On the Blind Side

Regular readers know my interest regarding the theology-science interchange. One of the reasons I write about it is that there are some people out there who are truly interested in learning that they don’t have to make a choice, thus they want to know how these two fields can influence us in today’s world.

I know I don’t expect all Christians to agree with me, and realize that viewpoints from non-Christians will vary. However, a slice of Christianity unquestionably does NOT speak for me.

I am a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and enjoy reading its periodical – The Lutheran. The recent issue had a short article about evolution. The article was purposefully board, but the online comments were a must-read for me because I continue to proclaim that organizations like the ELCA and its member churches do a lousy job at educating their flock.

Comments as these below were the minority viewpoint, but they drive Christian, agnostic, and atheistic evolutionists up a wall, misrepresent the majority of Christians, drive the wedge between evolutionary Christians and non-believing evolutionists, prey on the unknowing, demonstrate a need for education, and reinforce my notion that this issue is a conflict between religions – not between religion and science.

Comments as these also demonstrate this important point: Disagreeing with science does not make science wrong.

Darwinian evolution never happened.

Science is showing that life rapidly evolved by design indicating a creator God.

More and more fossil finds, DNA evidence, Intelligent Design studies, the Institute for Creation Research RATE research, etc. are challenging Darwinism, the old earth and the local Noah’s flood.

Shouldn’t there be massive amounts of fossil evidence of dinosaur evolution and everything else that has evolved since the destruction? Horse and whale evolution stories have been discredited by recent fossil finds.

Evolution has not been observed scientifically.

Bacteria resistance to antibiotics is not “evolution.”

There is no experimental evidence for evolution.

Darwinism is the religion of the secular humanist atheist.

Evolution is not a fact. It is not even a scientific theory, but our education system treats evolution as fact.

Unlike true science, the claims of Darwinian evolution cannot be tested or replicated.

Evolution is an idea that leads to bad consequences.

Evolution pre-supposes the absence or non-existence of a Creator, thus leading to false conclusions.

Evolution explains with the origins of life.

There is no consensus on the subject of evolution. There remains a mystery about how life was established.

Neither Creationism nor Darwinism seems to be supported by natural evidence.

Evolutionism is a stumbling block for biblical belief because it not only conflicts with the book of Genesis it conflicts with the Bible.

Even geologists do not actually find evidence for evolution in the fossil records.

Darwin could not define “species” and even today, there is no consensus on a definition.

Darwin had little proof in the fossil record to support his claim.

No one has evidence to prove that God doesn’t exist, so to offer only the deception of evolutionary thought clinging to the belief that life formed by chance random processes continues to be difficult to accept.

Darwin did not have the benefit of DNA. (AFA: This one cracks me up because Darwin was 100+ years before the discovery of DNA. I’ve seen the same rationale used regarding Darwin and Gregor Mendel/genetics, who was also after Darwin. )

The (DNA) evidence is moving in the wrong direction for confirming evolution.

Earth is young.

Overwhelming evidence, much of it recent, from geology, anthropology, DNA studies, computer simulations of weather, etc. confirm the event of Noah’s flood covering the whole planet actually happened.

Creation WAS perfect. Creation WAS all that it was to be. WE, US, HUMANS, ADAM sinned and destroyed creation. Now it is decay, dying, dark, and sad.

On Satire Bits: Vol. 52

Happy Mid-week. As last weekend fades away, the light of next week is getting closer.

The first part of the week brought Cincinnati good weather, but we are expecting rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning followed by cooler temperatures. Oh well … that’s spring.

Unlike last week, our first night for golf league went rain free. Given the first full round of the year, I was happy the way I played.

Alright now – on to the mid-week dose of satire. Which is your favorite? For those wanting the extra challenge, use the information in only these headlines to form your own satirical combination. Mine is at the end of the list.

If you need more satire, Cayman (a visitor here) did his own version of headlines in this recent post. Tell him I sent you.

Have a good rest of the week!

