On Satire Bits: Vol. 54

How’s your week going so far? I’ve got a lot of little things on my plate, so my visits are limited … and I don’t see much changing the rest of the week.

Tuesday night was golf night. Although my wife told me that it was one of her worst games in some time, I had a good one – which was a good bounce-back from last week’s horrible round.

On to the mid-week dose of satire. Do you have any favorites? Can you develop your own headline using any combination of the info below? My combination is at the end. Have a good rest of the week!

Barber just latest in string of humans to find interest in what area man says

Boyfriend forced to express second-hand outrage

Battle of wits with unwieldly burrito nears thrilling end game

Mother considers son “Quite the little Cassanova”

No one in gang has heart to tell his police informant his cover’s blown

Mom calmly emptying dishwasher as if big argument didn’t happen 10 minutes ago

Rigorous battery of tests unable to determine if roommate broke up with girlfriend

Company immediately calls job applicant upon seeing “BA in Communications” on resume

Boyfriend forced to express secondhand outrage

Attorney friends catch up while briskly walking down courthouse steps

Bizarre assemblage of shapes visible through area man’s pockets

Evidence piling up Mom slept with one of her college professors

My Combo: Bizarre girlfriend unable to determine unwieldly burrito in boyfriend’s pockets