On a Fly

I dedicate this post to Starla. I haven’t heard from the good lady in Montana, so I hope all is well with her and Navar. She requested this character, and I am pleased to honor her request.


More powerful than a speeding rocket and faster than a beam of light.

No flypaper can hold him and no insecticide can stop him.

Produced by Hal Seeger Productions

Debuted October 9, 1965 on ABC

First episode Fly By Might (1964)

Last (27th) Martians Meet Their Match (1966)

Voiced by Bob McFadden

Never his own show, thus only as a segment in Milton the Monster show (but not in every show)

Milton made a brief cameo in one episode (“Ferocious Fly”) while Hirem is hallucinating

Personal Data
In reality, an ordinary housefly named Hirem

Hirem is mild-mannered

Hangs out at the Sugar Bowl

His girlfriend Flory

His best friend is Horsey

Hiram and Horsey Drinking


Fearless Fly Bio
When danger arises, Hirem enters a nearby matchbox, and exits as Fearless Fly

Wears a red sweater and special glasses that provide millions of mega-tons of energy through the sensitive muscles in his head.”

Only weakness is losing his glasses: “Without my super high-powered glasses I’m helpless!”

His chief nemesis is the 900-year-old Dr. Goo Fee and his sidekick Gung Ho

Occasionally, Milton the Monster’s Professor Weirdo threatens, as does Ferocious Fly

I discovered these lyrics, but can’t find the tune.

Hey I’m in trouble
and I’m all by myself (so)
I’m callin’ to the fly
I need a little help (help)
Hey fearless, you know you’re really cool (cool)
You know you’re the one who makes me drool (drool)

His name is Fearless Fly
His name is Fearless Fly
His name is Fearless Fly
So fearless
(I’m fearless)


52 thoughts on “On a Fly

    • Colline,
      Starla made that request months ago … so I’ve been sitting on this for a while, then finally decided to use it. I miss the good lady. Meanwhile, it was fun for me to reconnect with FF.


  1. This is a new one for me. Thanks for showing me something new. I think Dr GooFee and Gung Ho are my new favorite villains. 🙂 I loved the bit of dialog:
    Gung Ho: Have you ever treated flys?
    Dr.Goo Fee: That’s my specialty. You don’t think they’d let me treat people.

    Priceless. Have a great weekend Frank.


    • Eyes,
      FF had a short, but memorable life.

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I purposely try to bounce around topics, otherwise – nope – I don’t realize any uniqueness.


  2. Frank, you have me watching cartoons on Saturdays now. I just watched an episode of Milton the Monster. 😉

    These characters are vaguely familiar – even Dr. Goo Fee. I think my younger brother watched Milton the Monster, so I know I’ve seen the characters. I seem to remember Hiram, but not Fearless Fly. Another fun round of cartoons, Frank!


  3. I’m in the minority who remembers (albeit vaguely) Fearless Fly. Apparently, I did nothing but watch cartoons. I distinctly remember the two chinese guys — I think they helped me form many misconceptions about half the world’s population.


  4. I completely forgot about Fearless Fly until this post, Frank. Now I will return to the regularly scheduled programming always playing in my head and forget about him again. Definitely not one of my favorites, but I do enjoy these cartoon posts very much. Keep ’em coming!


  5. Fearless Fly? Milton the Monster?
    How could I have missed these?
    Guess I was watching the original Dark Shadows instead or avoiding parents and being sullen in my own room.
    Maybe Starla will pick up the ripples in the force and check back in.


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