On April 2 1977

Happy 36th Anniversary to us!

Here’s some of the newsworthy events I could find about that day … besides me showing up at the church about 20 minutes before the service … enjoy the music!

15 tornadoes is the US, 1 fatality, injuring 70, longest 16 miles – but a F1 tornado about 20 miles away during our reception

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks”

Montreal Canadiens set NHL record of 34 straight home games without a lose

Number one hit on UK music charts – Abba – Knowing Me Knowing You


Kiss concert in Tokyo


Born: Jelena Abbou (Serbian model), Per Elofsson (Swedish cross-country skier), Aiden Turner (British Actor), Annett Louisan (German singer), Jon Gosselin (Reality show actor)

Charlotte Brew becomes the first woman to ride in Britain’s Grand National steeplechase when she rides her own horse, Barony Fort

Red Rum wins a historic third Grand National championship at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England

The Eagle has Landed, a movie about WW II starring Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, and Robert Duval released

Stevie Wonder releases Sir Duke, a tribute to Duke Ellington


Diana Shore is on the cover of TV Guide

US President Jimmy Carter is on the cover of Saturday Review with a feature article about human rights

Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies is on the cover of The Sporting News

Top 10 Songs on the Charts
10) Right Time of the Night (Jennifer Warnes) … Yep


9) Dancing Queen (Abba) … We and Guapo love Abba


8) I’ve Got Love on My Mind (Natalie Cole) … Always


7) Hotel California (Eagles) … it took us almost 20 years to visit California


6) Rich Girl (Hall and Oates) … nope, but we’re comfortable


5) Southern Nights (Glen Campbell) … we honeymooned at Hilton Head


4) So In to You (Atlanta Rhythm Section) …. absolutely


3) The Things We Do for Love (10cc) …. I’m not telling


2) Don’t Leave Me This Way (Thelma Houston) … of course not


1) Don’t Give Up on Us (David Soul) … 36 years and counting

124 thoughts on “On April 2 1977

    • Guapo,
      Thanks for the best wishes and the puns. Regarding the music, one must remember that this is pre-M-TV era …. that is the top 10 didn’t have much of a rocker flavor. Nonetheless, I knew you would appreciate ABBA.

  1. Happy Anniversary! I came across this as one of those “you might like” blogs. Yep, I like this blog. Thanks for the remembrance of how old I am too. I love everyone of those songs. You know real songs with people who could actually sing and play before the late 80’s took music somewhere else. :-)

      • Sincerely hope your special anniversary day was cause for celebration with family and friends…or just you and The Mrs. and good glasses of that red wine you so enjoy!

        The beautiful Pacific Northwest….Portland, Oregon…where red and white wines/wineries, plus brew pubs are numerous! Let me know when you plan a visit……

        • Thanks Jots … and we love Oregon! Had a wonderful time in Portland, the Gorge, wine country … awesome! … but not sure when we are returning. … even stopped in Astoria via cruise ship! …. and yes … red wine will be in the dinner plans!

  2. Happy Anniversary! All these songs, how beautiful, I remember so many things now… But Hotel California…. At the top in my list. Thank you dear Frank, for you both, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  3. Happy anniversary. It was my parents anniversary on April 1 and I had them over for dinner to celebrate. 1977 is a year I write about often in my blog because it was the year we moved to Australia so was very memorable and yes, Abba was very big in 1977 xx

  4. Happy Anniversary, Frank and Right Angle! Congratulations!

    And thanks for the playlist, I’ll be going through these gems all day. But what is with Natalie Cole and that weird troll ponytail? Oy.

  5. Congrats and great music selection. 36 years eh? Another four and you’ll be due for parole.

    You know what they say…. Marriage is the mourning after the knot before. :)
    Man, these puns are getting everywhere.

  6. Well, Happy Anniversary from the Hood, Frank! 36 years! Awesome! I hope you and your special lady enjoy this day.

  7. Congrats on the 36 years! I’ll be at 25 years this August. Hard to believe I’ve been with my husband several years longer than I was with my birth family. Guess that means I’m getting old.

  8. I liked your personal comments on the songs, and I will admit to loving Abba, even though it’s not cool. And of course, let me acknowledge the most important event of that date (seems like nothing else was note worthy anyway): Mr and Mrs Angle tied the knot! Mazel Tov!

  9. Happy 36th Anniversary! And may the best be yet to come!!

    I liked KISS. Too bad they don’t work as a marching band show.

  10. Another (slightly belated) Happy Anniversary wish from Canada, but I’m not sure where. I’m not out west. I’m not out east. I’m in the center of the State of Confusion.

    • Cayman,
      Many thanks for the congrats from south Florida via Maryland … (I think that’s right … well, the SF related to the Dolphins). Glad you enjoyed the musical throwback.

  11. Awww. How wonderful, Frank. I love the musical reminders, too. Count me also as an ABBA fan. In fact, I like all the music you’ve represented here. We hit 41 years in January, and I can remember when I thought anyone married that long had to be ancient. No comment! :-) Best wishes to you and your wife. Many more years together in good health and happiness!

    • Debra,
      Many thanks for your greetings from LA. …. and cheers to your #41. To go along with your thoughts, the nice lady server last night said to us, “You guys are so cute, and I hope we’re like you when I’m married.” … We laughed, but we know she meant old. :)

    • Eva,
      No late at all, …. well, according to the time stamp you had 5 minutes to spare! ;) Anyway, best wishes are never too late! … so many thank for cheers from NYC.

  12. A great year for music and love …. wonderful – love every video you posted here .. but it’s my generations that you have put to life here. Hotel California is number one on my list, when its about modern music. Congratulations again and I’m sure you both have some fantastic memories to all those songs and I hope you will meet more music and memories.

    • Viveka,
      Interesting music on this post. Hotel California is an outstanding song! Meanwhile, I (like you) simply enjoyed revisiting some of these songs from the past … and thanks for the congratulations!

      • They don’t do music today .. as they did then. Hits comes and goes nearly every week and .. very seldom played again. But the 80’s was the music boom …

  13. Many Happy Anniversary greetings Frank. I’m late for work got to go face the dreaded dreadful traffic but just wanted to add my congratulations. I’ll be back to listen to the music – I’m sure there must be a wonderful selection.

  14. Happy Anniversary, Frank! To you and your lovely Bride! Wishing you both many many more. In health, happiness, and abundance in all good things! Cheers! Raising my cup to you both!
    And incidentally, 1977 was one of my favourites. ;-) Good times!

  15. Let’s see, April 1977? Yeah – I was finishing Junior High. And my first car was ALREADY 4 years old. And on a REALLY good day, I can actually remember both! (Well, the car more than Junior High…. ;) )
    Happy Anniversary, belated, as I work through my backlog! :)

  16. Ahhh, the memories. You’re just a year behind me and my husband, Frank (we married in that infamous Bicentennial year). Happy Anniversary! :)

  17. Happy belated Anniversary, Frank. April is a good month to get married, and my husband and I will be celebrating our 24th tomorrow. I never thought to look back onto what was happening at that time, but maybe I will do that and share it with hubby. He will surely get a kick out of it.

  18. Fantastic fantastic collection! LOVE THIS POST :) :) :)

    We are definitely about the same age.

    Happy anniversary. Joy forever :)

    • Eyes,
      Many thanks … and glad you enjoyed this post. I wanted to do something for our anniversary as I usually do posts dedicated to the number (36 in this case) … but this idea came to me after I had a difficult time finding headlines for that day. Meanwhile, my post dedicated to 36 is in the works.

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