On No More Cabin Fever

Cincinnati had nice weather, which allowed some outdoor time. How was your weather and weekend?

Another full weekend with a variety of activities, such as ballroom, the movie 42 (excellent) , lawn mowing, chime accompaniment for the vocal choir, and substitute ushering at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. The play (The Book Club Play) is a fun comedy delivering many laughs though a variety of interesting characters.

April ends this week, so with May upon us, I imagine spring is on the very-near horizon for all those in the northern reaches on the planet. With winter in the rear-view mirror, maybe it’s time to change the header. Hmmmmm?

With that in mind, cabin fever will be over of the northern hemisphere. Here’s a great video from many years ago regarding a cabin. Enjoy and have a great week.

46 thoughts on “On No More Cabin Fever

  1. It was a theater weekend for us, too, Frank. We saw Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts” at our local “serious” theater on Friday Night and “Legally Blonde, The Musical” at our dinner theater on Saturday NIght. Very different evenings, but both enjoyable. We went for a bike ride on Sunday – beautiful warm weather for the first time! And I planted my spring vegetables in the garden – peas, lettuces, kale, chard, arugula and carrots. A good and productive weekend overall.


  2. It is finally peeking out, Spring that is. I went for a bit of a ride to find any sign of Bluebonnets. Did some shopping and some housecleaning with windows open to let the fresh air in. Truly though it was a somewhat lazy weekend.


    • Renee,
      Yippee … spring rains replacing blasts of snow is a good thing! The current front passed through us to, but most of the rain went north and south of us … and it looks like a dry week ahead.


  3. We had a weekend of incredible weather. Clear blue skies, no winds and temperatures well into the high 20’s (8OF) and mild at night too. It was like we were being given one last look at summer before winter sets in. It’s your turn now! xx


  4. Great video!
    Nice warm weather here too. In fact it was a bit too warm for the season but I hear rain’s coming our way, which is good news. I shouldn’t be surprised though. This always happens during Easter week [ours anyway!] Easter Fridays and Saturdays -as long as I can remember- were accompanied with cloudy / rainy weather.
    If you ask me, I like your Aurora Borealis. It’s become a kind of Frank trademark!
    Happy new week, Frank.


    • Marina,
      Ah ha … the spring heat that comes before the summer heat. Meanwhile, if your weather forecasters are like ours, the next weekend forecast will change many times.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence on the Aurora Borealis. My intent was to use it for the winter, then return to something from the Hubble Telescope … but until I pick a new one, this one stays. If you haven’t seen them, here’s my header history.


  5. Glad you got a chance to see ’42’ and liked it. I went to see ‘The Big Wedding.’ Now, I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies; I just want a couple hours of escape. But that film was a real stinker. Save your money on that one. Such a great cast and such a horrible script.


  6. I love that classic Marx Bros clip Frank! I never get tired of something so purely asinine and hilarious. My weekend started out great, I hung out with my posse, we said goodbye to my go-to watering hole on the second to last day before it shuttered, and then I came down with a Godzilla-sized cold I’m fighting right now. This is my first cold since July 2011, but I was hoping I was going to go the rest of my life without ever suffering another one. Yet another hope dashed.


  7. You always have such wonderful weekends, Frank. glad to hear 42 was good; we’re looking forward to seeing it. Ours was a busy weekend as we finished packing up my used book business. 80 degrees tomorrow and hubby is riding the motorcycle to work for the first time.


    • Maddie,
      In 42, baseball serves as the setting. Although I know you enjoy baseball, I mention this for others because it is a non-baseball movie. Enjoy!

      Cheers to hubby getting his first motorcycle ride for the new season!


  8. It’s been years since I’ve seen Night at the Opera! Good call! You really had a very full weekend, Frank. We stayed closer to home and did a lot of spring yard work and enjoyed the slow pace. I’m really glad you saw “42” and hope it continues to do well. It’s a remarkable story! You have a good week, too!


  9. We had sunny weather for nearly a month now … but still so cold in the strong wind – spring has it rough … but it just struggle on, a bit like me … Brilliant video – priceless … cabin fever – it is a bit like on our ferries .. one have to leave the cabin for the other will be able to get dressed. Thanks for the joy. Just what I need.


  10. “said the girls had to work fast not your friend” – this was great!! Loved it! So full of commotion & interaction. This was just great thank you Frank 🙂


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