On a Transition Weekend

How was your weekend?

Mine was not normal. Rise-and-shine time Friday was 5 AM for an early morning flight from Pisa (Italy) – keep in mind that’s 11 PM Thursday in Cincinnati. No glitches on the return flights, so I was in my house around 4 pm Friday (but remember when I got up). Then again, I only slept, at most, 2-3 hours on the flights. (Do you sleep well on airplanes?)

I arrived home to an empty house because my wife is on a 7-day girl’s trip. Because I didn’t want to fall asleep watching television early Friday evening, you guess it – it was off to the ballroom floor. It was fun being a bit of a social butterfly, but I sat with a friend who also was attending without his wife.

Dancing with about 10 different ladies gave me a chance to concentrate on my lead while observing the response their response. I also had to be aware of my partner’s ability. Nonetheless, I did not get home until a bit after 11 PM, thus completing a full day that started thousands of miles from home.

Believe it or not, Saturday afternoon I attended a 2-hour dance workshop on Night Club 2-Step. I spent the rest of the time unpacking, sorting, visiting as many bloggers as I could, and trying to adjust back to my normal time zone.

My wife safely returned Sunday mid-afternoon, but that created a bit of a whirlwind for the rest of the day. We managed, yet both of us still have so much to tell.

Your weekend probably was not like mine, then again, mine was not normal for me – but I hope you tell me about yours. So, do you sleep well when flying?

To send you into the new week, I dedicate this song from my college days to those affected by the latest snowstorm. Have a good week!

66 thoughts on “On a Transition Weekend

  1. It’s still Sunday for me, but so far my weekend has been very uplifting. I can’t NOT sleep while flying, or while being a passenger in a car. 10 minutes sitting still anywhere with a seatbelt on, and I’m out. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t drive. 😉


  2. Say, Frank, could I have some of that energy? Wow, socially you accomplished more in one weekend than I accomplish in a year. And no, I don’t sleep well on airplanes, but my poor 6’3″ husband sleeps even worse!


  3. I used to pull all-nighters when I was younger but not these days. And not with your level of energy! Impressive. I sleep on planes but not real well–easier if there is not a chatty neighbor, etc. My weekend had been good. Saturday I drove down to visit with my dad to celebrate my mom’s first bithday since her death a few month’s ago. He is fine–handling the loss pretty well; and at 92, i am thrilled he is still alert and active. The dirve (2.5 hours one way) always takes up some time, but it was gorgeous. A cold front had brought some snow to the pass I have to traverse the day before. By the time I was driving, roads were clear, hills were covered in snow, sky was blue with gorgeous clouds and some hawks were out and about. Glorious! Today I did homework. That is rather odd for me–but I am taking an online class to learn about teaching online in general and how to use one college’s technology platform in particular. Two more weeks to go. Other than keeping me busier than I wanted/expected, it has been fun There is nothing like learning new things! I’m glad you and your wife are home safe and sound. And I hope all who are living through the blizzard are safe and warm as well. This got long–you should be careful what you ask for!


    • Patti,
      Great idea to spend time with your father on your mother’s birthday! It’s great that he’s still alert and active … plus I’m sure he appreciated your presence.

      The drive sounds beautiful … and fitting for the day!

      Our online class sounds interesting to me, so I hope it is a good one. Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. No I can’t sleep in planes. I have never been able to. Hmmm you take vitamins? everyone wants what you take. I have had a quiet weekend, just like I love them. Have a great week!


  5. Rest assured Frank that although there’s plenty of yellow snow in the Big Apple these post-Nemo days, I have no plans to taste any of it. I spent most of my weekend indoors staying warm and writing. No, I do not sleep well on planes at all, but I often fly the red eye when I come home after visiting the West Coast. Therefore often when I return, my biorhythms are out of whack. It sounds like yours were, too, for a bit. Fun video!


    • Lame,
      Given your weather, staying inside for warmth and writing was a great idea! Ouch on those red-eye flights … Yep, my cycles are still out of whack, but hey – just like Arnold, they’ll be back.


      • I get a window seat, so I can lean on the side of the plane, I don’t drink alcohol or the awful coffee or tea, I have noise cancelling earphones, I have a good book with me, I wear flight socks and when I land I forget the time where I was and adopt the time of the place I have landed. I stay up as late a possible on the first night and get up and get moving at my normal time….easy.


  6. I just got back myself from being out of town since last Thursday, expecting this morning to once again see your Onion Dip post from Jan. 27, while you slowly recover from your trip and eventually get around to letting us all know what happened. Wrong! Pedal-To-The-Metal Frank obviously finds sleep to be highly over-rated and since stepping off the plane has been dancing away the nights and days with no plans of letting up. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for your two posts since returning. Can’t wait to hear more details and see more photos!


