On a Chocolate Monday

After some rain, cool temps descended on Cincinnati for Mother’s Day weekend. For us, we weren’t rushing around this weekend, which included time on the ballroom floor, evening at home for a movie (Contagion) and some good wine, our last Sunday morning handbell piece before summer break, and hosting my in-laws on Sunday while watching golf’s The Players Championship.

Enough of my weekend, how was yours?

I’m going to use chocolate as a theme to start your week. First of all, our church wine group’s next event has a theme of chocolate and wine. With that in mind, here is the memorable scene from I Love Lucy involving chocolates. Have a good week.

78 thoughts on “On a Chocolate Monday

  1. I love that bit, classic Lucy.
    A weird weekend. We had A/C units running end of last week, I ran the wood furnace tonight. Absolutely nuts. To go with your chocolate, I guess! 😀
    Have a good Monday!


  2. I had a very busy weekend helping a friend relocating from Boston find an apartment in NYC. She needs to move in by June 1 to coincide with starting a new job. We both power searched online, she sent out an avalanche of emails and set up several appointments. Then she drove down here this morning. We checked out several places and actually found it. I feel wiped out. I can use a weekend.


  3. Chocolate and wine … is very good for us …. sound great to me.
    Thanks for Lucy – she are absolute priceless. She never goes out of fashion.
    Have a great week now.


  4. Simply too funny for any human being to resist! Please force-feed me reruns of the I Love Lucy show along with The Three Stooges and Saturday Night Live (Steve Martin era) if at some point you judge me seriously in decline.


  5. Can’t go wrong with wine and chocolate, even if it’s a migraine sufferer’s worst nightmare. I went to a wine & chocolate tasting once, lots of good Zinfandels and such–you’ll have a great time, obviously! And that Lucy clip is a classic, of course. I still laugh out loud at that one.


  6. Frank, I think I would like your church, very much.
    You have a fair idea of how my weekend was. Yours sounded splendid!
    I hope you have a fantabulous rest of the week! I’ll shall return!

    Hugs, v.


    • Victoria,
      we have good music and a sanctioned wine group! What a good start!!! 🙂 BTW – the video here was the start of Chocolate and Wine Week … well, actually before I declared it …. keep following the posts …. and tomorrow you will have an OMG treat!


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