On the Week Ahead

Another weekend is in the books, so how was your? Come on – you can tell.

Quite the variety of things for us, which included a night of ballroom, an 11-mile tribute bike ride for the friend of many who was murdered in February, two successful handbell rings, and watching a simple movie (Bridesmaids) with my wife and a good bottle of wine.

It was also Masters (golf) weekend, so I tried to watch as much as possible because it’s always an enjoyable tournament. Golf fans are wonderful because no matter the golfer, these fans simply cheer great shots! Congratulations to Adam Scott for winning, and for bringing the first green jacket to the great golf nation of Australia!

A reminder to all the I hope to post Time: The Musical – Act 2 Wednesday night/Thursday with the theme being a specific time in the title. Act 1 provide great musical selections, so I’m hoping Act 2 will be equally successful … so get some songs ready.

Because this is week my golf league starts, let’s kickoff Monday with some humorΒ at the expense of golfers … but Bulldog never saw any of this on his years on the course.

53 thoughts on “On the Week Ahead

  1. Masters–awesome eh? haa great video. I actually am diving into golfing myself. So I think I might be able to fit into those clips quite well haaa


  2. The Masters was clearly an Aussie year with Marc Leishman leading on Friday and Saturday, then it was Jason Day’s chance to shine with an -8 lead along with Angel Cabrera, and finally Adam Scott took it after missing so many putts! It seemed all deserving shared what seemed to be an unsurpassable -6 then it became -8, -7 lead at various times. Angel Cabrera’s -9 lead was amazing with son caddying. I hope they can bask in those awesome rounds, albeit perhaps not a win for them. Great golf and beautiful azaleas too. How do they get them to bloom on time? Brandt Snedeker gave it a wonderful run, too. It was a great weekend of golf at daughter’s house and me on the floor with grandbaby. Yep…drove up again with grandpa.


    • Georgette,
      Wow … I’d say you watched golf this weekend! Cheers to you. Snedeker hit the skids on Sunday was a shame, but it happens. Meanwhile, Cabrera’s shot on 18 was off the charts!

      About the azaleas. The grounds crew at Augusta has been known to slow down blooming with ice … and I’m not sure how they speed them up, but I’m sure they know how because to them, timing is everything.

      Cheers to time with your grandbaby!


  3. Well, I am not crazy about golf–but glad to hear you enjoyed the Masters. The video is hilarious! My weekend has been fairly leisurely–saw lots of friends for meals out, got stuck in construction traffic for over 2 hours, and am just enjoying being in for the night. I’ll get back to writing some blog entries tomorrow.


  4. We decided to have a lazy relaxing enjoying back to back movies weekend πŸ™‚
    watched 5 movies..what an accomplishment, Now its Monday morning and i remember things we should have done instead..


  5. The Masters was a great show this year with a little hiccup here and there… Tigers drop certainly seemed to go viral on the net… as for your video clip…. seen so much of this in my time.. with idiots that think a golf cart is a sports car… fished a few out of dams and oh so many sitting on there sides and roof… but I still did get a good laugh out of it


  6. One of the most remarkable things about the Masters Golf Tournament yesterday was how quickly Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera played the last few holes and the two holes of the sudden death playoff. Bobby Jones designed the Augusta National Golf Course to be played in 3 1/2 hours. I’m betting those two guys would have come close to that time if they had played an 18 hole playoff like is required in the U.S. Open.


  7. Love the video …. the buggies … a friend damaged one of Augusta’s buggies … a couple of years ago, so there is so much truth in this video, loads of idiots on the greens all over the world. My friend one of them. I will send this video to my old boss in Belfast, Scotsman born with a club in his hand.
    Bridesmaids … I hated that movie, it was so rude and silly – why do they make us women to stand out as idiots when it’s about weddings.
    Frank, you have a great week too.


  8. Hubby and I watch the masters every year and love it. We were so excited for Mike Weir when he won for Canada 5 years ago and loved watching Adam Scott win for Australia this year. Very exciting when it gets down to playoff shots. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, Frank. Have a great week!


    • Rogue,
      Cheers to another who enjoys watching the Masters. Next month, the TPC is another great one to watch …. and then the US Open in June. … It looks like I’m see a practice round at the Memorial!


  9. I can play Playstation Golf! πŸ™‚
    The video was extremely funny! I had no idea people could have so much fun with those golf carts…(knew the Bulldog would like it!)


  10. A memorial ride is such a good idea! Very sobering, though, I’m quite sure. Monday turned out to be kind of a rough day, didn’t it! i’m just feeing very tired today, aware that life is precious. You’ve had some ‘up close and personal’ reasons to be thinking about that recently, I know. Golf and fun…we need that, too.


    • Debra,
      The group had a some tributes to him at the turnaround point … and most of them were fittingly funny … which was perfect for him! … and one of the best things was that his wife rode as well, and held up well too!


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