Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 183

On Politics
I discovered that all but one of Oklahoma’s representatives and senators voted against relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Because of the recent tornado, keep your eye on them. Interestingly, the one rep that supported the relief is from the district taking the biggest hit this week.

Do you remember the cranky criticizing UN Ambassador Susan Rice? Well, the disclosed emails regarding Benghazi seem to be vindicating her.

Because important problems remain, I like the headlines of this Charlie Cook column: Republicans Hatred of Obama Blinds Them to the Public’s Disinterest in Scandals.

Earlier this week, I asked a question that Congressional committees focusing on the IRS scandal, so here is another one. Whereas the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling opened the door to financial contributions to campaigns, did it protect the fact that such a vehicle be through a 501(C)(4) tax-exempt organization?

This week we saw the dark side of humanity through the horror of the senseless attack of the British soldier.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
90% of audience at college graduation involved in heated family argument
Nation supposes it is outraged by White House scandals
Burundi Beef Council announces, “Please send beef”
YouTube to air first hour-drama: Turtle has Sex with Shoes
Everyone forgets to bring swimsuits to coworker’s party
Study: Anxiety resolved by thinking about it real hard

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Onion secured this picture of Duchess Kate Middleton with morning sickness.

Interesting Reads
The global garment trail
Ottomans then, Turkey today
Clergy and their views of origins
Importance of mom from Scientific American
Infographic: The evolution of headphones
Caffeinated toothpaste

On Potpourri
To my American readers, we have a three-day holiday weekend, don’t forget to remember Monday’s intent.

Congratulations to Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough for winning the latest Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). I know cast selection involves luck, thus this season’s cast was a bit weak (in terms of dancing). However, Kellie and Zendaya were awesome …. and how could anyone not enjoy Jacoby Jones!

Overall, I continue to believe that part of DWTS success is that it is a throwback to variety shows of the past.

The rash of followers continues, but it surely is not translating into increasing reads and comments. For someone who has blogged as long as I have, my stats are, at best, mediocre. On the other side, thank you to my regulars.

I’m taking a break after this post, which means another Saturday morning without a cartoon post. I know – that’s three in a row. Nonetheless, I plan on using the break to 1) finish some in-progress posts, 2) focus on visiting other blogs, and 3) doing some daytime activities with my wife during her time off. Besides, maybe I will at least sneak in some satire to charge my week.

I’ll send you into the weekend with two videos. The first is a commercial that I couldn’t take my eyes away. The second is a tribute to the US Armed Forces, fitting for our Memorial Day weekend. Personally, I like this tribute from 2008, as it also reminds me of a wonderful maestro who is no longer with us.

Have a good weekend! In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Omega Co-Axial Commercial

Armed Forces Salute

64 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 183

  1. Oh Frank, no cartoons? What is the world coming to? High Anxiety, I’d wager. So here is my fav: Study: Anxiety resolved by thinking about it real hard.


  2. Great salute (working on one to post this weekend)
    DWTS was more “ta da” than excellence and skill, but as you say it is a throwback to variety show format-entertaining and amusing…and right now we can all use a little simple uncomplicated fun.


    • Mouse,
      Well said … DWTS is just simply, uncomplicated fun. In our house, Peta amazes both of us with her ability to sell her dance. In terms of this year, whew … what a thin year … but it was still fun. I look forward to your salute!


  3. I was unaware that Oklahoma’s reps and senators – minus one – had taken such a harsh stance against relief for Sandy. So many are still suffering and trying to rebuild from that October storm. Sad.
    On a better note, I hope you enjoy your weekend. I’ll be in an internet-free zone so we can all check in again mid-week.


    • Renee,
      Victim suffering from natural disasters anywhere in the world is sad … but to me, failing to take care of your own is utmost failure. Strength to those in Oklahoma!!!! Enjoy your time in the IFZ!


  4. I think one of the OK senators said their relief bill would be different than Sandy’s because there wouldn’t be any extra spending in it.
    And people voted for him.

    Have a great weekend, Frank.


    • Guapo,
      Of course they couldn’t vote against their constituents …. and shouldn’t!!!! But, their is that umbrella called Americans. Of course the way they add pork to bills is pathetic – that’s what they do.


  5. The article – Republicans Hatred of Obama, well it was interesting but even more interesting was the raving lunacy of the comments. Gad, where do these idiots (on both sides) come from. Oh, never mind I think I know but it is still shocking at times.

