Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 173

On Politics
Americans continue to be disgusted with Washington regarding the budget, and there’s no question in my mind that the majority will respond by re-electing the majority of incumbents.

To Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and Rep. Ryan (R-WS): Creating legislation that has no chance of passing is a waste of time and taxpayer money.

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) didn’t invite Gov. Christie (R-NJ and governor with the highest approval rating) to speak because “he had a bad year” – so they invited Mitt Romney (who conservatives don’t like), Sarah Palin (Nincompoop), and Donald Trump (egotistical blowhard).

Regardless of the party occupying the White House, I don’t agree with the opposing party having any airtime after the State of the Union.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Shady new Wendy’s deal offering five hamburgers for free, no questions asked
  • FBI tracks down elusive picture-disc version of Herb Alpert’s “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”
  • Nervous Pope candidate changes wine into Jesus’ urine
  • Pea farmers say they alone keep peas from overrunning planet
  • Iowa Fashion Week begins

Interesting Reads
First woman in America to earn a medical degree
Enjoy these wonderful pics from Zion National Park
David Ignatius on America’s traditional allies
Hank Greenberg: Baseball’s first Jewish superstar
Pinot Noirs from Oregon
The never-completed Cincinnati subway
Dogs knowing what we’re thinking

On Potpourri
I try to stay informed, but being away from politics and news for my 10 days in Italy was great! Thus, the first news I saw upon my return agitated me.

Wow – getting stats back to normal isn’t very easy.

CNN’s upcoming separation from Soledad O’Brien is a shame because she is a good journalist – and a pleasant for the early morning. If CNN wants to move to the top of ratings, here are two models: GMA (entertainment and fluff) and Fox Morning (biased inaccuracies). Hey CNN, I want to be informed, but those like me are in the minority.

Thanks for those participating in Time: The Musical. It’s quite the music montage, so I invite you to return for the 50+ songs.

Watching Pope Benedict XVI’s last day was interesting. In recognition to him, I love this one from The Onion.

He obviously carried Ohio to be elected, so good luck to Pope Francis I.

Here’s the latest handbell piece our choir played, which was interesting and surreal. Enjoy Compassion by Jason Krug.

There will be a classic cartoon character post on Saturday.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy The Piano Guys with the Charlie Brown song – and gotta love the people in this video. Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

62 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 173

  1. So fun to have you back with your ever fun and enlightening blog posts. Thanks. Time: The Musical is an amazing array of videos. My favorites were already added by others–by Croce and Lauper.


  2. Some great stuff from the onion. Love the “Iowa fashion week” (bring your own overalls?), And the nervous pope just knocked me down laughing.


  3. Ah, Frank so good to have you back in top form! Loved the music, really loved the music a huge amount scrolled down turned it on and listened while I read. Then I watched, it made me even happier than listening.

    The Onion, hahahahahaha

    Wonderful articles this week, first woman doctor that is a great one. Zion Park, I could just run away, now like right now this morning.

    Have to agree with you on CNN!


    • Val,
      Thanks for the kind words – and I’m glad to be back with this Friday regular.

      You were one of the readers I had in mind with the article about the first woman to complete med school. 🙂 And yes, the Zion pics are amazing!

      Regarding CNN, I just discovered that Soledad’s last day is March 29.


  4. I know what you mean about stats. I’m hopelessly lost since my three-month hiatus due to my parents’ illnesses, deaths, funerals, and now house clean-up and sale. And I’m not even talking about the condition of my living quarters. It’s going to be a minor miracle if I ever feel like I’m on solid ground again.

    I have complete confidence in you, however.


    • Christine,
      Three-months is a long time, but hey – who had a lot on your plate – all of which were more important than here. Hope solid ground is in your near future. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I think the nervous pope is the Onion winner today. Love the Zion Park photos and of course the piano guys always welcome.
    PS: I got a nice pic of your fav politician today 🙂


  6. You pack heaps into your posts, you really do. Those ‘interesting reads’ at the end look good, but it’s near midnight Friday for me. Will have to come back.

