Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 179

On Politics
The Boston bombing occurred on a Monday, so many thanks to the Washington jackwagons for politicizing the event by the end of the week.

Regarding gun purchases, if extending background checks infringes on the Second Amendment, why aren’t Republicans calling for a repeal of any gun registration?

With part of the talk about immigration focuses on securing the border, I ask this important question: Besides saying something stupid as repealing Obamacare, what’s the plan for paying to secure the border?

Although I wasn’t one of President GW Bush’s big supporters, the people showing up as protesters at the dedication of his presidential library have too much time on their hands.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Breaking News: No breaking news
Area man now checks inside boat in driveway every morning
Man purchasing pair of red pants better be ready to put up or shut up
High school students line up for School Oil Portrait Day
Breaking News: Still nothing

Interesting Reads
Legal questions and the Boston bomber
Islam and Internet Islam
The politics of paranoia
Conversing with the ill
Pig Latin variations
Oregon Pinot Noirs

On Potpourri
I hope the insurance company gives David Henneberry a new boat. Nothing fancy, just a suitable replacement.

BuddahKat is a fractal artist. In her A-to-Z Challenge post, I adore U for Umbrella on this recent post. Give her a visit and tell her I sent you.

This past Wednesday was a great day: Free tickets to a Reds game, free food, two free adult beverages, and a Reds win. On the down side was a 90-minute rain delay and cool weather.

The Reds and a local pizza chain have a promotion for every home game. If Reds pitchers strikeout 11 or more opponents, fans in attendance have one week to get a free small pizza – which has cost the pizza family over $100,000 in the first 16 home games, but 65 games remain.

This week I discovered an interesting under $10 red wine – Cocobon – and the hint of chocolate is just enough!

There will be a Classic Saturday Morning Cartoon feature this weekend.

Because many readers enjoyed the Wayne Brady clip to start the week, here’s another clip from that great improve show to send you into the weekend. Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

47 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 179

  1. It’s been quite a week.
    Several have offered Mr Henneberry a new boat ( he was on TV the other morning) but he’s asked those to give that money to the victims fund – he said he just lost a boat, it’s nothing – others lost legs and their whole lives are changed. He speaks very well
    Buddakat rocks! Such talent.
    And you’re in the same league.(the wine discover sound interesting)
    Enjoy the weekend – and let’s hope it’s a peaceful one!


    • Mouse,
      Thanks for the scoop on Mr. Henneberry. I was impressed with the one interview I saw.

      Cheers to BuddahKat and her work! Sure hope others visit her.

      Cocobon was an interesting wine, so we returned with two bottles. Here’s their website http://www.cocobonwines.com/ …. (which has a nice video) … so here’s a video that’s a review.


  2. Still no breaking news…yeah, yeah, I agree with that one! Cocobon with a hint of chocolate, you say?! Yum. I’ve been meaning to read your wine post. I’m glad you got to have some fun at a baseball game and that they won! Have a wonderful weekend, Frank!


    • Bumble,
      Cocobon wine was an interesting find. Checkout the comments I made to PhilosopherMouse as I included a link and a video. Meanwhile, my Reds and your Giants should be in the thick of it all, but baseball can be very unforeseen.


  3. Your first line says it all. From all information currently received, the bombing suspects had no gun permits. They definitely didn’t mind breaking the law to make and possess what they are now calling ‘wmd’ and talk shows are filling with people/experts giving their take on what constitutes weapons of mass destruction and how many people have to die before it is considered ‘mass’. It is sickening.


  4. Mr. Henneberry is quite an interesting character and a very sensitive man. I hope he does get a new boat. Hope I can find some of that Cocobon. Sounds great!


  5. In some spanish speaking countries they use the “Alfabeto Parfallino” , I really like that post.
    And the wines, after all this time in Europe, going back to states and paying $20+ for a decent bottle of wine feels a bit excessive, I pay 8 Euros for a great Merlot or Chardonay (I love white wine too).
    Last week I paid 2.5 Euros for a bottle of Portuguese green wine, delicious.
    I want wine now.
    Have a good weekend Frank.


  6. Onions all good, can’t really pick a winner, although breaking news may have by quantity or lack of.

    Since you mentioned both Dubya and border control you gotta love this video


  7. Politics of Paranoia – brilliant … the the video priceless … just love that show.
    Checked out your wine … trendy label *smile – Bush video … what a clown – biggest laugh this week for me … hope he never gets a job with border control.
    Fantastic post …have a great weekend.


  8. High school students line up for School Oil Portrait Day–this one really made me laugh. I see you are a big baseball fan. Is the movie “42” in your area yet? The story of Jackie Robinson? It’s a great baseball story. Obviously it’s so much more than that and serves as quite a history lesson. I highly recommend it if you have the chance. I’ll look forward to reading your links throughout the week! They are always very well chosen! 🙂


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