coaching together in backyard

Two dogs from same litter to coach 2013 Puppy Bowl

Pre-game coin toss makes player realize randomness of life

John Madden eats RV

Referee frustrated over number of commercials shown in replay booth

Super Bowl matchup rekindles smoldering resentment of San Francisco-Baltimore war of 1877

NFL player works out often

Commissioner proposes eliminating ball from NFL

Referee disallows touchdown after dropping ball handed to him by player

Mothers of NFL players concerned about binge drinking on bottom of pile

Area man thinking up funny things to say at Super Bowl party

Voices in headset calling coach “Idiot”

Hungry defense feeds on crowd

Super Bowl Party Tip: Pre-soak Doritos in beer

61 thoughts on “On Party Onion Dip

  1. Love the ad reminders. As for the Onions has to be this, “Area man thinking up funny things to say at Super Bowl party”. (Maybe a good reason for a break too!)


  2. Although there’s usually a few pretty funny commercials broadcast during the Super Bowl, this is my pick:

    Referee frustrated over number of commercials shown in replay booth

    What else can explain why it always seems to take forever for them to make a replay decision?

    Enjoy your time off Frank!


  3. Yes we are booked for Super Bowl dinner at the club. It was a lot of fun last year, and although I don’t understand the game, I really enjoyed watching.
    “Hungry defense feeds on crowd.” 😀


  4. I am glad to hear you are really, really, really committing to your break! But thanks for this–before reading i was wondering what you were going to do about real onion//soup dip!?! Your headlines are better. I especially like the Area Man working on being witty (or whatever) at the party. I am probably one of the few in the states who does not watch the Super Bowl. Oh well.


    • Patti,
      I imagine many go to a Super Bowl party go for the socialization, thus little or no interesting in the game …. in our neighborhood, it’s quieter during the commercials than during the game.


  5. I’ve heard the super bowl is a big deal and because I visit a lot of US food blogs, I’ve grown to know that hosting a party and serving food is an enormous deal. I would love to go to a super bowl party. I would also love to see puppies coaching! xx


  6. No Super Bowl parties for me. I don’t even watch it. It’ll be a good night for a movie. 🙂
    I like this one: Pre-game coin toss makes player realize randomness of life.
    Have a good break, Frank!


  7. I love the commercial, but my real favorite is the one is the Darth Vader-little boy and Volkswagon. I will be “roped” into a family SB party…fortunately not at my house. LOL! I bring my iPad so I can read blogs, and only look up when there is a commercial, and maybe half-time. I LOVE this one: Pre-game coin toss makes player realize randomness of life. Take care during your break…don’t stay gone too long! 🙂


  8. Loved the Super Bowl commercials! Thanks for delaying your break to bring them to us.

    As I started reading down your list of Onion headlines I immediately seized on “Pre-game coin toss makes player realize randomness of life” as the clearcut winner regardless of what followed, until, I got to “Referee frustrated over number of commercials shown in replay booth,” which got me started on a subject On Which I Didn’t Want To Get Started!!


  9. Happy Super Bowl weekend. Maybe next year the Bengals and Dolphins will be battling it out for the right to freeze their butts off at the Meadowlands Super Bowl. Well, you guys will be used to that weather….


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