On a Pants Chuckle

Sunday delivered a beautiful day well in the 60s in Cincinnati. With rain on the way for Sunday night into Monday, the week ahead looks to be cool. How was your weekend?

No ballroom dance for us this weekend, but we’re not whining because it was a wine weekend. Friday night we attended the Grand Tasting at the Cincinnati Wine Festival, and then Saturday night, our church wine group celebrated wines from Australia and New Zealand.

After all that wine and losing an hour due to daily savings time’s spring forward, our handbell choir successfully played a beautiful song Sunday morning. The song  delivered the many moods of its title – Compassion – but I’ll save access to a recording of this wonderful piece for later in the week.

Hooray – my project is just about done, so I’m planning of full week of posts that will include satire, shorts, cartoons, and more. Besides, I’ve also started prowling around the blogs. Meanwhile, here’s a hint for an upcoming post – start thinking of songs that have “time” in their title. Just hold that thought.

Many thanks for your patience, encouragement, and support during the past 3-4 weeks.

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s a funny song featuring NBC’s Al Roker. I can’t remember who led me to this one, but kudos to them for finding this funny. Enjoy and have a great week.