On Satire Bits: Vol. 51

How has your week gone so far?

We were supposed to start our golf league tonight. I was on the fourth hole when the sky darkened and delivered a good bit of water. My wife’s league never got to the first tee. Oh well, we hope to have better luck next week.

Before we move on to this week’s satire bits, a reminded that the next post will be Time: The Musical – Act 2. The theme of this act is a specific time in the title, so come prepared to share!

On to the satire give you the extra energy to propel you toward the weekend. For those that like the extra challenge, use the information in this headlines (and only this headlines) to create your own combination headline. Mine is located at the end of this list.

Enjoy – and have a good rest of the week.


Report: 96% of nation’s smut consumed by filthiest 1%

Man brings visiting parents into office to meet coworkers who can’t stand him

Area man’s knee making weird sound

Co-worker brought to place of unthinkable intimacy by team-building exercise

PR firm advises US to cut ties with Alabama

Doomed rabbit to teach 8-year old responsibility

Couple going at it like tied, sexually incompetent rabbits

22-year old get job at website

Congressional high priests concocts farm subsidy bill in legislative cauldron

Study reveals conditions in women’s prison deplorably unsexy

Man didn’t expect sex with prostitute would be so sexually fulfilling

College roommates surprised to find dorm room has one king-size bed

My Combination:  Eight-year-old rabbit teaches sexually incompetent Alabama