On Transitioning

In some odd way, late February is similar to Sundays. This time of year, we begin the slow transition from winter to spring, with many days delivering an unsure nature of the season. With another Monday upon us, it’s time to transition modes from weekend to weekday.

Our weekend included one night dancing, a memorial service (in which I was a reader), a neighborhood euchre night, handbell playing, and working on taxes.  How was your weekend?

My project still has two-three weeks to go, and it is anything but exciting – plus I’m wearing a helmet to protect my head from the frustrated pounding against the walls. Which also means only two posts this week and minimal chance to visit your wonderful blogs … and I’m not very happy about that! I will post Tuesday and Thursday this week, and again, thanks to everyone for their patience.

The outtakes from the commercial I used last week were funny, thus received many great responses. Unfortunately, due to an error I made, many of you didn’t get to see it, so I’ve included below this week’s Monday Morning Entertainment.

Getting back on track, February also serves as a time when the boys of summer are in spring training getting ready for the upcoming season. With baseball around the corner, Florida and Arizona serves as the backdrop for baseball fans energizing their optimism for their team’s upcoming season. With that in mind, enjoy this past hit from John Fogerty. Have a good week!


41 thoughts on “On Transitioning

  1. I grow weary of winter thus look forward to the springs arrival and the possibility of greater energy and some spring cleaning. Currently I am doing more reading than writing, I am good with that.

    Frank, my friend stop apologizing we like you just as you are. Whether you are a daily arrival on our blogs or your own we will remain your dedicated fans. Life happens, it happens to all of us. Take care of yourself, your life and your family. When you come back we will all be here, welcoming and glad to see you.


  2. First off, I want to second the commenter who said “We like you just as you are.” Count me out a here if I detect any changes in my delightful friend! Also, don’t forget to put on your batting helmet as you grind out that project, which I suspect has to do with training manuals relating to them finding aliens in Over The Rhine as they were building the new Horseshoe Casino.
    Speaking of batting helmets, I sure enjoyed the baseball clip. Thank goodness our Boys Of Summer are back at it out in Goodyear, AZ (although I’m still not over them leaving Sarasota!). Otherwise, I’m already sleeping better now that I have Reds trade possibilities to count.


    • Tim,
      Sorry not working on training docs or manuals about how to take care of aliens. Glad you enjoyed the baseball video. Although I don’t like the Reds in Arizona, they are there because of a business decision. Meanwhile, I realize you will over-think this team.


  3. Frank,
    I had a busy weekend too, but got a lot accomplished. I’m getting close to finishing a big project which will free up my time for more creative endeavors. Hope yours goes well too.


  4. Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in a long time, Frank. I laughed until I cried! We need as much levity as we can get. Good luck moving forward into your very busy week, and I hope that helmet fits well! 🙂 I wouldn’t want you to get hurt!


  5. Frank, I think I’m tired. Because when you said that your weekend included: a neighborhood euchre night, well, I though you had really had an interesting weekend that included eunuch night. Well now, that would be different — although I don’t think you’d qualify, Frank!

    Talk about your bloopers …


  6. Love the Bloopers. 😀 I had a great weekend. Friends around for wine and snacks, and a music show at the club. Preparing to leave here in a week or so, so should be quite hectic soon. Hope you don’t damage that wall with your helmet. 🙂


  7. Ha! I loved this. WW and I were voice over talent for 11 years (I won a CLEO for a commercial I did for an Akron Tire company for Martin Luther King Day which really turned out quite beautifully). Anyway, I totally understand being stuck in a groove and not being able to get it right. It’s as if the brain goes nuts and the more you miss it the more it makes you laugh and the more contagious it is. Too funny! And did I see you had a night of euchre–the card game? I haven’t played that since I was a student at Mt. Union College. Hang in there and don’t worry about your blog fans. We’ll always be here when you get back.


    • E-Tom,
      Wow … I have a CLEO winner in my presence! Thanks for sharing. That video is just too cute and funny. Gotta give those two an “A” for sense of humor.

      Yep – we had a neighborhood euchre party last Saturday. It’s a new thing as a neighborhood gathering, so it’s still in the process of getting traction. Meanwhile, thanks for the encouragement … you are so kind!


  8. Is it safe to assume you are a Red’s fan? We have some hope in our Indians this year. We shall see. … Euchre is our favorite card game. We have a euchre date with friends coming up in two weeks. Nice to catch up with you a bit today, Frank!


    • Absolutely, not only a Reds fan, but a life-long one … yep, through the ups and downs, I stick with my one team. Enjoy your upcoming euchre event. 🙂 … Always a pleasure, Maddie!


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