On a Springtime Monday

Hooray! Spring has definitely arrived in Cincinnati as this weekend’s weather was wonderful. The warmth got me out to do some yard work, which included the season debut of the mower.

No ballroom time for us this past weekend as we took a Reds game on a slightly chilly Friday night with the Reds thrashing the highly regarded Nationals 15-0.  Our dinner group got together Saturday night for a variety of chicken wing recipes! Not our normal food fare, but we had a good time.

How’s the weather in your land? How was your weekend? Come on now, time to share!

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s a dose of Mel Brooks to jump-start your week. I recall an interview with him as he was promoting the movie where he said, “Movies need a big music number.”  Enjoy … and have a good week.

68 thoughts on “On a Springtime Monday

  1. Yay! Finally sunshine and a day in the 60s in NE Ohio! What a treat to go for a family walk. Well, 3 or the 4 family members, anyway. The oldest teen was too cool to be seen walking outside with his parents. But he wasn’t too cool to go to the Macaroni Grill with us for dinner…


  2. Even though Winter is my favorite season I do like all seasons. I’d get bored if we saw little change. With that said the warmer weather this weekend sure was nice. It felt good to get out in short pants and a sweatshirt again. T-shirts can’t be far away.


  3. I LOVE that Men in Tights number, Frank. Mel Brooks is the best.

    We had a wonderful weekend in Colorado. We went to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for a fabulous jazz festival – three nights of great jazz concerts with international stars. And the weather was warm and sunny. We took our mountain bikes and explored new territory during the day. I’m told tomorrow we’re bracing for a Winter storm with 6-12 inches of wet snow. Oh well, we need the moisture…


  4. Snowing again on Mt. Hood and the Cascades this weekend…feet not just paltry inches…which meant rain that looked and felt like feet and not just inches, plus wind and very cold temps in Portland today. No complaints. Like Cathy (above) said…”We need the moisture.” Trees are blooming and the roses in the South Park Blocks are looking real good!! Spring hasn’t sprung all the way…but getting close.


    • TBM,
      Multiple homer games by one player aren’t that common … but how about a multiple homer game by two players … plus two homers on back-to-back pitches .. plus a grand slam. A good night for the good guys.


  5. Today, spring has finally arrived in the Big Apple, too, Frank. I could barely drag myself out of bed and my colleague texted me that she’s going to be at least 45 minutes late and my boss, thus far, is a no show, too.


  6. Glad that somebody has the spring … we had fantastic sunny weather for a week now … but it’s so chilly and yesterday we had a winter storm without the snow. Spent the weekend with my mum and the slowest laptop on earth. I loved that movie once, but it didn’t click when I watched last year … have outgrown it.
    Frank I wish a pleasant week.


  7. Spring is trying to settle in here–but little bouts of rain wander through. We need the rain so we all tend to groan when the storm misses us and heads further north. Men in Tights was great! Thanks.


    • Renee,
      Cheers to your effort. Mulching is on our docket soon as I will be watching the upcoming weather for the required two consecutive days we need to move 10 cubic yards of mulch … something I’m not looking forward to doing.


  8. Autumn is definitely closing in with fresh crisp cool conditions first thing in the morning… there is one thing that worries me.. we are still experiencing summer rain with down pours of up to 225 mm (9 inches) over a weekend, causing flooding in places… this is not usual weather for us… so maybe summer is trying to hold on a little longer..


    • Bulldog,
      Wow! That’s a lot of rain!!!!! Being that amount would definitely cause flooding concerns, hoping for the best for all those impacted. Keep me informed of the situation …. and stay safe.


  9. The weather here is STELLAR! Finally, ’tis spring in Appalachia! Time to get down and dirty… in the Garden! Glad it has finally arrived for you too, Frank!
    Love Mel Brooks, thanks for posting that one, haven’t seen it in years!

    Wishing you a most wonderful week, too!


  10. That’s good news that spring has made an appearance! Hurrah! Mel Brooks is good for a smile anytime. I’d like to think my sense of humor is more sophisticated, but somehow he always cracks me up! Nice job!


    • Debra,
      I like to think of Mel Brooks’ humor as warped vaudeville, and it is not for everyone … but I imagine there are scenes for everyone. …. Yep, the song “Springtime for Hitler” is buzzing in my head.


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