On A to Z

a-z-2013Someone declared April as A-to-Z Challenge Month. Sure, the challenge’s intent is to have a separate post for each letter, but hey – I have a streak of independence.

With 1,167 posts before this one, why not use my archives to meet the challenge? After all, even frequent readers aren’t aware of some of the posts.

Therefore, I present A Frank Angle’s A-to-Z. Visit as many as you like, because as in my tradition, there is something for all …. so hopefully you’ll visit at least one.

AFAa2zBadgeA is for Acquaintance – People that were not in my graduation class: set 1 and set 2

B is for Ballroom – … and ballroom dance delivers benefits

C is for Cruising – We like cruising, so start your trip with a click

D is for Dinner Group – … We hosted a night of Chopped

E is for Education Reform – Although the need is obvious, here are the obstacles

F is for Frank – Yep, that’s my name, but these are the All-Time Franks in baseball

G is for God and Government – I must say that this post about the separation of church and state is pretty darn good

H is for Handbells – It takes many bells to make one instrument

I is for Italian – I’m 100% Italian heritage, and Ellis Island is an important place

J is for Joys – To whatever give you joy, but for some of us, it’s reliving the cartoons of our youth, and here is where the series started, which led to the first honoree

K is for Knowledge – What do you know about supersonic kangaroos?

L is for LearnerLearning should never stop

M is for Moderate – This early post defines an independent moderate, thus shows why neither party wants me … well, except for my vote

N is for News – Staying informed is important, but there is something more biased than the media

O is for Ohio River – A story from my hometown on a river during my youth.

P is for Politics – I wrote this shortly after the 2008 election, but before the Tea Party’s emergence (which is what makes this post interesting)

Q is for Quantum – Actually, this past post was On a Quantum Thought

R is for Recipes – I’m sort of a Foodie, so try Cranberry Sausage Spaghetti or my own spaghetti sauce that offers a little crunch

S is for Science – Like sports, science has players, plays, rules, and boundaries

T is for Trieste – A beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea that is the place of my birth

U is for Universe – The universe is vast and inspiring, and this post includes one of my absolute favorite videos

V is for Victory – The raised arm created an unexpected moment in college

W is for Wonders – There are many wonders in our world, and let’s not forget Fibonacci, Pi, and Tau

X is for X-Factor – and one X-factor in life is forgiveness

Y is for Why because I can – This is the first main post about the religion-science interchange; now there are 44, plus here is the very first post

Z is for Zinfandel – I enjoy a wide spectrum of wines, especially reds, but zins were the first to capture my fancy – and cheers to the wine group at church

AAA+++ Bonus for the bloggers on my sidebar and on the More Bloggers page, for as without them and you, I wouldn’t be here, so try to visiting someone soon that you don’t know, and tell them I sent you.

Addendum: To learn more about the A Frank Angle A-to-Z Challenge, click here.

65 thoughts on “On A to Z

    • Carrie,
      Interestingly, I used a number of old posts for my current readers. Besides, my stat numbers are the lowest that they’ve been in some time. Nonetheless, thanks for the kind words.


  1. I couldn’t get to them all, but I did read seven (7) of them this evening that I had not read before. Can you guess which ones would have immediately captured my fancy? You know me pretty well by now!

    All of them where superb by the way. I am coming back for more.


  2. Frank, yours was one of the first blogs I found when I was first blogging; your blog link section was a lifeline and led me to many of my favorite blogs. Thanks for your generosity and your curiosity about the world that always makes for interesting reading 🙂


  3. Great idea — it must have taken some time! You talk of low numbers, but looking back to your older posts with only a few likes and comments, it’s easy to see how much your readership has grown! Well done.


    • Twixt,
      In terms of the early posts, I’m not sure I had the Like button active at that time … but who knows. Given the number of past posts, this actually come together quicker than one would think … but getting the URLs and making the links was a bit slow. Nonetheless, glad you enjoyed this.


  4. Brilliant Frank, you’re the man!!! .. in all respect to the challenge – this is fare better way … maybe we all should do this … I did’t something similar when I passed on a word. http://wp.me/p293Pw-2vj – things about me from A-Z. You should come up with your own logo … and pass it on to us .. to do the same!
    Because it’s a great way for all of us to learn about each other.


