On a New Challenge

Earlier this week I did my version of the April’s A-to-Z Challenge. Overall, readers liked my approach, and a few even read and commented on the linked posts of their choice. Meanwhile, Viveka, my favorite Swede and frequent visitor here, made a great suggestion that I’ve decide to implement her idea … It’s the A Frank Angle A-to-Z Challenge.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Bloggers choose to accept the challenge, so no nominations
  • Encouraging readers to meet the challenge
  • The challenge involves one post that includes the letters A-to-Z
  • AFAa2zBadgeEach letter designates something about yourself with an appropriate link to one of your past posts
  • Display the challenge badge on the post
  • Link back to this post

I like this comment from Debra on the original post: This was a way to reintroduce yourself. Well said.

With that in mind, planning my post wasn’t as time-consuming as some think. Planning is key, so start by keeping a few notes. The time-consuming part pulling the links together.

I would like to see many of the readers here meet the challenge and promote it to others.  No time limit, so I hope you promote it. Then again, the idea may fall flat. Here’s the link to the prototype.

50 thoughts on “On a New Challenge

  1. Brilliant …. what a nice award … you have done a fantastic job – I will take this on later today. Love it … will do it later today.
    Only how will we pass it on … so more people will get involved ???? Because otherwise will it stop with us, your visitors – so there has to be some kind of nomination or ????!!!.


    • Viveka,
      Glad you approve. My idea of no nominations is removing the feeling of needing to do this … in other words, I’m seeking people who want to do this … thus the importance of encouragement – which probably means it won’t catch on …. but hey … that’s ok.


  2. It’s a great idea. I thought your post was very original and was impressed by how much effort it must have taken to put it all together. I’ll have a think about whether my blog is worthy of such a post xx


  3. Love the idea — but do you realize I have only actually published 40 posts in the past year and a half. I don’t know if I have enough good content to fill up the whole alphabet 😉


  4. Wow, this is massive Frank! Can you stand one more reader telling you how tied up they are at the moment? (For me: early voting started on Monday, working 2 jobs now, maintaining online classes, and preparing for a summer re-location which takes place in less then 3 weeks!)

    Still – I like it!! It’s so you, and I’d love that A Frank Angle Badge. Hmmm….super tempting……


    • Alex,
      Holy Moley … you have a lot on your plate. Heck, moving alone is stressful! A new town/city for you? Anyway, it will work out in time because that badge will always be available. Meanwhile, good luck with the time crunch stuff …. and feel free to publicize the challenge.


      • I’m leaving at the end of the month for a summer job out of state, but I’ll be back in Texas in the late summer/early fall. I still may do your challenge Frank, its very cool!


  5. I really like the idea, Frank. I think it would be very challenging…VERY! LOL! I was impressed by the way you completed it. I will give it some thought and see if I can do it. Thanks for the long lead…sometime in May is a lot better than right now. 🙂


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  7. Hi Frank, I’m finally just getting around to commenting here! I’ve ‘had a go’ at your challenge, which was great fun, but took ages to do! I’ve already got an idea for another A to Z challenge, which may be more challenging than this one, in fact, I’ll see how that goes!
    Thanks for the suggestion!


  8. Oh, what a tangle! This is such a good idea. Will try to work in an attempt – but I’m warning you, all the little voices rambling around jostling for position in line are screaming ‘back of the line – we got here first.”…I’ll try to work out some time share or something…


    • Mouse,
      Great that you have ideas. All the little voices can be difficult. Then again, RC may just swat them away or give the “you’ve got to be kidding” look. I look forward to it …. and encourage others!


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