Loyal driveway patiently waiting for wonder to return from work

Man trapped in art museum says, “Art imitates life, life imitates art”

Burger King Twitter hack forces followers to survive without constant stream of BK information

Seagull with diarrhea barely makes it to crowded beach in time

Man not sure he’s dynamic enough to work at local marketing firm

UN aid workers distributing food to malnourished KFC customers

Proud species commits suicide rather than being driven to extinction by humans

Middle-aged banana panics upon finding brown spot

240 killed in stampede after bucketful of Oscars dumped on stage

Johnny Depp now completely made of scarves and bracelets

Picture at party comes out great

Woman rushed into cosmetic surgery with 8 glaring flaws

My Combo: Woman commits suicide after rushing Johnny Depp with diarrhea

On Wine and Music

Glass-of-WineWine and Music was the January 2013 theme for our church wine group. The organizer asked me for some ideas (which I provided), but I was hoping she wouldn’t select this particular because it may be difficult.

I did my research before the event just in case. Good news is they came through in flying colors! Below are the results of my research and what attendees brought. (I divided the names into categories).

Let me know if you have others!

Red Guitar

High Note
(Pasquier-Meunier) A Capella Red

BR Cohn (Doobie Brothers manager)
Dreaming Tree (Dave Mathews)
Blenheim (Dave Mathews)
Remick Ridge (Tommy Smothers)
Scaggs (Boz Scaggs)
Maestro Sanguineti

Harmony Hill
Il Cantante
Adegade Cantor
Deep Purple
For a Song
R&B Cellars

Que Sera
Shoo Fly (Don’t Bother Me)
Eroica (Beethoven 3rd Symphony)
Hey Mambo

On Wrestling Monday

How was your weekend? Come on … tell!

Mine was full of variety: two nights of ballroom, a seminar on retirement benefits at my wife’s work, dinner with friends, and a Cincinnati Pops concert featuring Mandy Patinkin followed by dinner for two.

To add to the variety, the weather was cool – but sunny and dry – and the Reds won 2 of 3 this weekend.

The first part my week will keep me busy, but I’ll keep posting and responding. In order to start your week with a chuckle, enjoy this clip by Wayne Brady from Who’s Line Is It Anyway?.

On a Fly

I dedicate this post to Starla. I haven’t heard from the good lady in Montana, so I hope all is well with her and Navar. She requested this character, and I am pleased to honor her request.


More powerful than a speeding rocket and faster than a beam of light.

No flypaper can hold him and no insecticide can stop him.

Produced by Hal Seeger Productions

Debuted October 9, 1965 on ABC

First episode Fly By Might (1964)

Last (27th) Martians Meet Their Match (1966)

Voiced by Bob McFadden

Never his own show, thus only as a segment in Milton the Monster show (but not in every show)

Milton made a brief cameo in one episode (“Ferocious Fly”) while Hirem is hallucinating

Personal Data
In reality, an ordinary housefly named Hirem

Hirem is mild-mannered

Hangs out at the Sugar Bowl

His girlfriend Flory

His best friend is Horsey

Hiram and Horsey Drinking


Fearless Fly Bio
When danger arises, Hirem enters a nearby matchbox, and exits as Fearless Fly

Wears a red sweater and special glasses that provide millions of mega-tons of energy through the sensitive muscles in his head.”

Only weakness is losing his glasses: “Without my super high-powered glasses I’m helpless!”

His chief nemesis is the 900-year-old Dr. Goo Fee and his sidekick Gung Ho

Occasionally, Milton the Monster’s Professor Weirdo threatens, as does Ferocious Fly

I discovered these lyrics, but can’t find the tune.

Hey I’m in trouble
and I’m all by myself (so)
I’m callin’ to the fly
I need a little help (help)
Hey fearless, you know you’re really cool (cool)
You know you’re the one who makes me drool (drool)

His name is Fearless Fly
His name is Fearless Fly
His name is Fearless Fly
So fearless
(I’m fearless)