    Your articles are always well said, and interesting. I have a strong interest in how things go for Americans, in politics. I’m so hoping better and better and better.

    Cheers, Frank – choice work.


  7. The CPAC eschews Christie because he had a “bad year.” Then invited Romney who lost the biggest election on the planet, and Palin who did the same a few years back. And Trump who would be late to the meeting because he is having trouble with his hair. The group continues to “not get it.”


  8. Love the doggy story, Frank, thanks for thinking of me. But I can add to it based on my own scientific research — they also steal food when your back is turned, and wine if your glass is within easy reach. Have a good weekend!


  9. Very funny Onion headlines Frank, but not nearly as funny as the concept of dogs knowing what we’re thinking. That’s a mighty big leap from knowing that visibility is reduced in darkness to being able to actually read minds. 😉

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  10. I actually agree with the state of the Union rebuttals. The underlying logic is encapsulated in both the fairness Doctrine and the Equal Time rule at the FCC.
    The ideas are good.
    It’s our fault that the people we listen to are idiots.

    Have a great weekend, Frank!


  11. Piano Guys … been a fan of them for years, but I think I already told you that – here it swings properly. *smile I love the little lady doing her moves.
    Frank I wish you … and you loved one .. a great weekend.


  12. Frank, I’ve grown so disillusioned with politics lately. Maybe I have so many other outlets now with social media that it’s easier to not watch the news which I seem to trust less and less. I love that video of the piano guys. I watched it with my six-year-old. How wonderful they played for the elderly. They really got them moving!


    • Bumble,
      To me, the elderly make that video! …. It also shows the power of music on everyone.

      I know what you mean about politics. It’s like a constant game about upcoming moves … thus never getting to the next move. The elected are more concerned with representing their party than making the decisions they were elected to do. Therefore, no decision is easier than making tough decisions.


  13. These guys are so much fun, and they put on a great rendition. And their audience? Those folks put the CPAC crowd to shame with their rhythm and moves. And speaking of CPAC…so Christie, who led his state through the devastation of Sandy and worked with EVERYONE to get things done isn’t invited…yet Mitt Romney, a man who couldn’t even get his own side to agree, is? Sarah Palin and Trump are just caricatures.


  14. Loved the piano guys video, Frank! I was at a school big band concert last night that was a tribute to the music of the Beatles. I watched 15 year olds and 70 year olds groove to the sounds of my youth with equal fervor. The concert ended with a sing-a-long to “All you need is love” – everyone smiled, sang, swayed, and the room felt as if it would float up to the heavens. Lesson learned – never underestimate the power of music to transform and uplift 🙂


  15. I love the piano guys, too, Frank. There is so much good music out there! From the Onion, Pea farmers say they alone keep peas from overrunning planet–my favorite. Could be a science fiction story! Couldn’t agree more about CNN. It won’t be long until all my news will come through NPR. It’s not perfect either, but if you hop from station to station there’s decent coverage! It just takes a lot of time! Hope you enjoy your weekend, Frank, and get some ballroom in!


    • Debra,
      The peas are a good story to follow … and a possible movie!

      Although I took a jab at GMA and Fox & Friends, both are tops in the ratings … with F&F having MANY more views than CNN. For me, I the best info while in the car (XM radio).

      It will be a good weekend for ballroom. 🙂


  16. I’ve spent way too long following all your links.
    the funniest headline is
    “Nervous Pope candidate changes wine into Jesus’ urine”

    I was interested to read that the first female doctor in the US graduated in 1845. I can’t imagine the road blocks she had to jump over when it was thought that
    “Women were unsuitable for the profession due to their delicate sensibilities and inferior intelligence”

    Of course I read the Pinot article and the dog story, and would love to win the lottery to get into Zion park.
    Hope you enjoying the Ballroom dancing Frank.


  17. Saw a PBS concert of The Piano Guys this past week. I had seen clips of their team who surround a piano and pluck the strings, but I had never seen the pianist and bassist play together. Magical.


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