  7. I kinda love your weekend Frank, this is the best way to unwind and adjust. As for sleeping on airplanes, yes I sleep like a baby as soon as I hear the jets I am off to dreamland. I likely helps I have been traveling for work for over 20 years, I find airplanes one of the best places in the world to rest.


      • Frank, I am a million miler on two airlines. I have actually flown more than three million miles in the last 20 years. I simply find it calming, no worries and no one bothering me. I slap music on my head, a book in my hands. I travel with a pillow on my neck for comfort. The sound of the jets lets me know I will be uninterupted for at least the flight time. I always ask the flight attendants to not wake me.

        One thing, I fly first always domestically and business internationally. I pay for my tickets so am not bothered by worry about upgrades. I know the tricks for purchasing these tickets inexpensively. Usually on international flights I am upgraded to first, not always though but it doesn’t matter. So honestly I am usually fairly comfortable.

        I always fly on the same airlines so my status works for me.


  8. Can’t sleep on planes and as for the weekend… work work work… the total of my life at the moment… but then if I want my new business to be a success I have no other option… have a good week Frank…


  9. Frank, you are like those Duracell rabbits … that just goes on and on and on and on … *smile – and your shoes are probably crying in the closet. Glad your wife is back – so you get your feet on the ground.


  10. Frank,
    My leading man… welcome back! My birthday girl enjoys snow… perhaps a tad too much. And we have LOTS of yellow snow around these parts… So far, so good.
    Le Clown


  11. Welcome back, Frank.

    As to your question about sleeping on planes, I can sleep anywhere. Anytime. My husband says it’s my best feature. And then I smack him. Or make him eat yellow snow.

    You were missed.


      • You know how you always have the perfect song, Frank? Well tonight Fate had the right one for me.

        I left work, got 2/3 home and realized I needed to go to the bank. Where I realized I had left my purse at the office. I need my wallet tomorrow at 8:30, so I raced back to the office (17.5 minutes away from the bank), made it in before they locked up the building and I would need my keycard to enter (which was of course in my purse — where else would it be, Frank.) I retrieved my purse, got into the car, turned it on, and what do you think was playing on the radio?


  12. Frank,
    I can’t believe you were so energetic after your Trans-Atlantic flight! Amazing! Glad you’re back safe and sound. It’s funny, I find that the trip east to Europe is much easier than the return flight back to the States. Maybe it’s just being excited about arriving for a vacation, but it takes me much long to recover when I get back home.


    • Cathy,
      As you know neither direction is easy. We have a system for going, but not for returning. But Friday night I kept going with determination and some adrenalin … then pow … collapse … and I wisely stayed in Saturday night.


  13. Never really got the hang of sleeping on airplanes – with only a couple of exceptions – but I always find something to occupy my time. And jet lag is always a lot worse flying east than west, for me anyhow.
    And the two exceptions? Transatlantic Heathrow to JFK, movie being shown “Insomnia” and I slept through almost all of it. On the return flight a week later, same movie, same result Zzzzzzzz.
    I’ve also tried to watch it a couple of times on tv…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. So I’ve never seen it and it’s supposed to be a decent movie 😦


  14. Never had that long of a flight, but have had roughly similar (albeit less epically hectic) weekends, comig back from cons in California. Though the worst was the “summer of hell” re-enacting season, when my buddy and I did a re-enactment for every weekend, save two, between Easter and Labor Day. 5 days a week of work, out on Friday night, back late Sunday after spending two and a half days in wool pitching and tearing down campsites and chasing other re-enactors in between. Woof! 😯
    Welcome back, and here’s hoping your week is a WEE bit less eventful! 😀


  15. Having been on many transatlantic flights, I can say that I cannot sleep on flights, and I dread the 24 hours no sleep day. There was the time that a friend offered me a sleeping pill, which I gladly took and then it had the opposite effect, made me hyper for 8 hours, while looking with envy at the sleeping passengers around me.

    Your weekend sounds very reasonable for someone who’s back from Italy, but for the life of me I cannot understand how you had the energy to dance. Good for you!


    • Rachel,
      I’ve got the feeling sleeping during flights is a matter of body chemistry and luck. Who knows! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      As for the dancing, the hardest part of the evening was the drive 25 minutes drive home!


    • Guapo,
      I agree about the occasional abnormal. Jet lag is gone, the loss of my friend is still surreal (I will post soon about why), and the project currently on my plate is a bore and requires a wearing a helmet to protect my head when striking the wall or desk … all of which leads to minimal time visiting the blogs I enjoy.


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