On Windows

Windows are openings in a wall of a structure as a building or vehicle.

Windows allow for the passing of air or light.

Windows can have frames, sashes, panes, or blocks.

Windows receive treatments as shades, blinds, curtains, drapes, and shutters.

Windows display merchandise.

Windows contain information on a computer screen.

Windows are a surgical opening.

Windows can be a range of electromagnetic wavelengths for which a medium is transparent.

Windows operate computers.

Windows are strips of metal foil dispersed in the air to obstruct radar detection.

Windows are an interval of time.

Windows are a means of learning.

As you can see windows can things, but they can be for enjoyment – as these from my recent trip to Italy indicate. Which is your favorite?


The Collection



Hinged Shutters


Arches, Vines, and a Pillar


Private and Mysterious


Eyebrows and Flowers


The iron balcony

The Iron Balcony

How Many?

How Many?