On Satire Bits: Vol. 48

Snow flurries have been in the air for the past two days. Fortunately, the temperature is warm enough that nothing sticks. On the bright side, temps are due to move upward into the weekend.

For your midweek dose of satire, let’s continue the creative challenge (for those desiring) by taking the information in the headlines (and only in the headlines) to make a new headline. Any ideas?

Otherwise, any favorites in the list? Enjoy, and have a good rest of the week!

Investigation finds appalling conditions in Cosmopolitan magazine Male-Pressure Lab

Applebee’s to offer divorced father and child specials every other weekend

Report: Small businesses fail in first 6 hours of being on fire

Internet users demand less interactivity

Unicycling bear’s agent has long list of demands

Clothing catalog creates unrealistic expectations for shirts

Cocky attempt to operate ATM in Spanish backfires

Farm subsidy blown on farming

Naked woman biting pearls near curtain likes perfume

Photo of crying woman on cover of national newspaper

Man who willingly rented Wrath of the Titans feels his intelligence has been insulted

Impossible to tell if frazzled women in Walgreen’s uniform going to or coming from work

My combination: Investigation finds cocky naked woman unicyling at Applebees