    The Importance of Mom article was fascinating! I read it twice and the video was really interesting. I sent the link to my son and daughter-in-law.

    Who wouldn’t love that toothpaste!

    The rest of them, there are a couple I am going to get to. But I have more blogs to hop. Loved the videos here Frank. The Onion, always good for a chuckle. I simply cannot comment on Oklahoma and the political issues, they are my neighbors and it is not a political issue it is a human issue.


    • Val,
      Oh my …. love your line about Oklahoma (thus any disaster) being a human issue, not a political one. Outstanding!!!!!

      I know what you mean about comments. Whew … they come out of the woodwork, and give ample reasons to pound your head against the wall.

      Glad you enjoyed the moms article.


  6. I’m with Elyse about a third week in a row with no cartoon post, but you’ve featured close to every Saturday morning cartoon ever made on this site, so I can understand why you’d want a break away from this monster of your own making. At this point I’d almost welcome a cartoon post about the Jolly Green Giant (I was obsessed with him when I was a kid). And yes, I’ve always liked eating vegetables. Hey, you know I’m queer …

    Okay, my favorite Onion headline: 90% of audience at college graduation involved in heated family argument. I don’t really know why that struck me as so funny because my family is rather respectful of one another. But I know there are plenty of families out there that hate each others guts.

    I’m pretty sure that Susan Rice remains UN Ambassador. The uproar over her role in Benghazi is why she withdrew from being considered to succeed Hillary as Secretary of State. So, she still has her UN job.


    • Lame,
      Many thanks on the Susan Rice correction (edit made). I must have been confusing her withdrawal from being considered as Secretary of State. I had making a blunder that big! Again, thanks!!!!

      As you said, the cartoon monster is of my own making. Hopefully, during my respite I can get the foundation for several in the queue. Meanwhile, here’s something for you from the 1960s.


  7. I hope you enjoy your weekend off. Everyone needs a break every now and again.

    I love how the Onion’s post was very well in tune with the criticism on Republicans. Not that I’m against the party (I’m actually registered as one because Florida won’t let me vote in the primaries if I identified as a Libertarian). But it just goes to show that sometimes the parody and satire projects are more in-tune to the people than any “legitimate” news agency.


    • Peter,
      Philosophically, I’m in the center of the centrist pool, thus a true independent moderate, so both sides cause me to shake my head. Registration wise, my hope is to remove my Republican tag in the 2014 primary. (In my state, I’m stuck with it until then.) Meanwhile, good parody and satire seems very plausible.


  8. I love that Omega commercial … what I beautiful piece of art and I wouldn’t mind the watch neither. I wish you a wonderful … and dancing weekend. *smile
    That picture of “Kate” is disgusting !!!!!


    • Viveka,
      That Omega commercial captured my attention when I first saw it yesterday. Meanwhile, you just couldn’t resist scoop on Kate. 😉

      PS: A Memorial Day salute to fallen Swedish soldiers!


      • Thank you so much …. we have lost quite a few in every war … even if we haven’t been in the wars.
        We have memorial day when UK and Europe has it in November.


  9. Oh, my. You certainly need to take time with your wife and to explore satire, even if that means no cartoon. I know I am behind on posting on my blog–just busy. One thing is that I have started teaching an online course and it takes more time than I expected. Most of my students are in the military, all the branches–and meeting them is great. Thanks for your Memorial Day video–i will share it in my class as a salute to my students this holiday weekend.


    • Patti,
      Searching YouTube for Armed Forces medley gets other versions … some from the same event, but more recent. There’s also a good one from a men’s chorus.

      Sounds like your online course is going well. As you know, teaching generally takes up more time than anticipated. Meanwhile, cartoons will return!


  10. Sad to say I was part of the 90%–90% of audience at college graduation involved in heated family argument. Oh family time. Have a great weekend. We have a long weekend as well.


  11. Frank, thank you for the excellent reading list. I know what I’ll be doing the next couple of mornings… reading, Turkey Today; Clergy; and… the importance of mom 🙂 Wishing you and your beloved a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Raising coffee cup, from Appalachia!


