On a Singer

Looney Tunes cartoon character

A male frog who wears a top hat, carries a cane, sings ragtime and vaudeville hits while dancing and performing acrobatics

The Story: A hapless, discovers Michigan J Frog and his entertainment skills in the cornerstone of an 1892 building under demolition; his greed envisions fame and fortune from this entertainer, but Michigan only performs for him and him alone

Created by Chuck Jones

First appearance, One Froggy Evening (December 31, 1955)

Last appearance, Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Original voice is subject to debate

Sings The Michigan Rag


Appears on the cover of Leon Redbone’s 1975 album, On the Track

Michigan J Frog’s Song List

  • I’m Just Wild About Harry
  • The Michigan Rag
  • Hello! Ma Baby
  • Come Back to Γ‰ireann
  • Throw Him Down McCloskey
  • Largo al factotum
  • Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
  • Moonlight Bay
  • The Prisoner’s Song
  • Yankee Doodle
  • Let The Rest Of The World Go By

Served as mascot of the WB Television Network from 1995-2005

Some list July 22, 2005 as the date of his death because the WB Network Chairman at the time removed the frog as their logo an announced β€œThe frog is dead and buried”

A medley


Cheers to Lame Adventures for requesting this character! Give her a visit, say thanks, and tell her I sent you.

53 thoughts on “On a Singer

  1. I love MJF and I always felt sorry for the hapless guy. But it was very funny that the frog would only sing for him and would sit an ribbed when anyone else was around. Chuck Jones was brilliant.


        • You MUST Frank! I saw Chuck once in 1977 when he gave a lecture in the Fireman’s Fund auditorium over on California Street when I was still living in San Francisco (where I was born). It’s a treasured memory. He showed several of his films including “The Dot and the Line” – a very different CJ film, but still, his wit shines through. It won the Academy Award. Chuck would have turned 100 last year and I considered writing an LA about when I got to see him. If only I had a camera back then! He was such a cool guy — and I thought he was ancient. He was 64 …

          Check out “The Dot and the Line”.


        • Lame,
          Thanks for the encouragement … and I’ve added him to the list. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the video, and I check it later because speeds are very slow tonight. Great that you got to hear CJ speak … thus a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Many years ago … I had a fantastic collection of frogs – don’t have a clue what happen to them .. lost in transit maybe. One of them … must have been Michigan J Frog, the top hat .. and the sway. Can’t remember I seen any cartoon with him before – good voice .. and moves. Thanks for this one, enjoyed …. and my thoughts goes out to all my frogs, where ever they may be.


  3. What does it say about my wasted childhood (entire life?) that you’ve not posted one I haven’t seen? The second voice is actually the better singer, but the original better conveys the character, too much booze, too many cigarettes.


  4. I think that “One Froggy Evening” is, in many respects, a perfect animated film directed by a true master of the genre, Chuck Jones. He gets all the details just right in very economically told storytelling and the story is essentially about people craving easy fame and fast fortune. Emotionally, it brought so much to the table for I always shared in the guy’s frustration. At the same time, it was hilarious that MJF would only perform for the person that would find him but no one else. Great post, Frank! Thanks for the shout out.


  5. Great post. Chuck Jones is a genius. I still enjoy tuning in at 6am to catch the Looney Tunes. Favorite time of the day if I am lucky enough. And now I have Hello Ma baby stuck in my head. thank you very much


    • Unterrered,
      Ah ha … another Chuck Jones fan who will appreciate a tribute to him (that is when I do that here), He’s on the list. As a cartoon lover, make sure to visit the sidebar’s Categories > Entertainment > Classic Cartoons because some of your Looney Tune favorites and others are there. After all, this was the 40th edition in this series. Meanwhile, if I mention Hello My Baby again, will it trigger another round stuck in your head? πŸ˜‰


        • Oh dear. Now you’ll see how immature I am for an old woman. Yes while I love the oldies there are a few that make me chuckle. Nothing beats the golden age as you say. I’m too embarrassed to say what I watch haaaa


        • Too funny … and that’s OK. In my opinion, cartoons started to change (for the worse) in the early 70s. I know there have been some good ones made since then, but as a whole, I stick to the classics.


  6. This was really reaching back for me. I haven’t thought of this guy in years, Frank. It’s amazing to me how many memorable characters you have highlight. It would be fun to sit down sometime and watch the cartoons of my childhood once again!


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