On Twilight

Whether day-to-night or night -to-day, twilight is that part of the day signaling a transition. As the sun sits below the horizon, the light diffuses into the sky delivering a certain state of vagueness.

Twilight isn’t bright, but faint – it’s dim, yet brilliant in its own way – thus able to deliver beauty.

Here’s a short trip to Florence. As my sister was focusing on the shopping, I was on the prowl for beauty, thus looking above the windows at the eyes of the people, down the streets, and above at the charm of the architecture.

For a point-and-shot guy, and with a lot of luck, here are a few for you to enjoy. Which is your favorite?


The Shadows Begin


Towering Above the Shadows


David Stands Guard


Peek-a-Boo Skyward


The Four Towers


Accenting Lights


Night Falls on the Duomo

81 thoughts on “On Twilight

  1. Actually, I like them all. The first, and The Four Towers are my favorites.

    (And I’m ashamed to say I thought this of you, but my first thought at seeing the title was “Frank is doing vampires???”)


  2. Like Guap, I first thought of vampires. Damn. I should have realized that you didn’t go to Transylvania.

    I love these pictures, Frank. Tonight I’ll choose the last. Another time, it will be a different one.


  3. Frank the second and the last shots are fabulous. All are lovely but those two are simply inspired.

    I am so happy to see you are still bringing us some of your shots from your trip, thank you.


  4. As a any photographer does, I really enjoy twilight. And it seems like you have had a good time in Florence, too, during twilight. My favourite picture is the last one, Night Falls on the Duomo, although it might not really be twilight any more.


  5. Twilight is my favorite time of day. I immediately feel a peace come over me with that in-between light. It’s kind of hard to choose, but I think I like David stands guard because it shows the action of the plaza. Lovely memories, I’m sure, Frank!


    • Debra,
      Good philosophical additions about twilight. Although there is a lot in that pic, one thing that strikes me is the sheer size of that statue …. actually a replica as the original is in the nearby museum.


    • Bulldog,
      Sometimes I make one of the simple adjustments such as long distance and occasionally lighting, but that’s about all I know. However, my eyes are getting much better at seeing good pics. Thanks for the kind words.


    • Fasab,
      Good choice as there is something about accent lighting at twilight … and there are several examples here to support that. Meanwhile, thanks for the warning … so now I can prepare in advance.


  6. Stunning photos … an expert told me that the best light for photos are in the afternoon and the dusk. You have done a fantastic job here … fantastic gallery. Towering Above the Shadows is my pick of this great bunch.


    • Georgette,
      That one seems to be the second-most popular at the moment. For me, there’s something about the colors in that one. Meanwhile, doing this series has been able to stay connected to a wonderful trip … and reasons to keep looking at the my pictures file.


  7. I like the second picture, towering above the shadows, because I live not far from Canterbury and that picture reminds me of an image we see sometimes of Canterbury Cathedral taken from one of the side streets leading up to it, there’s a picture of it here, you’ll see the similarity – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jelltecks/6967330498/

    Personally I find twighlight a bit of an eerie time, I feel a bit jumpy if I’m out walking in twighlight, I think it’s to do with the shadows that are cast at that time!


  8. Really nice post, Frank. Love this: “delivering a certain state of vagueness”, one of my preferred states. Hmmm… It was tough, as usual, but… The Shadows Begin, Peek a Boo, for great colour, and Night Falls on the Duomo. All very nicely done. And again, Thank You, for sharing!

    Waving and a high-five coming from the Great Smokies!


    • Victoria,
      Good choices … I have no clue want I did to get those looks … well, at least they make me look good. 😉

      I see your waving … and high-five right back at you!


  9. Twilight: just in between so much. All of the pictures are terrific. #2 has the buildings leaning in threatening or urging you to safety?
    #4. the building want to have a word with you…it’s serious…
    #5…”we warned you…now you have to deal with it…too late! too late!”
    And that last one! (somber music) Dragging feet? Or is that hurrying footsteps to safe haven?
    A whole story/ multiple legends in pictures


  10. It felt like being asked to choose a child. I love them all! Each has its own story and history, and the lighting is great. As a non photographer I really appreciate the composition.


    • Rachel,
      We non-photographers gotta stick together, but I can say that on this trip, my eyes were starting to spot and frame pictures before pointing and shooting. Glad you enjoyed these.


  11. I have never fancy Venice – but there is something about Florence … that draws me. Also the closeness to Siena … that I heard wonderful things about so much about. 2018 … !!!! A must. Thanks for sharing, Frank … and I’m glad that things are good with you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A lot in Florence, and as you can see, it’s fantastic in twilight. Downside about Florence can be the crowds. On the map, Siena is close … but because of the mountains, trains first travel west before going southeast to Siena.


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