On a Hand for Monday

It was definitely a big weekend in our region. Two hours away, Louisville was rockin’ with the annual “most exciting two minutes in sports” – the Kentucky Derby. If you watched it or saw pics or video, you noticed that the track received rain. Meanwhile, our Saturday was as dry as a bone, but a light rain finally arrived Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was big in Cincinnati as the city hosted the Flying Pig Marathon. Given the recent event in Boston, many eyes were on this event. The 19,000+ runners came from all 50 states plus 16 countries, and had a great running weather.

Our weekend went as expected: one night dancing, the final handbell choir rehearsal before the concert, and the concert itself – which was our first time doing an event like this, and it went well.

Enough about here … how was your weekend?

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this short film on hands … well, actually a commercial from the past.