On a Crime Fighting Duo

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I dedicate this post to Rich at Brainsnorts for the request. I didn’t watch this cartoon, but Rich is a good guy.  Rich writes stories, so give him a visit and tell him I sent you.


  • Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, the crime-fighting duo protecting Empire City
  • Addressed as “Courageous” and “Minute”)
  • AKA: Gato Valiente y Minuto Ratón
  • Neither have a secret identity
  • Live in the Cat Cave


  • Summoned via the Cat Signal over their television set
  • Drive the red Cat Mobile that can convert into the Cat Plane and the Cat Boat
  • Courageous uses an all-purpose Cat Gun or items from his cape as trick guns
  • Courageous has extra secret gadgets hidden in his belt buckle

Created by Bob Kane as a Batman and Robin parody
Produced by Trans-Artists Productions
130 five-minute episodes
Original run: 1960-1962
First episode: Disguise the Limit
Last episode: The Return Of The Shoo Shoo Fly

The Chief, Marilyn Mouse (Minute’s gal), Sassy Bones, and Periscope Pete

Chief antogonist: Chauncey “Flatface” Frog (leader of The Unmentionables) and Harry Gorilla (Chauncey’s henchman)
Others: Professor Shaggy Dog, Big Shot with Little Shot (leaders of the Unthinkables), The Black Cat, Rodney Rodent, Shoo Shoo Fly, Robber Rabbit, Foxy the Fox, The Great Hambone, Iron Shark, Professor Von Noodle Stroudel/Strudel, Comrade and Commissar, Outrageous Cat

Theme music

  • By Johnny Holiday
  • Patterned after Henry Mancini’s Peter Gunn, the theme song features a walking bass line and a jazzy sound

Here’s a rock version of the theme song done by the New York Dolls


Public Complaints
Too violent
Use of firearms
Flatface Frog smoking a cigar

Enjoy watching an episode: Case of the Cat Cave Treasures

27 thoughts on “On a Crime Fighting Duo

    • Fasab,
      Applause only for Brainsorts because when he requested it, I responded “Who?” My initial thought was that it was outside of my time frame, so quick research indicated that they did exist and it was in the time frame.


    • Cathy,
      I don’t think that’s the difference in this case … after all, I didn’t know of this duo, but the request came from the east coast. OH well … at least we learned something.


  1. I do remember the duo. It wasn’t a favorite, but I remember even as a child also thinking the frog was the voice of Edward G. Robinson. Lame’s remark brought that back to me! Interesting about the public complaints. I don’t think as a child I was in any way aware of parental backlash to any cartoons, but I guess it makes sense. Very entertaining! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Woo hoo!!!! Someone remembers this duo (and include me on the don’ts). In terms of the public complaints, heck … Popeye was one of my favorites, and yep – complaints came with them too.


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