On Satire Bits: Vol. 49

Many thanks to everyone for all the comments regarding our 36th anniversary. We just returned from dinner at Seasons 52, a grill-based restaurant chain that is new to both Cincinnati and Ohio.  Given our first exposure to them, it was a thumbs up from us on this night.

Time for a mid-week dose of satire to propel everyone toward Friday. Which is your favorite?

For those wanting an extra challenge, use the information in the headlines (and only the info) to develop your own satirical headline. My combo is at the end.

Have a good rest of the week!

NASA searches for planet capable of supporting NASA

Roommate food pyramid updated to include 4 servings of someone else’s grains & cereal per day

22-year old gets job at website

Entire community stops to watch man struggling to work window blinds

Area man informed he has gotten haircut

Energy pointlessly kept closer

Divorced father waving up a storm for daughter

Bob makes sure apology was more insulting than original comment

Six year old slowed down her Mississippi’s upon request

Mechanic simultaneously replaced sparkplugs and held conversation without taking cigarette out of mouth

LA traveler stuck in traffic dreamed about being stuck in traffic in flying car

Huffington Post complete 63 million page “Where are they Now” slideshow of every celebrity ever

My combination: LA Mechanic simultaneously replaced sparkplugs and frantically waved for daughter while stuck in traffic


51 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 49

  1. I kinda like the mechanic story as is, considering on my cars, replacing spark plug requires getting INTO the engine bay!
    And uh … er … I think I may have managed to forget to add my congrats to you and the Right Angle. If I did, oops and a belated wish. If I remembered, well, here’s another one – take two, they’re cheap (like me). 😉
    Will I see ya at my place Thursday?


    • John,
      According to the time stamp, you’re not late …. but because you’re on the next post, you only appear late. Many thanks for the greetings!

      As for Thursday, I see you have a post announcing Thursday, but I haven’t read it yet …. but I imagine I’ll be there.

      Oh —- the mechanic is a good choice for you.


  2. this one got me the most “Area man informed he has gotten haircut”

    as for seasons 52, there’s one that’s been here for a few years. i haven’t been there, but i’ve heard it’s good. i think it’s part of the same company that owns the olive garden, but i’m not 100% about that.


    • Rich,
      I wonder want it is why people like commenting about one getting a haircut.

      Seasons 52 just got here in February. Looking at their website, I see two in NJ. And yes, they are part of the Darden restaurant group which own Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn, Bahama Breezes, and maybe more.


  3. I like NASA and Bob from the real Onions.
    Here’s my go:
    Bob pointlessly searches for 22-year old Roommate capable of supporting struggling Divorced father.


  4. Morning Frank, I’m glad you had a nice anniversary. Wishing you many more.

    Now, I have a brother named Bob, so I must choose this one. “Bob makes sure apology was more insulting than original comment.” Then again, I’ve done that once or twice myself! I know, you’re shocked.


  5. I think US need to find a planet that can support the whole country soon *smile
    Is it 36 years of marriage???? Have to work my way back in your posts.
    How wonderful – you have given me some faith in a married life. Congratulations.


  6. No Frankensteining, but I’m glad Bob made the “apology” an even more stinging rebuke than the first comment. There are people, and times, where that’s necessary.
    Thank you for signing up to follow my posts. You visit and comment so often, I thought you already had, till the notice popped up. Now you make me wonder whether I’ve remembered to perform the same social function for you. If you see two of me, don’t believe it.


  7. My favorite:
    “Bob makes sure apology was more insulting than original comment”

    And my made up headline with plenty of copy and paste:
    NASA informed Huffington Post about 22-year old waving at flying car


  8. These are always fun! Here’s my best attempts:

    Entire Mississippi Community Searches For Area Man, Informed He Was
    Pointlessly Stuck In Traffic

    Flying Six Year Old Slowed Down Upon Request Of NASA, Makes Apology

    Enjoy the rest of your week Frank!


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