On a Classic Cat and Mouse

Theme song

A classic cat chases mouse routine leading to mayhem and destruction featuring


  • A cat who naps, eats and chases Jerry
  • Seldom talks
  • Thinks of schemes to catch Jerry
  • Originally called Jasper


  • The clever mouse with an impish grin
  • Seldom talks
  • Charmer
  • Usually triumphant

Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM),

Hanna and Barbera produced and directed 114 from 1940 to 1957

Additional MGM releases include
– 13 shorts by Rembrandt Films (1961)
– 34 shorts by Chuck Jones’s Sib-Tower 12 Productions produced (1963-1967)

Debuting on CBS’ Saturday morning schedule on September 25, 1965, Tom and Jerry moved to CBS Sundays two years later and remained there until September 17, 1972.

Received 13 Academy Award nominations, but won 7 Oscars: The Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943), Mouse Trouble (1944), Quiet Please (1945), The Cat Concerto (1946), The Little Orphan (1949), The Two Mouseketeers (1952), and Johann Mouse (1953)

#50 on TV Guide 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters

A Short Clip


Because of the limited dialogue, music was important Musical director Scott Bradley blended classical, jazz, and pop music

Because of limited speaking, easily to reconstruct in other languages; thus shown throughout the world

Enjoy this classic clip with Gene Kelly


– Excessively violent, though no blood
– Stereotypical scenes of Blacks

Other Characters include: “Aunt” Pristine Figg, Barney Bear, Beegle Beagle, Butch the Cat, Captain Kiddie, Dr. J. “Sweetface” Applecheek, Dripple the Dog, Droopy the Dog, Dweeble, Ferdinand, Frankie the Flea, Grape Ape, Grappley, Lickboot, Lightning the Cat, Mammy Two Shoes, Meathead the Cat, Mumbly, Nibbles the Mouse (later called Tuffy), Puggsy the Dog, Quacker, Red (sometimes called Miss Vavoom), Robyn Starling, Spike and son Tyke, Screwball Squirrel, Squawk, Toodles Galore, Topsy,Wolfie



A full feature from 1956

57 thoughts on “On a Classic Cat and Mouse

  1. Thanks for the videos! Gene Kelly was an amazing dancer! I’ll always be a loyal fan of Fred Astaire though! 😀 I agree. Tom and Jerry were always trying to kill each other, but deep down they couldn’t live without each other. One of my favorite episodes is the one where Tom wears a tuxedo and he’s playing the piano. That episode just cracks me up!


  2. REally fabulous post Frank. It was always fun to see Jerry triumph over old Tom cat. Classic tales of wit and ingenuity.


  3. Always been a big fan of T&J, but I didn’t know about the name change for Tom. I’m afraid Jasper and Jerry doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    BUT # 50 on the greatest list??? Bollocks to the compiler of that list, these guys have to be in the top ten.


  4. Thanks for the clip of Jerry and Gene — a classic. I had to keep T&J off my tv screen when my son was a kid — it brought out the terror in my toddler. Seriously, I wouldn’t let him watch it and he still gives me a hard time about it, as he loves it now. But it made him think that hitting was OK and that was not a good thing.




  6. We had the BEST cartoons when we were kids. I made sure our son had healthy doses of these classic cartoons, and he loved Tom and Jerry.

    My husband was flipping through the channels a couple of nights ago, and he went by Gene Kelly dancing with Stewie from The Family Guy. I asked him if he had ever seen the “real” movie clip of this before, and he said, “no.” I couldn’t believe it! I had to tell him that Jerry had been taken out and Stewie put in. In his defense, my husband is six years younger than me. Kids these days!!


  7. Even though Tom and Jerry were on my radar as a kid, I was never much of a fan. It had nothing to do with the violence or lack of dialogue, for I loved Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. By the time Chuck Jones got involved with the franchise, I was a teenager and had moved away from mainstream animation to more esoteric fare. Maybe it was the Tom and Jerry stories that bored me? The clever rodent always foiling the doofus cat again and again. It just wasn’t fun like Wile E.’s pursuit of Roadrunner. So, I seldom watched them. I recall my father raving about Gene Kelly partnering with Jerry. When I finally saw Anchors Aweigh, I was very impressed, too. His timing performing that dance was impeccable.


  8. I was never a big fan of T&J, but it has more to do with not being an H&B fan than anything else. I found the clip alluded to earlier about Tom in a tux. It is called “Hollywood Bowl”.


  9. Wow! I am watching at work and I thoroughly enjoyed this! I didn’t realize how music played such a huge part in forwarding the narrative. I guess it’s not something you would notice as a kid. But I love it now! That was fun.


  10. Hm… I just realized there are no share buttons on this blog. I wanted to Tweet it. I am sure there is a reason – so now I am just being my nosey self [because I can’t help it]. So what gives? 😉


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