On a Hand for Monday

It was definitely a big weekend in our region. Two hours away, Louisville was rockin’ with the annual “most exciting two minutes in sports” – the Kentucky Derby. If you watched it or saw pics or video, you noticed that the track received rain. Meanwhile, our Saturday was as dry as a bone, but a light rain finally arrived Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was big in Cincinnati as the city hosted the Flying Pig Marathon. Given the recent event in Boston, many eyes were on this event. The 19,000+ runners came from all 50 states plus 16 countries, and had a great running weather.

Our weekend went as expected: one night dancing, the final handbell choir rehearsal before the concert, and the concert itself – which was our first time doing an event like this, and it went well.

Enough about here … how was your weekend?

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, enjoy this short film on hands … well, actually a commercial from the past.

52 thoughts on “On a Hand for Monday

  1. Talk about a gorgeous Ohio weekend. Finally! Lovely walks, afternoons with the family, peaceful weekend all around. Oh, and Iron Man 3. Loved it! Glad your weekend was good, too!


  2. Lovely spring weekend over here in the UK, a three day weekend for us, yay! Saturday was a bit dodgy weather-wise, which kind of spoilt a science festival we were at, but yesterday was glorious we went round an old windmill and heritage site which is only 5 minutes from our house but we’ve never been before (isn’t that often the way when things are on your doorstep!), and today looks like it’s going to be lovely and sunny too!


    • Vanessa,
      Welcome done at visiting at something close to home. I imagine that most of us are guilty of not visiting something worthy that is close to home. Cheers to good weather in the UK!


  3. Love the hands video, Frank! We had the Pittsburgh Marathon yesterday with 20,000+ runners; perfect weather. My husband plays in a rock band every year for the marathon; they are one mile before the finish line and the regular runners often comment how grateful they are to hear the music, a final lift before reaching the end.


  4. Love the Guinness commercial, Frank. We had a nice weekend – weather is warmer and sunny and all that snow from last Wednesday melted. We went to our local symphony concert on Saturday – Beethoven’s Ninth. It was wonderful!


  5. Did you drink a mint julep over the weekend? πŸ™‚
    I’m glad your concert went great. (it was very cold and rainy here)


    • Hood,
      No mint julep for me this weekend, although I was in a restaurant at the race time … duh! What was I thinking??????

      In terms of the concert, maybe a video clip will appear because I know one was made. But I can say that this is us doing a song last spring (which we redid yesterday)


  6. I kept hearing about the rain at the Derby. I don’t follow it too closely, but love the tradition and always think of my mother-in-law who was a horsewoman and even from clear across the country would celebrate with a mint julep. I was sorry for the rain…on the other hand, I’m celebrating that we have rain this morning. It was a good weekend…quite, for the most part. I don’t recall seeing the “hand” commercial before. I enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


    • Debra,
      The rain was fine … after all, I think we’re under (a little) for the year …. but this is front is a slow mover. The Derby is a huge event in Louisville …. and actually two weeks of festivities … thus a huge cash cow for the community. Meanwhile, cheers to the thoughts of your mother-in-law’s love for horses.


  7. Guinness … always have amazing commercial … their “surfer” commercial … was voted the commercial of the century. Enjoy.

    I wish you all a great week …


  8. Derby was a real mudder – so glad all made it through without any injuries.
    My husband’s grandmother lived there. She said whenever the Derby weekend arrive, she’d wake up to whole house full of friends of her college sons sleeping all over the floor. None ever complained of the accommodations.
    Flying Pig Marathon has got to be the best name ever!


    • Mouse,
      i was thinking about the possibility of injuries as well … so yes, all seemed to make it. Cheers to hubby’s grandmother for her Derby efforts!

      Meanwhile, here’s the Google Images search for Flying Pigs Cincinnati. The four on top of the pillars created quite the stir 20 yeas ago or so.


  9. Is it only me? What a great name for a marathon! Personally, I love the Derby for the hats, the horses of course are nice but the hats are what I want to see.

    So glad your concert went off well. Loved the hands!


  10. Didn’t catch the horses, but did see a few horse’s rear ends racing for NASCAR. Not much else, ‘cept grass and Email chopping. Lotsa that to go, unfortunately! πŸ˜€


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