On the Week Ahead

Another weekend is in the books, so how was your? Come on – you can tell.

Quite the variety of things for us, which included a night of ballroom, an 11-mile tribute bike ride for the friend of many who was murdered in February, two successful handbell rings, and watching a simple movie (Bridesmaids) with my wife and a good bottle of wine.

It was also Masters (golf) weekend, so I tried to watch as much as possible because it’s always an enjoyable tournament. Golf fans are wonderful because no matter the golfer, these fans simply cheer great shots! Congratulations to Adam Scott for winning, and for bringing the first green jacket to the great golf nation of Australia!

A reminder to all the I hope to post Time: The Musical – Act 2 Wednesday night/Thursday with the theme being a specific time in the title. Act 1 provide great musical selections, so I’m hoping Act 2 will be equally successful … so get some songs ready.

Because this is week my golf league starts, let’s kickoff Monday with some humor at the expense of golfers … but Bulldog never saw any of this on his years on the course.