On Opening Day Monday

As a holiday weekend for many, I hope you had an enjoyable one in whatever you did. How did you spend your weekend? We had  wide variety of things as an evening on the ballroom floor, working in the yard, playing handbells, and hosting my in-laws.

Meanwhile, although Saturday was sunny and warm, cool temperatures have come to Cincinnati for Monday’s Opening Day. This is always been a special day for Reds fans, so the weather will not dampen spirits.

To celebrate Opening Day in the spirit of Monday Morning Entertainment, here are four of my favorite short pitching videos.  Even though the longest is only 90 seconds, (three are less than a minute), I’ve included a short description to help guide your choices 0 but watch as many as you want. Enjoy and have a great week!

On Opening Day 2010 in Cincinnati, the mayor delivered the worst “throwing out the first ball” ever.


Enjoy this crazy pitch of a ceremonial first pitch.


This one from a Japanese League is awesome. The umpire called it a strike probably for the effort.


Movie buffs may remember this scene from Bull Durham.

56 thoughts on “On Opening Day Monday

  1. That second pitch looked like a cross between a crazed Mayan warrior and a capoeta fighter! Loved the third one – pure 3 Stooges quality.
    Nothing big here, just some drive repair, ditch clearing, and church cleaning. Waiting for the warmer weather – got some dehumidifiers and such that need cleaning, and I’d rather leave the mess OUT side! 😀
    And don’t forget, Monday is April Fool’s Day, so beware! (Oddly appropriate date for me to climb out of the woodwork, no? 😉 )


  2. You are really excited, aren’t you? Have only mentioned opening day I forget how many times. Nothing like Red spirit when I watch the red shirted fans pouring into downtown in the early afternoon on game day…when I’m there in June. Have a great opening day!


  3. I had a wonderful Easter weekend, and yesterday had a real feast. My chocolate cheesecake with the eggs and bunnies went down a treat. You should have been there for a piece, Frank. 🙂 Sorry my internet here is too slow to watch videos. 😦


      • Yup. Did you know that there is always baseball on TV from now until the World Series? It’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging. He can watch it and I can ignore it and blog. We’re both happy. But seriously, it’s great fun to go to the ball park, have a beer and a hot dog. It’s fun to play. But baseball on TV is sort of like watching grass grow.


        • John,
          I recall my second grade teacher telling me (a few years later) that she appreciated my enthusiasm for the game … and in those years, baseball on TV was a treat … especially Reds game. (As opposed to every day)


    • Debra,
      Interesting how once in a while an Aussie makes into pro baseball here. Nonetheless, Bull Durham is a fun movie! Thanks for the Easter greeting …. and hope you get to be dry soon!


    • Debra,
      Just saw some of the highlights of the Dodgers opener yesterday. Love the beginning of pulling Magic Johnson from the ceremonial first pitch. At least your weather was warmer than ours! … but at least yesterday was tolerable for us.


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