On Supposes Monday

Baseball Opening Day in Cincinnati is a week away, meanwhile, winter is having a difficult time loosening its grip on the Ohio Valley. We are due to get some white stuff tonight, but I’ve got the feeling that our house will avoid the most significant amounts.

How was your weekend? We started the weekend with ballroom dance, then drove to my sister-in-law’s family for a delayed Christmas gathering. We had a great visit, and returned home ahead of the lousy weather.

To jump-start your week, it’s time to complete a trilogy. With so many readers enjoying two recent clips from Singin’ in the Rain, I close this trio of hits with Guapo’s favorite: Moses Supposes. Enjoy and have a great week.

49 thoughts on “On Supposes Monday

      • i didn’t enjoy it very much, although i do like the concept. it seemed as if any player could play for any team that would accept them. how andruw jones ended up playing for the netherlands is beyond me. born in curacao, american citizen, but playing for a european team?

        oh well. i know one key issue was injuries, but as far as i’m concerned, they can happen anywhere, regardless of where you’re playing. several yankees had serious injuries in spring training. it’s possible they could have played in the WBC and stayed healthy. can’t be proven either way.


  1. Moses Supposes baseball season is at hand? I’d better tap dance out of the TV room, then.

    Happy Monday, Frank. Thanks for another clip. I love this movie ….. Today I’m Singin’ in the Snow though. As it’s winter here again, too.


  2. I had a great weekend! It snowed a bunch here on Saturday, and I spent several hours in my studio photographing flowers. Except for watching our Colorado State Rams get trounced by Louisville in the NCAA Tournament, it was a fun creative weekend.


  3. It’s a sunny and chilly Monday morning here in Texas, Frank. Windy and 42! Not at all spring-like for this part of Texas so late in March. The weekend was GREAT, btw. I hope your week is a good one. 🙂


    • Robin,
      The storm was losing some energy when it approached us, thus the bulk was more to the northwest. Just a few inches here and no road issues. …. but yes, a light fall all day long!


  4. Can’t watch the video .. properly on the laptop I use now, my weekend has been filled with more snow and mum. And looking around on the net for a new netbook, and I have been waiting for tests for an infection … and nothing yet.
    You have a great week now.


  5. I mistakenly told of my lovely weekend on one of your other posts, Frank, because I am in cold-drug-induced fog. 😉 As soon as I saw the word “supposes,” I thought you might have the song in here. These old musicals were so much fun!


  6. I think it’s wonderful these old musicals hold up after all the years since they were made. I used to watch them over and over as a child on the Million Dollar Movie…it repeated them daily over a week! We had a very full weekend with more socializing than I had energy for, but I went back to work today. That’s where I can rest! 🙂


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