  5. Definitely worthy of Fresh Pressed!
    Clever and fun. terrific romp
    (and not sure what the deal with stats these day – and some really weird spam sites arriving)
    Write on – we’ll be by for the music, laughs and assorted amusements offered
    thanks for taking time to create


  6. Great idea. I will delve in there, but where to get the time to read them all?? Maybe I could cut out the vowels and just pick from the other letters – that way it would be a consonant surprise 🙂 Oh, oh, you know what’s coming!!!


  7. Well done, Frank. 🙂 I’m saving this one (bookmarking) so I can come back and explore some of your archival recommendations once I’m settled in after the big move.


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  9. Awesome idea, Frank! I’ll be back to read, and then I’m going to speed-read them all. I’m a fast reader, so 26 isn’t too many. I’ll give you a summary when I’m done. 🙂


  10. I’m very tempted to try this out… although I’ve only posted a fraction (10% or so) of your collection. Maybe sometime down the track. Great idea though!


  11. A is for Automaton. Something I keep asking Santa for but he keeps forgetting to tuck into my stocking. A is also for “antidisestablishmentarianism”. The longest word that my brain will hold in perpetuity
    B is for Buggerybollocks. The VERY best swear word in the whole wide world
    C is for Cthulhu who could take Godzilla in a face to face fight
    D is for dogs. Mans best slave drivers and better than joining a gym for costing you an arm and a leg and causing you to strain that self-same arm and leg as they drag you over a cliff in their excitement to catch a wallaby…
    E is for eggs. We have a LOT of eggs. We have 16 chickens and eggs are not something that we lack
    F is for Fran. Fran is Narf backwards and thus deserving of some kind of gold star
    G is for gold. Fran + Narf have none so Fran + Narf = no gold
    H is for Happy Happy Joy Joy a most magnificent song sung by the heroic Ren and Stimpy combination.
    I is for Ichor which oozes from most orifices on Serendipity Farm. “Farm” = Ichor
    J is for Jehovah’s witnesses. We used to get regular visits from these kindly folks when we lived in the city but strangely, our long driveway and 2 large American Staffordshire terriers never get graced by visits since we moved out to the country…
    K is for kindness. Kindness is good stuff. If we were all a bit more kind life would be better 🙂
    L is for lichen. I am assured they grow on the north side of trees but is that in the northern hemisphere or here in the south? Note to self – might be a good idea to find out BEFORE I use lichen as my new olde school compass
    M is for Miscellaneous. I love that word. It is so very abstract
    N is for Numpty. A “numpty” is a person that acts without thinking. I am surrounded by numpties
    O is for “Oh buggerybollocks I forgot to put water in the kettle before I put it on the gas stove!” (again…)
    P is for poltroon, a lovely and most proper English way of calling someone a coward
    Q is for Queen. I had to say that, we are still a commonwealth country and this line is being monitored…
    R is for Raccoon. I would swap raccoons for our possums any day. They say “better the devil you know”. I say “bollocks to that, you can have the possums!”
    S is for Stevie-boy. If it wasn’t for Stevie-boy I wouldn’t know how to use a computer and you wouldn’t be receiving my comments on a regular basis…good or bad, you make your mind up about that one
    T is for tickettyboo as in “everything is tickettyboo”. Another lovely proper English comment that should only ever be issued by someone dressed in turn of last century garb driving a model “T” Ford with a large picnic hamper next to them
    U is for Uvula. Go look it up
    V is for “Vastly overrated” most things are vastly overrated on the internet. It’s up to us to pare away the bampf and find the simplified (and humbler) core aka “the truth”
    W is for Willy Wonker
    X is for xerach. Australia has plants that exhibit xerach. (Again…go look it up)
    Y is for Yellow Submarine. If I have to explain that, you were born this century and thus shouldn’t be reading this blog
    Z is for zyzzyva which apparently (according to word finder) is “any of several tropical American weevils of the genus Zyzzyva”. I find this a most suitable way to endeth this task. Thus spake the Narf.

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