  12. Loved the first video, Frank; the unusual thing is that they paired a very high tech look with very sentimental music that tugged at the heart strings, which strengthens association by contrast. Not unlike the use of Barber’s moving “Adagio for Strings” for a battle scene from the war film “Platoon.” (that’s my Memorial Day tie-in)

    As for Oklahoma disaster aid, here is a great interview with Rep. Tom Cole with NPR; Cole voted for aid to Sandy victims. http://www.npr.org/2013/05/21/185742161/rep-cole-is-from-moore-where-deadly-twister-hit


  13. No cartoons? Bummer! Ah well, life goes on – provided I can get my own (non-cartoon) post up! 😉
    The Brits are having their Armed Forces Day (kinda like ours) on June 29, so you can give them a big “sah-LUTE” then. And 11/11 is pretty much good for any European (and Commonwealth) country. 🙂
    Stay warm!


  14. Good comment re the Oklahoma politicians. Reminds me of the saying, “a politician is always there when he needs you”.
    Of the Onions this one tickled me, “Nation supposes it is outraged by White House scandals”
    And great Omega video! I would say it was a great watch, but I’ll save that for the next pun day 🙂


    • Fasab,
      I just read where the latest tornado wasn’t far from Rep. Moore’s home … and the one in 1999 was far either.
      Glad you enjoyed the video! Regarding your next pun day, I have my supporting video ready.


  15. What, no cartoon? How shall I live?? 🙂 Thanks for catching me up on all the goodies this week. Loved the article about the Republicans so intent on their hatred of Obama that they can’t see it is not affecting his popularity. I wish they would get over themselves and just govern, for Pete’s sake and not insult the American public’s intelligence–we are much smarter than they give us credit for.

    Loved the clock video. That will make up for no cartoon 🙂

    I know what you mean about the “followers.” I’m still getting them too. I sure wish I knew what that meant. I’m averaging 530 hits a day with 5 or so followers getting added per day, but they don’t comment. I suspect they are doing this to get us to comment to bump their hits or that we’ll reciprocate. Whatever it is, it’s annoying. I actually pinged back through one of the searches and discovered that this company had done a screen grab of my blog and was using it as advertising on their site. A bunch of people started following me from there. The site didn’t ask permission but I don’t know how one stops that.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


    • E-Tom,
      I reciprocate a visit once in a while to the new followers. I have noticed a considerable number of relatively new bloggers in the mix.

      Wow!!!! You are averaging 530 hits a day is off the charts … awesome! If they get bored, please send them over because I’m no where near that! Well done!!!!


      • That’s a good idea. I’ll figure out which ones are legit and pay them a visit. If they are just advertisers, I won’t bother. I’m only averaging those hits for the past three days. I think it is because I included a piece on Mike Jeffries from Abercrombie and Fitch and I think there are a lot of people doing an Internet search for that jerk’s comments. It will taper off. Have a great holiday.


  16. As one of your American readers, I know who to give thanks to. That’s Kellie..Pickler…right?….
    PS- If that was distasteful, delete it. If not, highlight it as a cautionary tale as to why kids should stay in school.


  17. Loved the Omega commercial….someone has in the advertising world has an amazingly creative mind. The salute to our forces..made me get all weepy…Thanks Frank..


    • Zannyro,
      Woo hoo … cheers to someone else amazed by the Omega commercial. Super creativity!!!! And yes, the Armed Forces medley is a good one as it salutes all branches!!!


  18. Frank, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The weather was simply amazing her e in NJ. Great for gardening and just about everything else…. in no particular order:

    * The hypocrisy of politicians makes my blood boil.
    * I stopped watching DWTS long ago – but I love little Kelly Pickler from American Idol – I’ll have watch some of her performances on youtube.com. I caught a couple of Zendaya’s. She’s so adorable and such a talent. For some reason, I love that you watch that show 🙂
    * Blog visit numbers could be down because of summer weather, etc. I think I read that somewhere. I am sure you will see a pick up in the Fall, etc. It would be great if there was some kind of rationale to these things? Eh?


    • Tenny,
      Great to hear that NJ had great weather for the outdoors!

      Kellie Pickler was very good … and some of her routines were outstanding! So watching her and Zendaya on YouTube is worth your time. We’ve been loyal watchers since Season 2, and I continue to say that it is good, old-fashion fun!

      My numbers have been sliding since February, so I can’t imagine what the summer swoon will bring. Oh well, so be it.


  19. You are SO interesting, all that you’re in touch with. Very interesting read.

    Haven’t looked at the videos yet – will now, but am positive they’re great.


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