On a New Challenge

Earlier this week I did my version of the April’s A-to-Z Challenge. Overall, readers liked my approach, and a few even read and commented on the linked posts of their choice. Meanwhile, Viveka, my favorite Swede and frequent visitor here, made a great suggestion that I’ve decide to implement her idea … It’s the A Frank Angle A-to-Z Challenge.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Bloggers choose to accept the challenge, so no nominations
  • Encouraging readers to meet the challenge
  • The challenge involves one post that includes the letters A-to-Z
  • AFAa2zBadgeEach letter designates something about yourself with an appropriate link to one of your past posts
  • Display the challenge badge on the post
  • Link back to this post

I like this comment from Debra on the original post: This was a way to reintroduce yourself. Well said.

With that in mind, planning my post wasn’t as time-consuming as some think. Planning is key, so start by keeping a few notes. The time-consuming part pulling the links together.

I would like to see many of the readers here meet the challenge and promote it to others.  No time limit, so I hope you promote it. Then again, the idea may fall flat. Here’s the link to the prototype.